khatti meethi love story pt 13

Hey guys its zoya here and I’m back with part 13 let’s get started
Recap: doctor tells ranveer’s family that he is paralyzed and desai’s get the news of moving to Mumbai
Precap: first meeting of…. And all reach Mumbai

@morning in desai’s home
Dad: beta did you guys pack your stuff we’re leaving in a bit our flight is at 10:45 a.m.
Ishani: yes papa we are ready
Sanam: yes papa
Suhani: papa I am ready but these ladoos and samosas don’t fit in my bag
Ishani and sanam burst out laughing
Ishani: moti how they will fit you have such big size clothes
Suhani gets angry (fake): aye ishani ki bachi you called me moti huh
Ishani: yes di now bye I’m going in the car
Suhani smiles and says: aye bhagwan (oh god) what sister have you given me and then laughs
Their dad and sanam start laughing too and then their mom comes and says arrey what happened? Wait a min did ishani call suhani moti again
Sanam: yes (still laughing)
Their mom starts laughing too and suhani gives a fake anger look to them
They all leave for the airport

Varsha: are you guy’s ready we’re leaving soon
Yuvraj: yes maasi but what time is our flight
Varsha: 10:45 a.m.
Aahil: 10:45 a.m. maasi its 10 right now we need to leave
Varsha: okay go put our bags in the car I’ll go get ranveer

@his room
Ranveer thinking: god why? Why did you give me such a big punishment that now I am a burden on my family. My brothers couldn’t even finish their studies here and me I’ll probably be handicapped all my life and my career and everything went in vain I don’t know when I’ll be able to walk normally again please god help me please
Varsha maa enters and says ranveer beta let’s leave it’s time to go
Ranveer immediately wipes his tears and says yes c’mon let’s leave
Varsha: wait beta let me get your wheel chair
Ranveer in his mind: I can’t even do work for myself I feel so bad I just want to die and then comes back from thinking and says okay maa when she leaves ranveer sees a knife and a picture of a cliff on one side and on the other side he sees his picture with his mom and his two brothers and gets thinking….
Varsha: beta here come sit
Ranveer sits and then she takes him
They leave for the airport

Desai’s are there and khan’s
Ishani feels breeze coming towards her
Ishani in her mind: what is this feeling? Why do I keep feeling someone close to me is around me why even at college I thought someone very near me is in some trouble and now I feel like someone is here what is this feeling ishani?
Sanam breaks her thoughts
Sanam: ishani what are you thinking? Why do you look so tensed?
Ishani in her mind: if I tell di she will make fun of me and it’s probably my imagination
Sanam breaks her thoughts again
Sanam: ishani I asked something what’s the matter?
Ishani: n..n..nothing di lets go
Suhani from ahead: offo di and ishani you guys are so behind stop walking so slow and let’s go
Khan’s at airport
Yuvraj: maasi wait here let me go check our tickets
Aahil: maasi do you want any water or anything
Varsha: no beta its okay ask ranveer
Aahil: ranveer you want water or food
Ranveer: I’ll go get it
Aahil: no ranveer I will come with you
Ranveer: okay

@Starfleet University
Laksh: bhai hurry up if we’re late here too then we’re screwed
Abhi: okay I’m coming chill laksh
Sanskar is ahead of them so if he gets there first he can get them admitted into college
Abhi: laksh, sanskar went right we can go slowly
Laksh: oh god bhai you walk slowly like you drive slowly
Abhi: exactly and then realizes what laksh said and says what laksh you are so gone but laksh already ran off and abhi is standing there smiling
From the other side there is a group of girls coming one girl is wearing a long dress with a shade of golden and everyone else is wearing colors like green, Red, Blue, and yellow.
The girl wearing the long dress has her hair down and is walking in a style her hair is straight and only has curls in the front and she has no chashma its none other than pragya
She is a flirty type girl very different from the show the girl wearing green is ragini, red is swara, blue is purvi, and yellow dress is aliya’s.
Abhi is still standing there and pragya is coming behind him she is looking down and trying to put lipstick on and doesn’t see abhi and abhi’s back is facing pragya so he doesn’t know she is coming pragya comes in a rush and collides with abhi she falls down and abhi flies to the front and falls a few inches ahead from where he was standing
Swaragini, purvi, and Aliya see her and say oh shit and then says lets run before she tells us why we didn’t tell her there was someone in front of her
They run off and abhi and pragya are still on the floor where their backs are facing each other
Pragya looks kind of mad and turns her head to abhi’s side in a jerk and says what the hell
Abhi to himself but aloud: what the… who is this foolish girl that didn’t see me standing in front of her so abhi turns his head in a jerk too and sees pragya
When pragya sees him she is amazed to see how handsome he looks
Pragya in her mind: omg what a body, what a face, he looks so cuteee (remember guys pragya is a flirty type person)
When abhi sees her he is mesmerized seeing her
Abhi in his head: what a beauty? She is so pretty wow
They both get back to reality and it’s really awkward
Abhi: actually I am so sorry I didn’t see
Pragya: you better be sorry! You couldn’t see such a pretty girl coming
Abhi shocked: excuse me I am apologizing here and you are blaming me you have so much ego
Pragya: well it’s the truth you should’ve seen me
Abhi: well you came from behind me why didn’t you see me huh
Pragya is at loss of words and says
Pragya: forget it I don’t want to talk to you bye
Abhi thinking: she has so much ego and thinks only about herself
After a while purab and Nikhil come
Nikhil: abhi did you guys get admission
Abhi: sanskar went to get us admitted
Purab: abhi why do you look so lost
Abhi: nothing yaar it’s just this girl came and tripped me over and blamed me for it
Purab: Mumbai girls are like that just chill
Sanlak come
Abhi: what happened?
Sanlak in unison: admission successful
Purab and Nikhil: great!
Abhi: don’t you guys have to get admission too
Purab: no abhi our dad already talked to the principal
Abhi: great! Let’s leave

