Manmarziyan….a journey of love and friendship Chapter 24

Manmarziyan….a journey of love and friendship Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

Since the day Ankush had met Ananya…he felt strange…she was not comfortable about Ankush dropping her…she looked scared. She seemed to be from a good family …she was calm and intelligent but too under confident…people working with her would take advantage of her dump their work on her…scold her for no reason…only Soniya was good to her, but the girl never complained…she was cute…kind of beautiful…and her silence was hitting him…he wanted her to speak…anything…he would love to hear her voice. Soniya found Ankush thinking something…she tapped his shoulder and asked ; ‘’Devarji are you love’’ Ankush stammered ; ‘’What bhabhi…you got no one else since morning’’ But Soniya was not a naïve woman she had seen his care towards Ananya…Only issue was Mala had shortlisted few girls…and if Ankush had feelings for Ananya…it is going to be difficult, she has to do something before things go out of hand.

Nandini’s court hearing had started…Arjun was doing what was right…but getting her punished was torturing him too…it was not that easy to kill all the emotions. Arjun had come back from first court hearing…he took half day off and went back home…he closed all doors and windows and drew curtains over it. Neil told Radhika that Arjun was disturbed ..she decided to check on him, Radhika inserted the key and unlocked the door…she switched on the lights but Arjun interrupted ;’’ I need to be alone…switch the lights off’’. Radhika switched off the lights… sat next to him…wrapped her arms around him and sat quietly. Arjun did not respond to her touch, Radhika slowly removed her hands and moved away…she got up and was about to leave but he caught her hand.

Arjun; ‘’Sorry…I am just worn out completely’’

Radhika; ‘’We can take the case back…she can be free … everyone will forgive her and you will be free from this pain’’

Arjun switched on the table lamp…and looked at Radhika each word she spoke was from her heart…she was ready to forgive Nandini for his happiness. Arjun got up stood infornt of her he took her hands in his and kissed them . He pulled her closed caressed her face and planted many desperate kisses on her face and neck. Arjun rubbed his thumb on her lips and then looked straight into her eyes; ‘’Why are you always ready to sacrifice for me…why can’t you be bad at times…tell me I am wrong in worrying about her …she was bad she does not deserve my emotions’’

Radhika took both his hands and wrapped it around her waist…she came close to him and looped are arms around Arjun’s neck and kissed Arjun deeply to comfort him … then said; ‘’You are my world…and our emotions for someone are not based on what they feel…and what they are…when you love someone…you just love them … there are no conditions …don’t think or blame yourself….if you want I will try and speak to everyone…they will agree… and if they don’t we can take her some place far and make a family’’ Arjun kept on staring at her…she was ready to sacrifice for him…forgive the women who tried to kill her…he smiled and asked her; ‘’what did I do to deserve you’’ Radhika placed her palms on his chest and said; ‘’You opened the gates of your heart and I walked in’’ Arjun switched on the lights and pulled the curtains…he hugged Radhika tightly and said; ‘’I doubt there will be another girl like you on this planet’’

Radhika; ‘’No there is not…and it’s good for your health not to talk about any other girl’’

Arjun smiled …she knew how to pull him out darkness…he cupped her face and said; ‘’Nandu needs to repent…if I save her now she will again walk the same path…even Rana kaka agrees that she deserves a punishment this time….may be sometime in future when she is able to change herself we can be family. By the way you deserve a present for being such an amazing wife cum friend’’ Arjun pulled Radhika and made her sit on the bed…he asked her close her eyes and quietly went to his cupboard…he pulled out a box and placed it on her hands…he asked her to check. Radhika opened the box and found a heavy diamond necklace…she didn’t know what to tell him…she looked at him angrily; ‘’Why?….why are you spending so much’’

Arjun frowned; ‘’Because I can afford and I want to…now straighten the lines on your forehead and try it on’’

