SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 5

SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 5

Wow I never thought I would get so much comments…thank you soo much and yes raglak scene in last episode was just my imagenation its was no planned..i am gald u all like it…. its soo hard to to write on them…but anyways as some of the readers are raglak fansa as well I will not disappoint you…I tried my best trow write regalaks scene and I hpe you will like it…. thank you…

Swara POV:

Rahul’s parents or my mom’s sister (not sisters but are like real sster…best of friend..) should I say…came today to fix a date for our engagement. But for some unknown reason they ended up deciding our marriage date at the end of this month and my bidaai will be held after my final exams. (needs to complete education then she will go to her inlaws as her dad said to her in law)

I was happy, shy, nervous, excited and giddy all at the same time. I never felt this way before. The smile I had on my face never left from last two days. I have been acting like a love struck teenage girl.

Oh wait! I am a teenage girl, I am only nineteen.

My family was happy with my engagement, so was I. Bhai keeps whining, asking when will it be his turn to get married.

I tried calling Ragini to tell her every single detail but her number was switched off. I should’ve known, Lakshya allowed her to call us only on Sanakars’s order.


Speaking of psycho. His boss told me that he will pick me from college tomorrow. That person is bad news. Staying away from him will be wise thing to do. I looked at my uniform and shook my head hanging it again in closet. I think skipping college tomorrow will be a better idea…

“Ma I am on roof.” I told Ma and went upstairs. The wind was fresh like every other summer night, carrying fragrance of Jasmine and Cestrum nocturnum (night blooming Jasmine). I took a deep breath to inhale the mild fragrance and spin around laughing for no reason. I always felt grateful to God for blessing me with so many things and felt pity for those who have everything but still have nothing.

Suddenly the atmosphere was filled with the beautiful sound of piano. I don’t recognize the melody that was being played but it was beautiful, like the stream of happiness within me which is ready to overflow. I switched off every light on the roof, so no one could see me and let the overwhelming feeling take over me.

After a very long time, I danced.. Whole heartily. Tonight it’s just me and the stars, peeking through the clouds smiling down at me. I am happy; and always will be, as I entrust my future to god.(poor girl unaware of the disaster coming to her life)

Lakshya’s POV:

Its has been a month since we are married….she doesn’t talk to me much… all day she keeps herself busy in kitchen even there are servants around…I think she is trying to keep herself away from me…damn this girl is samrt…

Right now I am looking at her with full concentrations from the living room…..and she is fully involved in whatever she’s doing in kitchen ignoring me staring at her…I can hardly stay away from her….before I became a commander of black eagles…she used to talk to me soo much I would just listen to her the whole day…our engagement broke because I was selected to become a member of the black eagles….her parents broke it…now she doesn’t say anything except when I ask her questions…I feel bad inside….but happy at the same time that I finally got her…

I know I am being harsh on her sometimes especially at nights….its just that I can control the devil inside me when we are in our room…its too hard to control myself…
I finally started walking towards her…..as soon as reached there…I hugged her from the back making her sacred a little…

‘‘w-what are y-you doing lakshya’’ she immediately asked…

‘‘cant you see I am hugging my beautiful wife’’ I replied…I could feel her shivering…damn it why the f***k is she’s soo scared of me…it not like I am going to eat her alive….damn this is irritating…

‘‘plzz…l-leave m-me…’’she pleaded..but instead I tightened my grip on her…to show her that there was no chance of me leaving her…

‘‘I need to m-make lunch’’ she argued agin…irritating b****h I thought to myself…I turned her around to face me…and before she could utter more none scenes I quickly placed my rough lips on hers making her shocked…but I didn’t care…I was soo busy in sucking her soft rosy lips…damn they were soo tasty…I I could taste strawberry…I guess it was strawberry…. The kiss turned into a pasionnate one… and I knew If I contiued kissing her I would lose my control…so I sucked her lips harder for the last time and bit her lower lip softly without hurting her..i love biting her lips..acutally biting anywhere on her body…I quickly broke this kiss and went out from there….leaving her shocked….god damn it those lips were soo tasty..i can still taste it….