Varsha: ranveer sit here at the back seat with aahil and yuvraj in front of them
Ishani, sanam, and suhani come in the same plane with their mom and dad
Ishani starts getting those vibes again
Ishani thinking: ishani why are you getting these vibes over and over again and now they start getting stronger she starts looking here and there but sees no one after a while she spots ranveer and stares at him for a while but then looks away she doesn’t know why she is getting the vibes it’s like the person is so close to me yet so far
They sit down on the opposite side of ranveer, aahil, and yuvraj but don’t really pay attention
They leave and finally get to Mumbai

@Mumbai airport
Suhani: finally we’re here thank god
She starts acting all childish and says finally
Yuvraj sees her but from the back and thinks who is this idiot she’s jumping here and there and she looks of my age but then says forget it yuvraj
He tells ranveer to wait here with maasi me and aahil bhai will be back getting our rooms and hotels
Ranveer: okay
Varsha: ranveer I had to use the bathroom I’ll be back don’t go anywhere
Ranveer: yes maa
She leaves and ishani runs down from the plane and is relived that she is out of the plane she is jumping and turning as well and is getting closer to ranveer
Ranveer sees ishani and is mesmerized seeing her he thinks she is so beautiful and ishani is coming backwards as she is jumping and doesn’t see the wheel chair
She loses her balance and accidentally pushes the wheelchair the wheelchair keeps moving backwards and ishani realizes she hit something she stops and checks and sees nothing so she is about to leave but she again starts feeling someone close to her is in trouble ranveer is shouting for help but no one can hear him since it’s so loud and ishani finally spots a wheelchair going backwards and realizes she hit that she feels bad and runs after it
The wheelchair is getting closer to the stairs
Ranveer is shouting for help and he feels helpless that he can’t do anything he tried stopping it but his hands don’t reach he cries yuvraj hears a sound and tells aahil
Yuvraj: aahil bhai I think I just heard ranveer’s screams
Aahil: I didn’t
Yuvraj hears it again and aahil hears some scream
Yuvraj: see aahil bhai did you hear that
Aahil: yes I did
Yuvraj: I think this is for sure ranveer
Aahil: me too let’s check
They run outside the check area
They see something and get shocked
They see ranveer moving backwards on the wheel chair and is so close to the stairs
Ishani is still running after him to help him
Yuvraj and aahil start running too
His wheelchairs last tire goes past the stairs and the wheel chair is about to fall but ishani comes on time and saves him she holds ranveer’s hands and pulls him towards her and the wheel chair falls down the stairs
Ranveer and ishani are rolling and they stop where ishani is on top of ranveer
They have an eye lock for about 10 secs
Ishani and ranveer realize the situation and compose themselves
Aahil and yuvraj take a sigh of relief and run to ranveer
They help him get up
Ishani: actually I am so sorry I was so happy when I got off the plane I didn’t see the wheelchair and accidentally kicked it
Aahil: it’s okay at least you saved him
Ishani smiles and then says to ranveer
Ishani (high voice): but why were you on the wheelchair it’s not there for you to sit on and have fun it’s for handicapped people and looking at you it seems like you’re perfectly fine
Ranveer tries saying something but ishani again starts talking and says
Ishani: also if you were moving backwards why didn’t you use your legs or hands to stop the wheelchair you seem perfectly fine boys like you do this on purpose so we girls can come save you and you get a chance to touch us right
Yuvraj and aahil get shocked hearing her and ranveer just stands there silent with tears in his eyes hearing the accusations ishani is saying to ranveer
Aahil: excuse me we thanked you for helping our brother and you here are speaking to our brother in a loud voice if you don’t know anything then shut up
Ranveer hold yuvraj and aahil and nods no and says let’s leave no use talking to her
They leave angrily with ranveer still in shock at what all she said the words keep ringing in his ears and ishani stands there dumbstruck thinking what wrong did I say he looked fine he was those type of guys who look for opportunities to tease girls and walks away by her sisters and mom and dad….
Screen freezes on ranveer’s hurtful face and ishani’s I am right face…

Precap: suicide….

Guys how was it? Good or bad? Tell me if you liked today’s episode and what I can improve on and keep your suggestions coming please thank you

khatti meethi love story pt 13


khatti meethi love story pt 13


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