Radhika; ‘’Arjun…this is too much…you never listen to me…all this is not required…I would have been happy with an ice-cream….and ….’’ Arjun placed a finger on her lips and gave her one dangerous look; ‘’Try it on’’ Radhika gave up she wore the necklace and turned to show it him. Arjun dragged her close …gently touched her face and neck and spoke huskily ; ‘’Even diamonds look dull on your skin…nothing is as beautiful as you.’’ Radhika smiled and lowered her eyes …she removed the necklace from her neck and kept it inside. She went to him and wrapped her arms around him and said sweetly; ‘’You are my gift…nothing is more valuable than you’’

Arjun; ‘’You will go Hrishikesh for 10days …after Neil –Sam wedding…how will I stay without looking at you’’

Radhika; ‘’My dear husband…technology is also something…Video call is the solution…and then I am yours once you marry me in presence of everyone’’

Arjun; ‘’You were always mine…right from the day when we fought in that hotel lift …you were made for me…only me’’ Radhika nodded and went back in Arjun’s embrace. They had dinner together and Arjun after spending some romantic moments with his loving wife dropped her home.

Sam’s wedding was only in 2 days and Radhika had to leave for Hrishikesh with her parents for her own wedding. Sam went cold feet on the thought of marriage…Piyali had been calling out for Sam for very long…but she did not answer Piyali called at her contacts to check if Sam was there…then she finally called Radhika…Radhika got surprised…but she assured Piyali that she knew where Sam was. Radhika dressed up and Left she went to their old house and unlocked it she went inside the bedroom and opened the cupboard and found Sam sitting there.

Radhika; ‘’What’s wrong Sam’’

Sam; ‘’am I doing right getting married’’. Radhika asked Sam to shift and sat beside her.

Radhika; ‘’With Neil..oh yes…you will never find someone like him”

Sam; ‘’But people and things change after marriages what if he changes….will I be able to take up all the responsibility?’’

Radhika; ‘’Change is the sign that we are alive…and if things change then mold and react according to the change…Until you face the challenge how can you decided you are fit for it or not…I am sure Neil will stand beside you…that’s what marriage is all about’’

Sam; ‘’what if I fail’’

Radhika smiled and replied; ‘’Then get up and try again’’

Sam nodded and smiled ; ‘’Can I take you as a dowry with me’’

Radhika laughed; ‘’Sure but you need to take my hubby too…or he will create a ruckus in everyone’s life’’

Sam; ‘’I know….man he is so mad after you’’

Radhika; ‘’ok now come it’s your mehendi tomorrow and wedding in 2 days…you need a good rest..and by the way you left everyone worried back home’’

Radhika locked the door and was about to move when Sam held her hand; ‘’Chashni…promise me nothing will change between us’’

Radhiika; ‘’You still need a promise…nothing can change Sam…we will be there for each other always…and it would be fun to do some husband bashing together.’’ Both the girls giggled and left for Sam’s place.

Sam suddenly got an Idea ; ‘’Chashni let’s have a bachelorette party…joint one with our girl gang’’

Radhika; ‘’Ok but when..its only 2 days”

Sam; “tomorrow after mehendi….let me talk to Soniya’’

Sam dialled Soniya and checked with her…Soniya suggested to have it in a popular disc…she will get it booked for 5-6hrs only for them…Sam happily squealed and hugged Radhika.

Neil too was planning a bachelor party for himself and Arjun…all the guys got excited…he booked a famous club…but little did he knew the terrace of the same pub was booked by his bride and gang.

Sam’s mehendi started full swing…Piyali banned Radhika from working and asked her to rest and enjoy…Radhika and Sam both got mehendi done…some or the other person would come and pull their cheeks as they were helpless…this was done by ARjun…he and Neil were happily enjoying when girls tried to protect their cheeks. Sam and Radhika’s mehendi had come out very good. Neil went and sat with Sam…Radhika went to Arjun to give couple sometime together.

Arjun took Radhika to the terrace for ice cream… she was having ice cream and Arjun was feeding her…she loved to get pampered by him.. Radhika was happily enjoying; ‘’Arjun you can taste it too…its really good’’

Arjun; ‘’Sure ….then don’t call me shameless’’

Radhika; ‘’How come having an ice-cream will make you shameless’’ Arjun smiled mischievously he leaned and licked the ice-cream on the corner of Radhika’s lips…Radhika blushed she closed her eyes…Arjun lifted her chin up and softly said; ‘’it’s just not good…it is amazing’’ Arjun and Radhika were lost in each other when Radhika got Sam’s sms to get ready for the bachelorette party…and she will pick her. Radhika gave Arjun a tight hug and left.

