Thahaan (Journey from hatred to love) Episode 11

Thahaan (Journey from hatred to love) Episode 11

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On the road,
Bihaan goes to take Thapki from the office.They both were returning on the bike.Thapki sees an ice cream parlour
THAPKI:Bihaan ,I want to have ice cream.
BIHAAN:Ok lets go.Bihaan parks his bike n Thapki goes towards the parlour n to have an ice cream.
THAPKI:Bhaiya, one ice cream.She takes the ice cream n goes to the corner.Bihaan comes after her
BIHAAN:S for SELFISH n S for SAVARTHE .Couldn’t u get one for me?
THAPKI:S for SO ,S for SORRY .I thought you would like S for SHARING with me.But no problem ,I will get u a different one.She is about to go but Bihaan stops her way by keeping his hand on the wall.

BIHAAN:Gajab.R for ROMANCE on R for ROAD.He comes closer n is about to kiss her.
THAPKI:Bihaan wait.Ice cream will melt.They both share the ice cream.Bihaan wipes thapki’s face n they both have an eyelock.Just then Thapki sees a car with high speed coming towards them.
THAPKI:(shouts)Bihaan.She pushes him aside.The car hits Thapki n her body flew high in the air n hits a stone on the ground while falling.
In the hospital,
Everyone is present there and all are were worried .All of them are praying for Thapki’s welfare.Thapki is in the operation theatre.The operation is over.The doctor comes out.
BIHAAN:How is Thapki,doctor?
DOCTOR:No need to worry .The operation is successful .She may be conscious within sometime.Everyone thanked God.
In Thapki’s room in hospital,
Everyone is present there and are waiting for Thapki to get conscious.Thapki regains consciousness.She looks around.
THAPKI:Why am I here?

BAUJI:You had an accident.
THAPKI:But I don’t remember .Everyone is shocked.
DADI:Don’t u remember anything?
THAPKI:No dadima.She sees Shradha n points towards her
THAPKI:Who is she?Is she Bihaan’s wife.But I don’t remember her.Again all are shocked.Bihaan is heart broken.
BAUJI:Thapki bitiya,you take rest.We will meet u later.
In doctor’s chamber,
DOCTOR: Tests show Thapki is suffering from partial amnesia.Due to which she has forgotten some part of her life which might be very sad or important.
BIHAAN:When will she be alright?

DOCTOR:Cannot say.It may take a week,month,year or never.But during that time u all have to take care of her.No one should force her to remember anything n agree with what she says , otherwise her conditions will worsen.You can try to create some situations to make her remember .
BIHAAN:(folds hands)Dhruv can u plz act as Thapki’s husband until she is alright?
DHRUV:No need of pleading.I will do it.
BAUJI:But Bihaan,how is this possible?Thapki is your wife.
BIHAAN:I know bauji,but she doesnot remember our marriage.If I force her to believe ,then her conditions can become critical .I request everyone to please cooperate with me.
Next day in the hospital,
Bihaan brings lunch for Thapki .
THAPKI:Why are u here?
BIHAAN:I brought lunch for u .

THAPKI:Why Dhruv sir …
THAPKI: I mean anyone else did not come?
BIHAAN:Dhruv had an important meeting today .Rest others are busy at home ,so no one could come.Is it alright?Shall I serve the food? Thapki nods.Bihaan serves the food n is about to feed her ,but Thapki stops him.
THAPKI:I can eat myself.She takes the plate from his hand.
BIHAAN:Sorry,I forgot.Thapki eats the food.
BIHAAN:(in mind) Now Thapki will remember everything.He recalls the time when he had added sugar in dal n fed it to thapki.He smiles remembering the moment.
THAPKI:What is this ?There is sugar added in dal.I knew it u can never change.But still I thought seeing my ill health u might have got mercy on me.But I was wrong.You knowingly did this mischief so that I maynot be able eat .Ok fine as u wish .Take this food and go out from here.
BIHAAN:But ……..u are misunderstanding me.
THAPKI:Yes I was misunderstanding,but now I am not.Plz go from here I want to take rest. Bihaan gets teary eyed on hearing this n leaves.
In the corridor,

Bihaan is very sad.
BIHAAN:(in mind)No I cannot give up so easily.I have to try again.He brings another food n asks the nurse to feed Thapki.


Thahaan (Journey from hatred to love) Episode 11


Thahaan (Journey from hatred to love) Episode 11

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