Swasan together (Episode 4)

Hello guys Labdhi here with the next part of Swasan together so let’s start
Swasamrag have reached ssr office for the deal. Aarav Kabir have also come as ssr and their company ak are associated
They r sitting in conference hall except Samar as he has gone to receive owners of Maheshwari company but he doesn’t know that it is the company of his sisters ex husband
Sanlak with dp and rp arrive at ssr
Samar:hello mr.maheshwari
Sanskar:hello mr.samar
Samar:this way please

He takes them conference hall
Swaragini cannot see them as their chairs r facing opposite
Samar:sammie rags meet mr.maheshwari and mr.maheshwari they r my sisters
They turn listening the surname Maheshwari
Sanlak dp and rp r shocked seeing swarag in this attire and owners of ssr while Swaragini r shocked to see their past but they do not show it on their faces
Swara:hello mr.maheshwari nice to meet u
Ragini is shocked to see Swara so calm
Maheshwaris also don’t tell anything and they greet each other formally
Laksh was also hell shocked seeing Ragini in this attire as he had always seen her in traditional
Ragini:mr.maheshwari he is Kabir Mehra my fiancé and his brother Aarav Mehra and they r the owners ak industry
They also greet them

They confirm the deal and leave
Sanskar is shocked seeing the change in Swara but he decides to clear the misunderstanding

Precap:sanskar is shocked listening vihaan rihaan calling Swara mom

Sorry guys for small update but I wanted to post by today so I wrote a small part but don’t worry I will try to give a big part tomorrow please comment I need your support and reviews

Swasan together (Episode 4)


Swasan together (Episode 4)


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