what will happened next in TPK

i m a thahaanian and i m just upset by the track showing in tpk.
a guess in future track

IN PAST ( 2015)
thapki likes dhruv
dhruv likes thapki
thapki loves dhruv
dhruv loves thapki
vasu love dhruv
vasu hates thapki
bihaan loves vasu
vasu hates bihaan
vasu made bihaan marry thapki
thapki hates bihaan
bihaan hates thapki.
shraddha marry dhruv
dhruv marry shraddha
vasu hates thahaan
shraddha hates thahaan
they joined hand.
IN 2016
thapki likes bihaan
bihaan likes thapki
thapki cares bihaan
bihaan cares thapki
vasu & shraddha planned to separate thahaan.
thapki loves vasu
bihaan loves vasu
thahaan leave PN.
now thapki had feeling for bihaan
bihaan had feeling for thahaan.
vasu & shraddha plans & thahaan got separated.
thapki goes to her house:-)
bihaan lives in PN.
IN 2017
thapki express her feeling to bihaan.
bihaan refuses and thapki return to her house.
vasu went to jail.
shraddha went to jail.
dhruv divorce shraddha
bihaan divorces thapki.
thapki marries dhruv
dhruv marries thapki.
bihaan marries some other girl.
IN 2018
bihaan began to love thapki.
bihaan divorces thapki.
dhruv divorce thapki as he felt thapki feeling for bihaan.
Vasu & shraddha plan to kill thahaan.
bihaan propose thapki
thapki accept proposal.
they get married.
thahaan got killed by man sent by two evil lady
they wins.
20 years leap.
now vasu dead.
shraddha live happily.
Thahaan son AKASH grew old
how did he born no one knows.
akash love story starts.

whole pandey family dead .

the episode ends due to lowest Trp.
last epi.
akash lived happily with her wife.
shraddha lives with akash as TAYI MA.

khatam kahani.

no romance
only drama.
thahaan love only in fan mind not in real epi

what will happened next in TPK


what will happened next in TPK


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