Young love epi-7

Young love epi-7

The episode starts with Ishaani comes inside room to sleep but before she enters he sits on bed. Ishaani and ranveer fight suddenly ishaani throws pillow on him. He tells i am boxer i will throw football and he throws it. She gets angry and throws it they throw all things and fight. Ritvik calls her ishaani takes it and tells today i am going to kill ranveer and cuts the call. He gets angry he thinks she is neglecting me.

Ishaani and ranveer falls down and tired face they sleep together in same bed.Ranveer kisses her and tells i love you a lotttt. Ishaani asks him really. He kisses on her eyes and they rolls on the floor and they share sweet moments.

Ishaani hugs him tightly Sanam re plays…. She removes his dress and they have best moments. Ranveer and ishaani gets up morning and wonders what happened last night? They wonders suddenly ishaani sees ranveer without dress and gets shocked and shouts.He also sees ishaani and shouts out.

Ranveer takes his dress and wears it and runs from there. Ishaani takes her dress and wears it and laughs and thinks about his love for her and she thinks to find out the truth behind yamini death.

Ishaani comes to hospital and asks about yamini with nurse and she bribes her. Ishaani gets shocked after she hears that ritvik only killed yamini she cries.

Ishaani comes to house and sees ranveer lovingly and sits near him but he moves from there. Ishaani tells him what happened last night… He tells so you took advantage of me and he laughs? He hugs her tightly Allah warriyan plays….

He tells i saw you first time and i fell in love with you and so that only i married you…….

Ranveer tells i love you but i don’t know about you and he brings divroce papers becoz already 3 months over.

He gives it to her and tries to leave but ishaani slaps him and hugs him tightly Tera chehra plays……..

Precap: Ishaani tells ranveer that ritvik killed yamini. He gets shocked and he breaks down and cries. She sits beside him He hugs her and cries. Hamari aadhuri kahani plays……

Credit to: Narendran

Young love epi-7


Young love epi-7

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