Ragini’s POV:

oh god he’s such a despo and devil…he just kissed me in the kitchen…how embarrassing…what if the servants saw us…jess this guy is so shameless..i am still standing still trying to recollect what just happened…I was disturbed by a servant coming in to the kitchen…I quickly rubbed my lips with my hand went back to what I was doing…shameless idiot..

Sanskar’s POV:

(two years ago)

“You’re ready?” My best man and sniper asked me. I just finished getting ready for my today’s task.

“Ready as always, but I would prefer close target. Long range is not my speciality, so first shot is yours.” checking the time I continued “he will be coming out any minute.”

“Roger that” came his short reply. I took my position to cover him up in case he misses, which he rarely does.

“Tch…. Why does she have to be in the wrong place?” I heard Lakshya mumbling.

“What’s the matter?” I asked without moving my eyes from exit.

“See that girl in yellow Dress? She is Ragini. My fiancé.” I was confused, why was he mentioning her right now? Then it clicked, he was worried for her “So… you want to back off?” I was unsure, not knowing how to ask the question

“No! It is now or never.” his voice held determination, which I admired the most.

I moved my gaze from entrance to look at his fiancé, when my eyes landed on HER. She was wearing knee length blue floral frock, blue jeans, white duppatta. Busy in stuffing cotton candy in her mouth. Suddenly she looked at the exit from where our target was supposed to come and elbowed her friend, she whispered something to her and they both walked away quickly. My phone was already in my hand and I called everyone to back off and proceed to point zero.

“Lakshya, send our men and make sure both girls reached their home safely. They noticed something, it can be life threatening to them” he nodded quickly and called Sarmad, my second hand man.

“Sarmad, gather all our men and proceed to point zero. They are aware of us, take charge and operation ‘B’ will take place. I will be there in ten minutes.”

Our mission was completed before I reached there. I was proud of my men and felt like thanking that cotton candy girl. If it wasn’t her that day, we might have faced a huge loss.
I leaned back at sofa, remembering the very first time I laid my eyes on her. The memory of her eating cotton candy was stuck in my mind since then. and since then she became mine…only mine…

(back to present)

Two years…..two years ago was the first time I saw her eating her cotton candy…. Damn she looked cute…. She was seventeen at the time and now nineteen…. Time goes soo fast…

I have been watching her from shadows from two years. I am waiting for her to complete her education. I never came in her view, always maintained a great distance but those distances failed to stop my growing attraction towards her. I have seen her laughing and playing around with her friends, her anger, when she punched a guy who said something to her or misbehaves with her and I have seen her crying on Lakshya’s wedding, when she bumped into me. That was the first time I heard her voice. It sounded like a beautiful melody to my ears. I wanted to hear her more, that’s why I couldn’t stop myself in food court earlier. That girl made me feel complete just by sitting beside me.

I turned my head to the right. Her house was in clear view; I was waiting for her to come out on her roof. Seeing her here almost every night makes me feel at peace. When she finally came out I walked over to my piano, folded my shirt sleeves and took my place on seat. Closing my eyes my fingers began and the melody started flowing, her face flashed through my mind, her laugh, her anger her smile… her being, her.

I just can’t wait for her to complete her education…. Because as soon as she completes her education I am going to make MINE FOREVEE…it’s too difficult for me to stay away from her anymore and I can be with her all the time… cuz I know she is hell scared of me….i just love it when she’s in front me….her facial expressions are just too cute… oh god how long will I have to wait more…I know one thing that SOON SHE WILL BECOME MINE FOREVER….and I WILL DEFINITELY MAKE HER MINE…. She only belongs to me…

She was a sweet seduction to me and her love is a river which is taking me to an unknown direction. Now, I was afraid of my feelings, afraid where my feelings will lead me. Will I ever be able to stop?
Precap: don’t know…

hope you enjoyed it…thank you…

SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 5


SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 5

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