Sam had picked 2 s*xy outfits for herself and Radhika. Radhika got ready …she gave herself one look in the mirror Sam had picked a black corset short dress for her and a silver one shoulder dress for herself…Soniya gave Radhika smoky look she herslf was dressed in a funky dress…Radhika asked ; ‘’Bhabi what about Vidhi’’

Soniya; ‘’Vicky will take care…I needed this party more than any one…ok now let’s just sneak out before you bro is out of his study…’’Soniya left Vicky a message and both of them left for the Venue

Vicky saw the message and banged his head…he decided to leave Vidhi with Prerna. All the girls reached the party location…almost everyone was shocked to see Radhika looking so s**y…Sam & Soniya felt proud of their work…once the music started…the girls rocked…Sam made Radhika drink and after 2 tequila shots Radhika was full in mood …they danced like hell…made fun of their respective partners…even the DJ assigned to them for this private party was going mad because of the never dying energy of these girls.

Arjun parked his car…he along with Neil moved towards the lift Neil noticed Sam’s car he thought for a minute and went inside the club…Boys were not satisfied with the place…they checked with manger if their party could be shifted to the terrace. Manager update the half of the terrace was occupied for a girls private party…he can give them the other half…they were glad as wanted an open space…when guys moved up the girls party was in full swing…they could hear the songs and squeals. Neil whispered; ‘’ Good that we got the terrace…now we can do some bird watching too’’.

The two parts of the terrace was separated by a glass…as the boys started enjoying Vicky… suddenly dropped his drink…he tapped Arjun’s shoulder…he turned around and was shocked… on the top of the table was Radhika grooving on ‘’main sharabi’’ song…Vicky scratched his head and Arjun rubbed his eyes at least trice to confirm it was Radhika…she was smoking hot….the way she danced was so not Radhika…slowly all the boys looked where Arjun was looking…Neil slipped, Teji froze ,Ankush decided to ignore and Zubin was still deciding if it was Radhika or not …Radhika pulled Sam up and the girls did some dirty dancing…the Boys gulped their drinks and decided to enjoy …as Radhika and Sam’s performance ended the guys cheered for them…the sound made girls turn…but other than Soniya all were drunk…they hooted in reply to boys…Soniya had already seen all of them…she didn’t knew what to do…the boys asked the manager to check with the girls if they can join them…Manager went and asked…Soniya wanted to refuse but Sam who was completely out said; ‘’we will allow them…if they do pole dancing for us’’ and others supported her . Soniya’s eyes widened …she didn’t know what to do…above all she got a message from Vicky- ‘’looking hot babe’’ Soniya …pushed Sam back to her place…

Neil came and said; ‘’We will do the pole dance’’

Sam; ‘’then come in hero…your audience is waiting’’.

Soniya hid her face in her palms…she knew what party will happen now…after all oil and fire were together. ..she tried to stop but Vicky caught hold of her by waist and said; ‘’don’t be such a bone…and moreover I need your attention more than them…so baby can we have some fun like old times’’ Soniya tried to protest but he dragged her away

As girls took their seats Neil jumped on the table and started dancing on ’aajane ja’…he did a s*xy cabaret..Sam threw some money on him which made other guys laugh…Sam suddenly stopped and asked Radhika; ‘’Chashni…I love Neil so much that I am seeing him everywhere … that even this guy is also looking like him’’

Radhika; ‘’Sammy I don’t love Neil…so why is this guy looking like Neil to me too’’ Sam got up and walked to the place where Neil was standing…she pulled him by collar…’’you look like my Neil… how’’ Neil gave a hug ‘’because I am your Neil baby’’ Sam tilted her head curled her lips and hugged him…Neil lovingly wrapped his arms around her.. Arjun watched Radhika …she was dancing with Manya and Kritika…Arjun pushed Zubin to Kritika and Teji to drag Manya away…he looked around and found Vicky Soniya and Ankush talking as all of them were sober…he went closed to Radhika and asked for a dance she smiled and said’; ‘’I will only dance with my Arjun…hmm but you are my Arjun’’ she squealed and hugged him….Radhika pulled Arjun to a dark corner Arjun knew she was not in her senses…she took off her shoes stood on Arjun’s feet on her toes…and wrapped her arms around him neck…Arjun supported her by wrapping his arm around her waist the and leaned against wall…Radhika moved closer to Arjun and said; ‘’Kiss me’’

