fan fiction of tashan e ishq ( season 2) (A NEW START) epi 3

fan fiction of tashan e ishq ( season 2) (A NEW START) epi 3

Hey guys m back with my third epi,,,i won’t say anything now..but at last i have an imp message…
The epi starts wid kunj narrating their honeymoon story and its in the form of P.O.V
When we confessed our love for each other i was very happy . I considered myself to be the luckiest man ever. Our tashan e shasdi had entered the new chapter of Ishq. I wanted to celebrate it with my Siyappa queen. So I told her about my plan. She seemed very excited …….she started packing the luggage. I told her “twinkle we still have time..u can do that later”. But she said she wants the trip to be perfect and doesn’t want anymore issues this time. Saying this she became emotional. I could very well understand what she was fearing. I sat beside her to console her. She kept her head on my shoulder. “twinkle don’t worry we will always be together”

After three days we had our flight to jammu. From there we boarded a car to our destination “PAHELGAON” Although the name suggests a village but the scenic beauty enchanted me greatly. A small valley on the lap of huge ranges seemed amazing!! I had never seen twinkle so happy. Her beauty seemed to merge with the beauty of pahelgaon and it complimented her in a unique way.
We checked in our hotel. It was completely made up of wood and our room had a small balcony attached to it which served as a giant screen for admiring the beauty of nature. Twinkle kept her hand bag and began to move around.. “kunj…its BEAUTIFUL…I loved the place..” I went towards her and slowly caught her from the back.. “me too love this not more than wife” twinkle blushed and as i brought her closer she ran away…

“kavya…kavya,,” usha calls
Kv: yeah masi..
U: its too late…go to sleep
Kv: bt i was… buts..see the time..kunj also have work…
K:kavya…we shall continue tomorrow…promise..
She leaves reluctantly..
Kunj takes his laptop and open the gallery to view his honeymoon photos …
Flash back is shown:
K: twinkle where are u..come fast we r getting late…
“m coming” her voice is heard.
K: uff what should i do with this girl…?? twin..(he turns back)…….inkle…….( u…….he…re..??)
Twinkle was wearing a knee length white dress with full sleeves and a pink and grey scarf was wrapped around her neck. Her hair was straightened and she was looking absolutely gorgeous. Kunj gets mesmerised seeing her. He looks on.
T: (clicking her fingers) what happened??

T:what were u thinking then?? Leave tell me how m I looking??
K: B E A U T I F U L!!!
Twinkle smiles… “really??”
K: ahh I mean the dress is beautiful!! (giving a typical kunj’s style expression)
T: khadoos sarna!! Tareef m bhi kanjoosi!! (can’t even compliment properly)
Twinkle leaves.

K:arey twinkle ……leaves
Twinkle comes down to the lobby, kunj follows her. The receptionist tells them that their car was ready for sightseeing….
Twinkle angrily rushes to the car. Kunj thanked the receptionist and went behind twinkle. Kunj knew that it was difficult to persuade twinkle but yet he thought to talk to her.
K: twinkle this place is really beautiful…
T: hmm
K: but i guess its not more beautiful than u…
T:oh really?? I thought my dress was better!!
K: c’mon twinkle …..I was just kidding
T: may be…bt m serious!!
K: acha? (really??)

T: yeah
The driver laughs
K: arey bhaiya y are u laughing??
T: y means?? Obio by looking at u..u re so funny!!
K: chalo tu ne meri tareef toh ki ..(atleast u complimented me..)
T: whatever!!

The driver stops the car… “sir ur first sight…..BETAAB VALLEY”
Flash back ends and back to present:

Scene 2:
Twinkle in her room, along with RT and Leela.
T: maa papa, so today I wanna give u a surprise …
L: what??
T: (takes the laptop and opens it..she shows it to them) here u go…..
RT and Leela looks at it..
RT: twinkle this is…
T: this is an invitation papa…to Paris Fashion House!!
L: Paris????
T: maa u remember I took part in Ms Amritsar competition??
L: yeah..

