Spoilers — 14th March 2016


There is Mahila morcha entry in Saathiya’s track. The women come to support Gaura and come to beat the torturing bahu Meera. They trouble Meera and slap her. Meera cries and make her apologize. Vidya stops the women and defends Meera. The women try to beat Meera. Meera cries and asks them to stop. She recalls the Bahu morcha women and take their help. Bahu Morcha and Saas Morcha fight and beat each other. Guara hides in her room, and Meera brings her out. She asks the bahus to beat their chief guest Gaura as well.


Naitik cries in the room and Akshara overhears him. Akshara is doubting on Naitik. Naitik was about to tell Akshara about Kuhu, who is actually Shaurya’s daughter. But before he could say, Naksh comes there. Naitik wants to hide this truth till Ananya’s marriage. Naksh tells Akshara that he knows Naitik is lying to them about his work, there is something else bothering Naitik. Naitik has brought Kuhu with him to India, and Akshara gets shocked. The holi function gets shocking for the entire family with Kuhu’s entry.

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Spoilers — 14th March 2016


Spoilers — 14th March 2016


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