Swasan : Destiny (Episode 21)

Swasan : Destiny (Episode 21)



Sanskar’s pov~~

I couldn’t believe she just left. Left me there dumbfounded. All alone. I thought I was good enough to change her mind, but no. I wasn’t. I failed . . .again. I banged my fist angrily on the wall. It did pain, but it was nothing compared to the pain Swara gave me. The girl whom I gave my everything, the girl whom I loved with all my heart was weak and her love for me was weaker.

I wanted to escape from all this drama going on in my life. I felt like running away. But no matter where I went, what I did, Swara won’t seem to leave my mind. She had me trapped in love and there was no way out.

I walked towards my car and secretly hoped to see Swara standing there waiting for me to come. Well, I wasn’t surprised to see that she had left. She had told me to give up. I think I was now beginning to give up.

I sat in my car and looked at the watch. It was 3:00 p.m. With her time flew so fast, I didn’t feel like looking at that watch again. She was going to leave in an hour and with every minute passing by my heart was sinking.

I needed to go away from all the mess in my life. So, I decided to drive to some place away from the city…where it could only be me.

I started the engine and drove off. .

Swara’s pov ~~

I burst open the door of my house and ran away straight to my room with tears flowing from my eyes like a river.
I felt stupid, immature, b***c, cruel, crazy, abnormal, and what not. Infinite adjectives would also be less to describe how I was and what I felt at that time.

I wished I never existed. I’m only giving trouble to everyone in my life. Mom, dad and most importantly Sanskar. Who loved me so much. I knew he wouldn’t understand the reason behind me leaving. He would find it stupid and childish. But for me, it mattered the most and the only reason I was leaving him was because I love him. More than anything else.

My bags were already packed. Only thing left was to check everything again, get ready and leave.

I went to the washroom to clean myself up. I was a complete mess from crying. I washed my face multiple times and came out only to see my mom sitting on the bed.

She had this I’m-so-angry-and-hurt look on her face. I knew what was going to come next.

“I need to talk to you.” She said coldly. There you go… I rolled my eyes and sat on the bed.

“Look I don’t know what happened between you and Sanskar right now. But let me tell you one thing very clear, if you leave today, that boy is going to suffer more than you. I also want you to stay, but I won’t just stop you from going because I want you to to stay. I’m not selfish. But today I’m asking you to stay for him. You don’t know how heartless you’re acting right now.” Mom said in a high pitched voice like she was scolding me.

I sighed. “I’m not heartless. I wouldn’t have loved him if I was.” I said in a low tone.

“If you love him then don’t go. Its simple Swara. You’re not a five year old girl not to understand this simple thing.” She said and sat down beside me. Her high pitched voice turned suddenly into a comforting and soothing voice.

“Look Swara, you know very well that if you go from his life, you will not only spoil his life but also yours. I know very well that my daughter is not heartless. I agree that the incident that happened a few days ago was a shocking one for you, but beta when two people love each other nobody has the power to separate them. . .not even God.” She said.

I kept looking at the floor and went into a deep thought.
“Think about it. You still have time.” Mom said as she got up and left.

‘Is she right ? I’m not heartless. Sanskar loves me. I love Sanskar. Then why am I running away from such a beautiful and perfect life ?’ I thought.

When two people love each other, nobody has power to separate them.
Mom’s words kept ringing in my head.
And then she had also said. . .not even God. . .

I always thought that Sanskar had those two accidents because of me. But I couldn’t think the other way. Every coin has two sides. I always looked at the side where I was portrayed as the culprit. Maybe our love was the reason for his survival after two fatal accidents ? Maybe I was the hero ? But then it was a ‘maybe’.

I looked at the clock on the wall. It was 3:45 p.m. I still had fifteen minutes to make up my mind.

Yes, I was having second thoughts. I was trapped between ‘going’ and ‘not going’. The clocks tik-tok made my heartbeat faster.
There was pin drop silence in my room. Only the clock’s tik-tok and my racing heartbeats were heard.

I have to make my choice. It’s now or never….. ….. …..

Next update : Let it go.

Hope you like this episode. The episode after the next episode is gonna be a super special one <3

Keep reading and I'm not really testing your patience so Swasan is going to be united in a couple of episodes.

This episode is dedicated to Dhara. I didnt want you to wait till tomorrow so I updated it today itself. I hope u liked it dear :)

Swasan : Destiny (Episode 21)


Swasan : Destiny (Episode 21)

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