Arjun gave her a smile she looked cute ; ‘’Not now…there are so many people around’’

Radhika; ‘’Arjun Mehra is scared…but Radhika Mehra is not’’ Radhika smiled and kissed Arjun passionately….Arjun pulled back…he didn’t wanted to take the advantage of her state …Radhika didn’t buzz she hugged him tightly and planted kisses on his cheek neck and chest. Radhika held him tightly kissed him deeply again and said; ‘’I love you Arjun’’ Radhika looked straight into Arjun’s eyes… she kept her head on his chest and closed her eyes feeling happy. It gave Arjun immense pleasure to find same passion in Radhika for him as he had for her.. Arjun held Radhika to him and then took his jacket and wrapped it around her her…he lifted her up and went back to main hall…he put her down on the sofa and went to Vicky…he asked them to take Radhika with them and he will drop others drunkards home. Vickt left with Radhika Soniya and Ankush…and Arjun helped other out of senses people…but he was feeling good about the way Radhika expressed herself .

Radhika got up next day with a heavy head…and saw a glass of Nimbu Pani next to her bed…she tried to recall…the night…but remembered everything only in pieces, Vicky came to her room folded his arms to chest and said; ‘’So is the hangover gone’’ Radhika sat quietly like a guilty child …she gave a side glance and found Ankush standing on the other corner and Soniya at the door…Radhika closed her eyes and pulled the blanket over her head…she was too embarrassed today…suddenly she heard all the 3 laughing and peeped out of the blanket…Ankush ruffled her hair and said…’’Ma and Papa will be here in an hour …go get ready we have to leave for Sam’s place it’s her wedding today’’ Radhika suddenly realized and jumped out of the bed.

Radhika with Mala and Soniya left for Sam’s place and got busy in helping Piyali…she desperately wanted to speak to Arjun…she felt she did something really stupid last light….she knew Arjun will be at Neil’s place…she decided to speak to him in evening at any cost.
Sam got dressed up in a deep orange and silver combination wedding attire…Radhika helped her with make up and jewellery. Sam looked beautiful…she admired herself …and thanked Radhika…Radhika had dressed up in heavy magenta sari with a simple bun and had decorated it with 2 roses on the side…she had worn a polki set giving her a royal look. Piyali thanked Radhika Mala and Soniya for their help…finally it was time for the groom to arrive…Piyali welcomed Neil emotionally he looked every inch of a king wearing light blue sherwani . The groom was taken to the dais…and now it was time for the bride to come…Radhika and Manya bought Sam to the dais…Neil and Sam looked at each other and approved each other’s look with a smile…Radhika was dying to speak to Arjun he stood there with Neil in a light silver grey ethnic attire…looking like a model…Radhika gave him a smile…and Arjun returned her smile with an appreciative look….Sam and Neil were bought infront of each other…it was time to garland each other. Neil side screamed; ‘’don’t bend you neck Neil or you have to bend it whole life’’ Neil stood erect…Sam was literally jumping to garland him…Sam gave a pleading look to Radhika…she quietly went next to Neil and pinched him hard on his back…Neil; ’’Ouch!’’ he losend up and Sam quickly dawned him with the garland …everyone laughed and clapped. Neil; ‘’Chashni wait for your turn’’ Radhika smiled and gave Sam a soft side hug…soon after this the rituals started…Arjun came a stood next Radhika…she looked at him and softly asked; ‘’did I do something stupid yesterday’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’Yes you tried to molest me’’

Radhika coughed…blinked and then decided to answer him she smiled; ‘’Was I successful?’’

