SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 6 and 7

SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 6 and 7

Hi…first of thank you everyone soo much for the love and support…you all wanted another update today…so for guys I have updated the second one and this one is a long one soo enjoy..sorry if the raglak scene seems boring.. so enjoy

Swara’s POV:

“Swara, wake up. It’s almost ten.” I heard Ma’s voice, getting up I yawned. Can’t even sleep peacefully, I grumbled before picking up my toothbrush. I brushed my teeth and combed my hairs but didn’t bother to change my trousers and T-shirt.

“Good morning.” I greeted her and kissed her cheek.

“Morning beta. Why didn’t you go to college today?” She asked in what was supposed to be a scolding manner

“No reason.” I shrugged and she didn’t pry anymore. She knows my brain fails to function without food. Being a girl I eat a lot, I am not fond of starving myself just to look slim.

After breakfast I helped Ma with cleaning and cooking, after studying a bit I surfed the TV. After sometime I went to my room, my mobile was still being charged, on silent mode.

“Such an idiot.” I mumbled. I had received a few texts from friends and eight miss calls from an unknown number.

Who would call me?

Not giving it a much thought I shrugged I went down to eat lunch with my mother.

My phone ringed again, it was the same unknown number. There was a possibility that this number could be ragini’s, but I didn’t answer the call or reject it. My intuition is telling me not to do anything, so I didn’t.

“Swara why don’t you pick up the call?” Ma asked almost annoyed.

“Ma it’s some heck of lonely freak who keeps bothering me. Let it be.” I lied to her.

We both had lunch and Ma went to her room to take a nap while I remained in living room watching ‘Lord of the Rings: The two towers’ it’s one of my favourite movies. I watched the whole movie peacefully because my phone didn’t ring again. It was two hours before papa came home so, I lay down on the couch and closed my eyes but they instantly shot open when our landline phone ringed.

Groaning I got up and picked the phone.

“Hello!” I said on bored tone, I really wanted to yell at the person.

“hello. Why didn’t you come to college today shona?” The phone nearly dropped from my hand when I heard the caller’s voice.

“W-who am I talking to?” I knew the answer very well, but it was hard to believe.

“Sanskar.” I clutched my shirt tightly.

“How did you get this number?” I heard a low chuckle from the other end.

“You are asking, how Sanskar maheshwari got your number?” He sounded amused. It was a stupid question.

“Now, tell me why didn’t you come?” His voice did a 180 and he was serious now.

“I injured my foot.” I lied.

“Interesting. It must have been hurting bad, right?” And… He knows I am lying. Of course he knows it was probably the most obvious lie.

“Yeah.” I said biting my lip.

“I think I should send a doctor for your check up.”

“Ehhh. No! I bandaged my foot already. It will be fine by tomorrow.” Does he want me killed by my parents?

“Very well then. I will tell Lakshya to send Ragini to her home so she could meet her family and you, sounds okay to you?” He asked me in very soft voice.

“Yes. I will appreciate that.” I replied, in a confused manner.

“Good. I will be going out of city tomorrow. So take care of yourself.” Sanskar was talking to me like we were friends from very long..is he carzy…

“Fine, but why are you telling me this?” I couldn’t stop myself from asking.

“Just felt like telling you.” He chuckled.

“bye shona.”


What was that?

I blinked several times to assess the situation, why is he interfering in my life like that?

I didn’t know this guy before Ragini’s marriage. He was just a big bad villain of stories I heard from others and suddenly he showed up, acting like we know each other from very long.

What was the purpose of his call?

Shrugging it off I focused on the matter at hand, my family will get worried if they ever come to know about his call and now I had a feeling that the person who was calling on my mobile was him.

“My dearest, sweetest friend, you have got some serious explanation to give.” puja said putting her hand on my shoulder and grinning like a mad woman. As soon as class ended all puja, kavita, Bushra and ameena encircled me for interrogation. I should’ve expected this.

“What explanation?” I decided to act.

“What happened in food court? Since when did you know Sanskar maheshwari? Where did you go after that? Where were you on the next day and why did you skip yesterday?”
There goes my acting…

“Slow down, I’ll tell you everything from the start.”

I started telling them everything from Ragini’s marriage to yesterday’s event. But I left the part where Sanskar offered to take me to Ragini.

“Okay, let me get this straight” ameena said giving it all a thought and then she continued “you bump into him…” she paused for a second “than he drops you home and when you don’t come to college, he calls you to ask the reason, plus he informs you that he is going out of city. I don’t know about you guys but it sounded like those cliché stories, where the big bad guy fall in love with the girl at first sight and tries to pursue her.” Said Ameena thoughtfully.

