Meri aashique (episode 4)

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@Kolkata ……..
Ragini woke up and went to washroom …..
Laksh wakes up and sees ragini is not there ….
Laksh shouts : ragini !!!
Ragini in washrooms jerks
Ragini : I am in washroom ..
Laksh : OK OK ….
Ragini cries in washroom ..
Ragini : god y did u do with me like this ……..she cries vigoursly …
Laksh : how much will u take come fast baby ..
Ragini gets scared : ha…an … ..
She comes out wearing a pink and blue chudi ..
Laksh gets memerised …
Laksh catches her waist ….and tightens the grip

Ragini gets scared but she is numb ……
Laksh again kisses her neck …..very roughly …
Ragini weeps ….
Ragini : LA…ks….sh … I want .. to go ….
Laksh : go later not now baby …..he pulls her to bed …..
@Delhi …
Swara : dad did u change ur mind …plz say yes .plz plzzz ..
Arjun : OK u may but I will send bodyguards with u ….OK
Swara : offoo dad …even diya is coming …plzz let me be independent …plz
Arjun : no Swara decision is final …..bodyguards r coming ..
Swara : dad ..plz let me be independent ..y do u always want to keep me in ur hands ….plz ..
Me and diya will stay in collage flat ,……

Arjun : what no way u have to stay in the mansion which I have in Kolkata ..
Swara : no dad ..I want to lead a normal life for sometime …..plzzz……
Arjun was not convinced ……but later Swara somehow convinces him …
Arjun : OK Swara …..for u …but be careful ..u should here in weekends OK ……promise me …
Swara : promise ..
Arjun hugs her …..
Swara : OK I am packing my bag ….and I will inform diya that u have accepted …..
U r the worlds best dad …
Swara goes to her room ..
Arjun feels ,……,
Ragini goes down ..

Ap : u woke up …good come here ..
Ragini comes and hugs
Ap : I know what …..plz forget it like a bad dream ….
Ragini : haan …ma …
Ap : listen ,,u don’t need to do any work here TV,, play music ………anything ….u can even go out ..but always bodyguards will surround u …as u r also dark evils member …u will get more respect …..
Ragini : but what is the use when u r not happy with it …..
Ap : that’s correct ..OK I am going …..feel free …
Ragini gives a smile ….
Swara : u know what days dad gave me permission
Diya : oh really super year ..even mine ..

Swara : listen we will leave today evening itself …
Diya : but our collage starts after 1week ..
Swara : Buddy we can wander around Kolkata would be fun …
Diya : OK then ..I will pack bye ..
Swara : bye ….
Swara : Kolkata wait Swara is coming …
@Kolkata …
Sanlak and his gang went into a hotel and sat …
Sanky feels happy don’t know y …
Laksh : so y r happy today ..
Sanskar : don’t know ..and listen the one who came to attack is sitting behind me ….that table ….
He points ..
Laksh : guys be alert .
(His gang includes rohan,abhi,Sam,yuvraj,siddharth)
The man behind
Man : OK come dear let’s leave ….

He says this to his girlfriend ….
As soon as gets up …..
Sanky takes gun from his pocket ..
She shoots the man ……
The people in the hotel gets scared and shouts ……
Sanky shouts : shut up !!!!if anyone will shout I will kill …….u all …
All became numb and frightened ..
Laksh : super u shooter him ….come let’s go .
Rohan : yes come ..
They all leave ..
The people leaves from the hotel …
The police comes and sees the Bobby
Inspector : they r crossing the limits ..

Constable : sir plz ..they would kill ..
Inspector : yes I know ..OK clear this body …..
Constable : yes sir …
Inspector goes into the washroom and phones ..
Inspector : hello sir we cleared the body ……as u said .
Laksh : good …u will get ur money …
Inspector : thank u sir ..
The keeps the phone and goes out ..
Inspector : OK come let’s leave ….
@evening in Delhi
Swara was wearing half black jeans ,sleeveless blue tight fit shirt with a half black overcoat …made her hair free with blue headband ….