Arjun; ‘’No…I somehow protected myself’’

Radhika; ‘’Shit…I missed a golden opportunity’’ Arjun was surprised at her witty answer…he turned and looked at her face … She was smiling she was indeed the most beautiful girl…and he was deeply in love with her once the pheras and other rituals were over…the pandit pronounced Neil and Sam man and wife…everybody clapped…and Radhika gestured Manya something…Neil came out of the Mandap and was looking for something; ‘’Where are my shoes?….Shit ! Zubin Teji you guys are good for nothing…now these girls will rob me off my money’’

Sam was giggling behind Neil…he gave her a frowning look and then he looked at Radhika raising an eyebrow; ‘’It has to be you… let’s just get over with it…tell me how much’’

Radhika just smiled and Manya answered ; ‘’50K nothing less’’ Neil’s eyes popped out and Arjun’s jaw dropped…

Manya; ‘’What…I am giving my sister for free…you can’t even pay me that much for your shoes…miser’’

Neil; ‘’Are you planning to open a shoe store…50K not at all…we will bargain’’

Radhika folded her hands to her chest and said; ‘’Do you want to meet guests without shoes…no problem they will only think what a poor groom you are’’

Neil again tried to protest Arjun came forward and held his hand he took the money…circled it around Neil’s head and gave to Manya…;’’Anything for my friend … ‘’ Manya gave him back the shoes …Neil looked at Radhika gestured that his eyes were on her from now…’’in 10 days CHashni I will have my revenge’’

Soniya’s staff had done a splendid job in doing the arrangement…and Ankush he almost had become a working partner for her…they were talking when Ananya interrupted Soniya …Soniya and Ankush were shocked looking at her…she was wearing a green silk sari…with small earrings and a thin neck chain…her shoulder length hair nicely styled in one side she looked beautiful…Soniya had earlier asked her staff to dress to suit the function…and not to be shabby…Soniya complement her…Ankush could not take his eyes off her…Anaya was nervous now she felt his eyes all over her…she informed Soniya about the issue and quickly vanished…Ankush’s eyes followed her till they could…Soniya had noticed this she decided to speak to Vicky and then Ankush.

As the function got over Sam bid farewell to her family with teary eyes…she was starting a new journey today…she was no more Samaira Khanna…she was now Mrs Neil Mehlotra…Ankush had already performed the rituals as a brother…once Neil-Sam were in the car…he gave it a gentle push to complete the final duty of the brother as a part of ritual. Piyali was so touched by the gesture that she hugged Mala and thanked her a million times.

Neil consoled Sam; ‘’Sammy…we are in the same city…why are you crying so much’’

Sam; ‘’you won’t understand…and I cannot explain you’’

Prerna Arjun and Radhika welcomed Neil and Sam…Radhika came because she knew Sam would be dull…Sam was happy to see her and Neil again got a doubt …he knew she must have planned something again. After few welcome games…Radhika took Sam to Neil’s bedroom…she made her sit and Sam held Radhika’s hand; ‘’thank you for everything’’

Radhika; ‘’You will get plenty of ways to thank me in 10 days’’ Sam nodded Radhika watched Neil coming she gave Sam something and whispered in her ear…she wished Neil and left the room…Neil closed the door and stood in front of Sam …she was blushing …he went on the other side to take off his watch and as he sat a strange sound came…he quickly got up…he again sat… again the sound it was like a baby toy …Neil understood it was Radhika…he quickly searched the bed but found nothing…Sam could not control more…she laughed heartily…she showed Neil the toy she was holding…she pressed it every time he sat…and yes it was Radhika’s idea. Neil smiled he watched Sam laughing uncontrollably he moved to her and pushed her to bed…Neil pinned her down completely covering her body with his…holding her wrists on the sides so she couldn’t move…he looked into her eyes; ‘’tell me your full name Sam’’ Sam lowered her eyes and replied; ‘’Samaira Neil Melhotra’’
Neil; ‘’Your friend will pay the price of all her mischief later…but you will pay it today’’ Sam surrendered herself completely.

Precap: Arjun Radhika’s wedding

Manmarziyan….a journey of love and friendship Chapter 24


Manmarziyan….a journey of love and friendship Chapter 24

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