“I think you are right.” puja agreed

“You guys are exaggerating.” I said

“Exaggerating or not shona, but something is fishy, think about it. Have you ever heard about snakar involved with a girl? And as far as I remember he is not married, neither engaged, it may sound stupid but I think it’s better to stay alert.” Kavita lectured

“And if Ameena is right, he will approach you again… soon.” Said puja

We sat their silently, looking at each other until our next class started. After our conversation I couldn’t concentrate on class anymore. There words kept spinning in my mind, again and again. After my last class I was totally drained. My friends tried to cheer me up but it was of no use.

When we were about to leave for home they comforted me and told me not to worry. And who knows when Sanskar come back from his tour I would already be married to Rahul. After hearing that I felt a little better and a bit happy, thinking about being Rahul as my life partner. But my happiness didn’t stayed long as I saw Sankar’s black Prado near my college’s gate.

No way….not gain….sheit…:

I know hiding my face with my duppatta won’t help me getting away from him, but I wasn’t a fan of attention. Walking briskly, I turned in the nearest alley not caring where it led and started to run as fast as I could trying to run away from him but….and it was then when my phone rang.

“Hello.” I answered, knowing very well who it was on the other end.

“Stay where you are.” I heard Sanskar’s voice, frowning at his command and cursing myself for coming to college today.

A black Prado stopped on the road side. The door was opened by one of his men, who stood stiffly while clutching the door handle.

Sanskar came out in his black fitted T-shirt and jeans. He was not wearing his holster which relaxed me a bit. He stopped in front of me and I had to crane my neck to look up at him.
“hi..shona. How is your foot now?” His voice was soft.

“Better now” I answer, hoping he will get the message and leave.

“Great, now come. I’ll drop you home.” I sighed before answering “Thankful for your offer but it’s okay. I am capable of going home on my own.”

“I wasn’t asking, shona.” He stated, I could see the frown lines forming on his forehead.

I closed my eyes for a nanosecond to gather all of my courage to say my next words.

“I am sorry. It goes against my morals… earlier that day at the food court, I went with you because I don’t like to be the centre of attraction. But I cannot do that again. Kindly understand that going with an unknown man is not right for a girl.” I said with all the modesty I could muster at the moment.

A moment of utter silence passed. I raised my head to look at him, finding a satisfied smile on his face. He turned and left without saying another word. Without wasting another second I turned started running toward my house again.

“And he left just like that?” I was currently talking to puja on my cell phone, after revealing today’s events she was left stunned. Apparently the great Sanskar Maheshwari leaving like that was a big shock.

“Yes” I replied for the umpteenth time, annoyance crystal clear in my voice.

“You got lucky, shona.”

I sighed before replying “Yep. Who knows what could have happened..” I pause, thinking of all types of gruesome scenarios “I was alone with that beast there.” I shivered remembering it.

“Hmm.. Oye listen. You should tell your family now. At least let your mother know.” I know she was right.

“Yes yar, I will tell her tonight.” I decided but I feared my mother’s reaction.

“Good. I got to go now. Don’t forget to tell Auntie okay?”

“Okay boss.”

“bye.” Came her rushed reply and with that I ended the call. My phone’s screen was warm because of sticking to my face for so long. During my observation I noticed another incoming call.

“hey bhai whats up.”

“hi shona, where are you?” My brother asked

“In my room. Why?” I replied back, not sure of where this conversation was going.

“Okay, listen carefully and don’t panic.” My heart went frenzy hearing that.

“Bhai, what happened?” I frowned.

“Papa is in the hospital. He had a car accident.” My vision blurred, my eyes widened. I could hear my own heart beat.

“Don’t worry, he is fine but doctor said it would be better if he’d have a proper checkup. It will take some time so we will be late. Don’t tell Ma. We will tell her tonight when we get home.” I didn’t believe him for a second.

“Bhai, can I talk to Papa?” My voice was almost a whisper

“Ary! I told you I am bringing him home tonight so what’s the problem?” His irritation and nonchalant behaviour put me to great ease. I finally released the breath I was holding.

“Fine..bye.” I hung up without waiting, angry that he didn’t let me hear my father’s voice.

I just wanted to hear Papa’s voice. I huffed, no matter how good brothers can be, it’s always hard to understand their psyche and what are with their mood swings?
Idiot brothers….

Ragini’s POV

‘’oh god what shall do …. I need to inform swara about this….i don’t even have a phone and there is no landline….idiot lakshya…why doesn’t he allow me to contact anyone..i somehow need to talk to her but how’’ I was continuously talking to myself when I heard his voice….

‘‘You are not going to tell her nothing…. And if you did you going to be in big trouble’’ lakshya said as he heard what I was saying…

‘‘but I cant let her go through what I went through…she can’t bear the pain…she too young and innocent to get any kind of pain’’ I argued back…and his next act shocked me…I hissed in pain as he held the back of my head pulling my hair tightly….