Swara comes with a trolley luggage ..
Swara : OK dad so ..
Arjun hugs her
Arjun : I will miss u so much buddy ….
Swara : me too ..but I will in holidays so don’t worry ..
Arjun : did u take ur ATM card …
Swara : haan dad ..
Arjun : do whatever u want but be careful….call me when u reach OK ….
Swara : OK dad ….
She bids bye and leaves ,….in car to diya house to pick her …..
@diya house ..
Swara comes .
Diya mom : plz take care OK Swara and diya ..

Swara : haan ma ..don’t worry ..I am there na …
Diya dad : that’s y I am sending diya ..
Swara hugs him ….
Diya mom and dad bids bye to them …..(diya is played by chinki from Tashan e ishq )
Swara and diya leaves to Kolkata …
Laksh : so today is march 1 ..we need to check the Kolkata check post …come ..
Sanskar : OK ..
They go in jeep …..
They arrive and were checking who came new to Kolkata ..
Its night 9:00pm
A car comes ..(Swara car )

Inspector : r u new …
Driver : yes sir we r coming from Delhi ..first time …
Inspector : u have get entry ticket plz ur mam to come and sign ..
Swara and diya gets down ….
Swara and diya heads towards the office …
Sanky and Laksh were busy checking paper ….
Swara and diya were sitting in front of them ..
But sanlak didn’t notice …
Constable : 5 min mam ..we will bring the paper ..
Swara : OK ….
By hearing her voice sanky notices her …..
Sanskar POV
Oh my god …what a beautiful girl ..her eyes were sparkling ……
Her smile ….aww words ..her rosy lips ………god .
Sanskar POV ends .
Inspector : here plz u both sign here …
Swara takes the paper and was about to read ..
Inspector stops her ..
Inspector : no reading plz ..and sign ..
Swara : y I should not read ..then I won’t sign …..
Inspector : mam lower ur voice …..plz sign here ….
Diya : sepwara sign ..come we will leave ..

Swara : until I read I won’t sign ….
Sanky and Laksh gets surprised seeing a girl shouting at a men …..
Inspector : plz mam its not safe here plz sign and leave fast ..
Swara takes the paper and was about to read …
The inspector catches her hand ..
Swara gets angry and slaps …him ..
Sanlak were shocked ..
Whole police station was shocked ..
Swara : u know what is an women dignity dare u touch ….what u all think of girls ..if u catch their hands or do something they will sit and cry and obey …never …OK ..
Sanlak were surprised
She takes the paper and reads …it …
“The paper ”
“”””””U r officially in the hands of dark evils ….once u come u can’t leave Kolkata that’s final …
If u try to leave …. u will only go as a dead body …….
So by signing u accept this ….””””””
Swara was shocked …..

Sanlak were curious seeing her expression …
Swara : how dare u cheat ……she slaps the inspector ..
The inspector : now u can’t do anything ..ur friend has already signed …..
Diya was frightened and scared and tears comes from her eyes ….
Swara : u cheated …how can u …chii ..
Inspector : now no use ..u may leave ….
Swara gets really furious but controls it ..
She leaves followed by diya …passing sanlak …
Swara scraf gets struck with sanskar bracelet …
Swara goes towards him …
Sanskar heart beat increases …
Swara touches his hand …

Swara feels something …she removes and leaves ….
Sanlak continuously stare her ….
Swara and diya leaves in car ..
Rohan : what just happened guys ,……that girl ….
Siddharth : what u two were doing ,,…….,,u two would have done something with her right ….
Sanskar : one day she will know ..
Laksh : but seriously really courageous ……
Sanskar smiles ….
There was a visiting card in the chair in which Swara sat ..
Laksh goes and picks it ..
It read

As soon as Laksh reads the name ..
Sanskar gets shocked ..
Laksh : if I this is arjun card ….does he have any relation with her
Sanskar gets confused ..

Precap : ”’life is not boring …u have to make it interesting”’

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Meri aashique (episode 4)


Meri aashique (episode 4)


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