ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 35

ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 35

3rd episode :-

maya turns around to leave but is shocked to see sammy standing there. she says i, i — sammy says its ok i know we were successful in d first phase of our journey, d ragna journey. he smiles n hugs maya lovingly.

fb starts.

sammy tells maya that raghav is not ready to confess his feelings to kalpi. maya says so what’s d big deal? i have a plan. she tells him d plan.

maya says i will replace that bandra project file just distract raghav for a little while. sammy says ok n does so in d meeting. ( i hope ww now u understood what samya did ) maya replaces d file n takes raghav’s signatures on d red file, which was d correct one. she then gives d blue file to kalpi ( described earlier ) sammy asks her what she intends to do now?

maya tells him that raghav wont bear anything against her, so when kalpi accuses her, she will scold her in return n kalpi being a righteous girl, will try to prove herself right at d party. she will then ask her intern to misbehave wid kalpi so that raghav comes to save her n in d process either kalpi will herself realise his feelings for her or raghav will confess those in front of her. sammy doubts it but says ok n agrees to d plan.

fb ends.

sammy says now what next? maya says i dont know….. u promised me that if i i made raghav confess his feelings, u wud plan out d rest n make kalpi fall in love with raghav, so its ur turn now. sammy says fine i’ll think about it. but right now let’s see what d lovebirds r doing.

kalpi is still silent n thinks what d hell is this hitler saying? raghav luks at her n says yes i know u must be surprised, rather, to judge by ur expressions, shocked. but trust me kalpana i love u from d core of my heart. kalpi says sir i dont know — raghav says but i know one thing. kalpi asks what’s that? raghav says that u r going wid m to d party downstairs. kalpi says ok n walks wid him.

samya follow them. sammy thinks now phase 2 begins.

sammy goes up d stage n says we r really few people here n d party is getting really boring. so i have a game. ready? paki shouts d loudest yes. sammy says ok so d game is that i’ll turn off d lights n music will start. every1 has to keep dancing n as soon as d music stops, i will take out a chit from this box. whosoever’s name is in d chit, will have to dance wid d person standing closest to him/her. okkk? every1 claps n d game begins.

d lights r off n every1 starts dancing. when d music stops, raghav takes out a chit. it has paki’s name on it. she sees sammy standing next to her n gets happy. sammy rolls his eyes n says so i have to dance wid u? paki is elated n says yes. sammy says fine n signs to maya, who nods.

sam-ki go up d stage. maya plays d old song ” my heart is beating ” from d movie ” julie”. every1 smiles. paki wonders how to dance on such an old song? she luks at sammy who is trying to control his laughter n understands this was his n maya’s plan. she walks out angrily ( go die, who cares? ) d game resumes.

after 2 or 3 more pairs, finally kalpi’s name figure on d chit. she sees raghav standing very close to her n thinks no i’ll never wid this hitler. no, he’s a maniac n an absolutely eccentric person. raghav walks up d stage n waits for her. kalpi thinks of how he saved her n walks up too. raghav holds out his hand n kalpi takes it hesitatingly. sammy shout stop, u cant dance like this. maya n ragna luk at him……………..

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precap : ragna’s ” leap of faith “

ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 35


ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 35

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