Swaragini (A most beautiful love story) Episode 1

Hey guyzzz….I am here to write a ff on our fav Swaragini…I am not professional writer but I I’ll try ma best to entertain u…I hope u I’ll support me…

A girl is shown in eating pani puri. Her lips are shown with light pink lipstick. Her eyes r shown with black kajal. She is our Ragini. She is wearing blue top and yellow patiala pant. She looks stunning with light make up like an angel. She speaks with her beautiful voice.
Ragini:Give me on more bhaiyya.
Another girl comes. She is Swara.
Swara: Enuf Ragini. How much u ill eat.
Ragini: Only one Swara.
Swara: No u ill have stomach pain.
Ragini: Don’t worry Swara. She makes a cute sad face.
Swara melts and : only 1 ha
Ragini: Thank u r the world best sister in the world
Swara: Won ton main hoon hi.
They both laugh.
Swara sees the tym and says oh no its 9:00 we Ill get late on first day .
Ragini: Don’t worry wen Ragini is here.
Swara: Enuf of ua filmy dialogues.
Ragini: okkk meri maa. Come will go in scooty.
Swara: ha chalo
Ragini sits front and swara sits back.

Two guys comes in their sports bike.
A guy removes his helmet . He is looking handsome. He is Laksh.
Another guy removes his helmet . he is also handsome. He is sanskaar.
They reach the college.
All girls r just seeing them.

Precap swaragini and sanlak meet..

I know it is boring nd short but next tym I’ll make it better .

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Swaragini (A most beautiful love story) Episode 1


Swaragini (A most beautiful love story) Episode 1


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