Hate me/ Love me Episode 1

Hate me/ Love me Episode 1

It was the first day of the college. Dhaani was a fresher whereas Viplav was a senior student. All the students went in their classes and all were informed of the Freshers party which was tomorrow. All of them were very excited. Specially Viplav and his gang as they would meet new students and would get a chance to trouble them.

Dhaani was a quite simple and a serious girl. She came home and shared the news of party with her mother. And started selecting clothes and jewellery along with her mother.

Viplav was chilling out with his friends. Whereas Tanya was lost in her own thoughts. She was thinking about how to propose Viplav. When suddenly Viplav asks her what happened. She comes back to her senses and says nothing. Viplav and his friends think of new tricks to tease the Freshers. Just then the principal comes and orders them to not to spoil the party by troubling the students and the replied with a simple yes. As soon as the principal goes they all burst out into laughter.

Night time
Dhaani during dinner time tells her father about the party and shows her excitement. And his father gets happy seeing her and asks God to always keep her happy. But from inside something makes him sad and Dulaari see’s him and keeps her hand on him and tells everything will be fine. Have faith in God.
The episode ends.

PRECAP: Dhaani enters the party hall in her red gown and everyone looks at her. Viplav also gets mesmerised seeing her.

I know guys today’s episode was a bit boring but the real story starts from next episode.
Pls comment guys as your comments are only the source of inspiration. So comment as much as you can.

Next episode: 16th March 2016

Hate me/ Love me Episode 1


Hate me/ Love me Episode 1

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