T: there was a judge who liked me very much…mrs Sheena Oberoy!! She contacted me…she has her acquaintance in paris fashion house …she wants me to go nd perform there in the winter fashion show!! Nd u knw the best part..she is personally gonna groom me for this purpose…
L: bt puttar how can u go there?
T: y not maa?? Its an international platform…nd i got a chance..y shouldn’t I??
L: i can understand ..but
T: maa please I really wanna go…u knw na modelling is my passion..
L: par…
RT: its okay leela…if she wishes to go..let her go..after all she is not a kid…
T: xactly…m nt a kid..maa

L: okay puttar
T: (smiling) THANK U MAA ND PAPA!!
Scene 3:
Leela and RT in their room:
L: mei kya it imp to send twinkle..
RT: not again leela…whats the harm if she goes…
L: u r not understanding ji..she is..
RT: no more arguments…its quite late..lets go to sleep..
RT goes to sleep…..leela is still tensed
Scene 4:
Kunj’s room:
Kunj is in his bed..nd thinking…
Fb is shown
T: betaab valley!! Oh wow…
K: yeah m betaab (eager) to visit it
T: -_- -_-
K: twinkle…

She gets down the car. She is totally amazed by the beauty..
(betaab valley is a small valley in the core of Pahelgaon ….which is a major tourist attraction..Its snow covered sometimes and has a narrow river flowing through it..moreover the greenery of the place merges with the blue sky..and gives an azure effect to the horizon…just a perfect romantic spot!!)
Kunj thinks something..then he goes behind twinkle and starts singing matargasthi….
## song##

Matargashti khuli sadak mein
Tagdi tadak bhadak mein
Ole gire sulagte se
Sulagte se sadak mein
Chhatri na thi bagal mein
Aaya hi naa akal mein
Ke bhaage hum ya bheege hum
Akad mein toh socha phir
Geela hua hai wo sukhana ho
Chahe zanana ya mardana ho
Phainka naya paasa
Phir de gayi jhansa
Aive mujhe phaansa
Chirkut zindagi yun na
Tu hi hai wo
Jisne khenchi meri dhoti dhoti khenchi

Abb tu dhoonde kaha bande
Na main Kaaba, Kaashi
Main twitter pe hoon
DP meri dekho ho o..
Sunn re sun beliya
Dil ne dhokha diya
Aankhein mili tum se naazani
Mere hosh o hawaas ko gaye
Ho dil ka bhanwar boley sun sathiya
Chhup na dupatte mein tu oh chaliya
Prem pujari ke dil ka bayaan
Hota raha rota raha priye
Toh phir..
Tang tang tang ta..

Ding da ding ding da.

Twinkle ignores . she slips and was about to fall when kunj holds her….EYELOCK!!
Sajna Ve plays.
The other people standing there start giggling and some says “aww looks at themmmso romantic”. Twinj composes themselves.
K: maaf kar de na..(forgive me)
T: (raising her eyebrow) lemme think..umm I think I should forgive u..
K: u still think??
T: yeah…
Both start laughing..

PRECAP: twinj romantic moments in other places….

Okay guys I feel that this epi was enough long…nd I did it coz it was a late update..again the next one will be updated a bit I hope u all will be patient..nd one more thing plzzz comments..I get really demoralized when I see less comments…the last episode of my season 1 got 63 comments..although it included my still…it was far more than my last epi..which got only 17…m bit sad for that..may be m sounding a bit u all don’t know how these comments helps me in gaining confidence…moreover rakshita didn’t comment..i was a bit hurt..then I thought she might be busy…and many of u..sudha di where are u m missing u nd ur comments…plzzzzz guys comments coz if this continues i won’t be able to write ny more…sorry if I hurt someone…

Best wishes

fan fiction of tashan e ishq ( season 2) (A NEW START) epi 3


fan fiction of tashan e ishq ( season 2) (A NEW START) epi 3

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