Swasan: Fix You (Episode 7)

Swasan: Fix You (Episode 7)

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~~When Laksh gets to know . . .

Sanskar’s pov ~~

Swara… I just couldn’t stop thinking about her. How could someone have such effect on me ?
I’d dated a few girls in the past but I never had such strong feelings for them. This time… I guess I have really started to liking her and the craziest part was that I’d met her only twice!

At first, I was debating whether to meet her again or not. But then again somehow I managed to gather courage to ask her out. It’s alright that she was a fan and all, but what I loved the most about her was that she never treated me ‘differently’. She never gave me that ‘royal treatment’ which I usually get from others. In the industry where I’m, there’s no dearth of ‘fake’ people around. They use you and dump you, that’s what happens here . Only when I’m with my friends performing for the tours and competitions, I actually enjoy my life and I’m the ‘real me’.

Back to Swara…
She was so conscious about herself in the beginning but I was glad that she finally opened up in front of me. Even though, one thing kept bothering me constantly about her…

No matter how happy she looked from outside she wasn’t that happy from inside. She was still in her little shell and she found it difficult to get out of it…that’s what she’d said.
She seemed to be living somebody else’s life and not her own. She wasn’t happy…but she put up on show.
The only question that popped up in my head was — why ? Why was she living like that.
You must be thinking how can he judge somebody he’s just met.
But I wasn’t judging her. I was trying to figure her out.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by my phone ringing. Laksh calling….flashed on screen.
I hadn’t seen him since couple of months as I was busy with my own stuff. I pressed the green button and answered the call.

“Hey man! Have heard you’re in Bombay?” He said in his usual cheerful tone.

“Yes, I’m…” I answered.

“Cool toh sun… We’re having a small get together tomorrow evening. Just you, me, Abeer, Kabir and Ria….others are not in town. So be here at my place by 6’o clock. Okay ?” So he’d already invited me without asking about my plans..

“I would love to come but bhai, I already have some plans..” I said trying to sound a little sad. I’d already promised Swara that we’d meet again and I was in the town for just next couple of days.

“Tu apne bhai se nahi milega…please come!” He said.

“Try to understand Lucky…” I said and then there was a long silence that followed.
‘Did he hang up ? Was he angry ?’ I thought. Laksh was my best friend and I couldn’t deny him ever. Even I was quite surprised when I refused to come to party…that too for a girl I had just met.

“Laksh! Are you there….hello ?” I spoke hoping to hear something.

“Who’s she ?” He finally spoke. How does he know ?! Dammit…But who was I kidding ? He knew me better than myself.

“Dude, I know you better than anybody else…now tell me…who’s she?” He asked. I could visualize a naughty smile playing on his lips.

“Hai koi…” I said smiling like an idiot.

“What’s her name? Is she hot ?” He asked. Typical Laksh. . .

“Uh-uh…She is hot but beautiful word suits her more…” I said.

“Ohoooo! Lagta hai kisi ko pyaar Ho gaya hai…” He said and laughed.

“Pyaar. No…..but yes. I like her. Her name is Swara by the way.” I said.

“Acha? Why don’t you do one thing, you both come over my place…anyway there aren’t much people.”

“Actually she’s a bit shy and doesn’t mix with people so quickly…” I said.

“Oh…” He said in a low tone and I pictured him frowning.

“But don’t worry, bro. I’ll still ask her whether she wants to come or not..” I said.

“Hmm..okay. Let me know what you decide.. I’ll see you later, yeah ?”

“Okay bye.” I said and hung up.

I laid back on the bed and started thinking about the situation. Of course, Swara would be a little uncomfortable but once she gets to know everyone she’ll just love them. All of them are so friendly and fun loving and there will he Riya also.

After thinking for a while I decided to ask her about it. It would be a little difficult to convince her but I was okay with any decision of hers. All I wanted to do was spend some time with her. . .

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Swasan: Fix You (Episode 7)


Swasan: Fix You (Episode 7)

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