‘‘ahhhh…plz leave m-me its paining…ahh’’ I pleaded. But he didn’t listen…

‘‘Sanskar is not going to give her any pain…but happiness…I am warning you don’t you even dare tell her anything right now…when the time comes Sanskar will tell her himself…understood…and if you dare to tell her…I won’t even think twice before shooting a bullet in your head…just remember’’ he said and left in anger…

‘‘oh god what shall I do now…god please help swara…she can’t go through this pain…and I know how bad this pain is..plzz god save her from these evil people….i know now there is no way she can survive from him but plzz do something…she’s so innocent..

Lakshya’s POV:

I came to my room and saw her still thinking something…god why are girls so protective over each other…she didn’t even notice me coming in…she’s still in deep thoughts…I finally brought her back to reality…

‘‘are you still thinking of how to tell swara….the answer should be negative….you know what I will do with you even think about that matter anymore’’ I asked her harshly…

‘‘n-no…I was just thinking…a-about my parents…its b-been a long time since I haven’t meet them…I –I miss them’’ she lied…damn I knew she lied…cuz she meet her parents last week…bl**dy liar..

‘‘good…you shouldn’t be thinking about swara…she’s is in safe hands…nothing is going to happen to her….and about you parents…you can go to them next week’’ I went and sat near her on the bed and she definitely got scared as she moved back a little…I cupped her face tight and said..

‘‘don’t you dare to open your mouth…cuz you already know I am a black eagles commander and how dangerous I can be if it’s necessary’ ’she tried to move from my grip moving backwards..

‘‘ahh…its paining lakshya ahh’’ as pleaded to leave and i quickly left her and went to the washroom to get changed…after coming out I saw her sleeping peacefully…or should I say
pretending to be sleeping…I went to my side and slept without disturbing her….and dozed off after sometime….

Swara’s POV:

“Swara, come here for a minute.” Papa called me, patting the place beside him, wanting me to sit by him. I sat carefully and he held my hand gently. I looked at Ma who was sitting on the other side of the bed.

“You know what Swara beta, when the other car hit mine, there was a brief moment when I thought I might die.” I clutched his hand immediately. Frowning at him for having such thoughts. He chuckled and continued. “At that time, your smiling face came to my mind, not your mother’s, not your brother’s. It was you who I was thinking about. I smiled and kissed his hand, unable to form words.

“Since that moment, I have this urge to see you in a bridal dress.” He paused a little and looked at my mother before continuing, “Therefore your mother and I were thinking, what if we set your marriage the day after tomorrow?” I stiffened. I looked at ma for help.

“The date we set was at end of this month. So it won’t make a big difference, but we still want your opinion.”

“As you wish Papa.”

“Love you, beta.” He kissed my forehead smiling at me with adoration in his eyes. After that I couldn’t stay there. It was quite embarrassing to sit and discuss your marriage with your parents.

I sighed and glanced at my phone longingly. I wish Ragini would contact me. I wanted to tell her so much…but she didn’t…. I wonder why… since my parents have decided my marriage with Rahul I haven’t been able to contact her….don’t know what that psycho Lakshya is doing with her…god help her..

My bright red dress had golden embroidery all over it. My hands and feet were covered beautifully by Hena, heavy bright red colour dress, gold jewellery and make up made me look mature. I looked at myself in the mirror. The girl in the mirror was way too prettier. She looked beautiful. Her hair was set perfectly at one side, with light curls, her dupatta covering half her head. Smell of fresh flower Kangan was wafting all over the house.

My idiot friends were giggling behind me, but I was too busy looking at the girl in the mirror. For the first time in my life, I dressed up for a special someone, for my soon to be husband, for Rahul.

A smile appeared on my face and faded away when Bushra elbowed me from the side.

“Stop grinning like an idiot. We know you are happy and cannot wait for marriage. But you should remember that today is not you’re your bidaai and you cannot be with him like you are imagining….” she winked at me, wiggling her eyebrows.

“Oh my! Is that what you were imagining?” Puja gasped dramatically. Curse you idiots, I couldn’t voice my thoughts as I heard mother’s voice.

“Girls, take a side. Pandit ji is here.” My body stiffened. My friend took me down…I swa rahul waiting for meat the mandap…I wen and sat next to him and the oandidt statedthe rituals…I could see rahul looking at me untill the end of the rituals and I was smiling… iwas soo happyinside…I got my love…my firt crush and may Rahul.

I became somones elses….someone special, I will remember my marriage all my life.

After the completion of the rituals I become Mrs. Swara rahul malhotra from Miss Swara gadodia.

Precap: ragini on phone with swara: swara run from here …all of you…fast…but…

Oopss she got married…..wht do you gys think sanskar would do….leave her for her happiness or snatch her for his happiness….gues guyss…

Thank you hope you enjoyed..

SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 6 and 7


SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 6 and 7

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