Spoilers — 15th March 2016


Family members come to know that Shanaya is actually Ishita. They get happy and plan Ishita’s godh bharayi rasam with Shagun’s godh bharayi.. Mrs. Iyer, Mrs. Bhalla, Simmi, Shagun and Ruhi make her get ready. Shanaya is invited for Shagun’s godh bharayi. When she reaches there, Mrs. Bhalla cries and says she is Ishita. Mrs. Iyer asks her why she is troubling her with new identity. Vandita tells her that she got a new life seeing her. Ishita breaks down and tells everyone that she is Ishita. There will be a happy union. The family members make her ready for the function as they know that the baby which Shagun is carrying is of Ishita.


Akshara is confused about her hairstyle and clothes during Ananya’s marriage functions. She is tensed about Kuhu and doesn’t want to doubt on Naitik, but there are many questions in her mind. While everyone is busy in sangeet function and dance on the song. Akshara receives a letter sent by someone. She reads the letter and there is something written about Kuhu’s mum. The lady in question might be alive. Naitik have to prove his loyalty and love towards Akshara.

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Spoilers — 15th March 2016


Spoilers — 15th March 2016


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