ISHQ LOVE KAADHAL…..(episode 5)

Thnq all so much fr commenting. I got a mixture of reviews. So this ff will continue as on and abhigya, ishveer, twinj,ishara scenes with more importance. But other couples also will get their plot. So pls keep supporting…..

At college…..
Twinj notices white phosphorous in twinkle’s dupatta. He rushes to her and pulls her shall in front of everybody and throws it. Twinkle gets embarrassed and gets teary eyed. She starts scolding kunj. Mean while yuvi notices it and slaps kunj and they both get into fight. Sandhya arrives there and stops them and consoles twinkle. At same instance Purab and Naithick also reaches there. When the commotion is going on suddenly kunj screams in pain. His hand has got severe bruises as he touched white phosphorous. All widens their eyes. Naithick asks him whether he made contact with white phosphorous. And all of sudden twinkle’s shall catches fire and everybody gets shocked. Twinkle looks at kunj with a sorry feel but kunj stares and leaves from there, not even dropping a single word. Sandhya takes twinkle and asks her not to decide anybody’s character with any presumption. Twinkle feels bad and wishes to appologise to kunj.
After getting better she reaches Principal’s office where kunj lies in the desk with his eyes closed and purab is doing first aid for him. Purab struggles to tie bandaid and so Twinkle holds Kunj’s hands.
Sajnavae plays…….
Jodi nilavae paadhi uyire….. Plays…..

Kunj wakes up and sees Twinkle holding his hand. He angrily grabs his hand and shouts at her.
Twin: Iam.sorry. I didnt do anything intentionally. Pls forgive me.
Kunj: Oh i see. U know even the word sorry in the dictionary.
Twin: I said sorry na.
Kunj: I said leave. Get away.
Twinkle gets angry and says oh pls mind ur words. U r talking to Twinkle Taneja. Atleast i hav the courtesy to ask sorry for my mistakes but u didnt even do that though u mistakenly called me thief.
Twinkle leaves and Kunj looks on.

Sooraj house……
Akshara goes to sooraj house to get back her bag. Mean while Naithick is in sooraj’s shop and is planning to scare sooraj. He hides himself beside the wall and waits for sooraj to enter. But Akshara enters first. Naithick screams at Akshara. Akshara gets scared and is about to fall back from the steps of sooraj’s shop but Naithick holds her hands……. Their eyes lock.
YRKKH music plays…..
Then sooraj comes there and shooks them and laughs. He takes her inside house. Akshara gets blessings from bhaboo. Bhaboo gives akshara her bag and asks her to taste sooraj’s sweet. She tastes it and praises sooraj saying that the taste is exactly like her grandma’s.
At that time chotu comes there and asks what is Vinegar called? Akshara and Naithick chorously answers that its Acetic acid. Both looks at each other and smiles.

Abhi’s house……
Pragya reaches there and gives the contract papers to abhi. Abhi looks at her weirdly and thinks that this girl yesterday kissed me but now acts as if nothing has happened. She must be mad and smiles.
Pragya watches abhi smiling to himself and thinks that he must be mad.
After signing the papers Abhi wantedly makes a pout with kissing sound and moves on. Pragya wonders.
Akshara reaches there. Pragya closes akshara’s eyes and takes her to the lawn. There Akshara sees a cake and wonders. Pragya hugs Akshara and wishes her Happy 15th year frifriendship anniversary…..
Akshara stuns for a while and remembers that that day is actually their anniversary day , the day when they both met 15 years ago in a park. Akshara hugs Pragya and they both cut the cake. They feed each other and smiles.
Ak: Arey pragya u r remembering this day. Then y did u havent told anything yesterday when i was fooling u?
Prg: I know akshu. Yesterday i went home and checked my dairy. Then i understood that u fooled me.
Ak: Then y didnt u scold me stupid.
Prg: Hey i know dear u r doing this fr some reason. I know that u wont cheat me on any case. If u r doing smthng and hiding it frm me means then fr sure that its fr my good. Then y should i scold u.
Akshara gets emotional and hugs pragya tightly. Pragya consoles her and says Stupid we both r friends. I value friendship more than my life. U r my one best friend. So dont act silly. U know ryt not only for friendship but fr all relationships trust is the base. And i trust u chellam. They both again hug.
Abhi sees and hears all these from his balcony and feels that She (pragya) is something. Then he remembers how he hurted ishitha. Immediately he reaches the hospital and search fr her.
Ishitha is working in Operation theatre. He urges in and says sorry sambhar. The patient who is in half conciousness sees him and asks whether i am in some cinema theatre bcoz i could able to see rockstar here. Ishitha gets laugh. Ahe pushes abhi outside and accepts his apologise.

At Shopping Mall……
Bulbul forces priya to come with her to shopping mall as tomorrow groom is coming to see her(priya).
Mean while Ishaani also forces Ram to come with her to do shopping fr her Company opening ceremony.
Ishaani enters a bright big Textile shop. Priya asks bulbul to go and tells her that she need to buy a book and after that ill join u.
Bulbul starts shopping and sees a beautiful light blue lehenga studded with white stones and pearls. She likes it very much and asks Sales girl to pack thinking that my sis will look awesome in this lehenga.
Mean while Ishaani enters. Ram asks ishaani to choose and goes out. Ishaani gets confused and take pics of different lehengas whivh were held by a sales girl and sends it too RV.
In msg……
For frst pic, Rv: marvellous.
Next pic: extraordinary.
3rd pic: beautiful
4th pic: s*xy!!!
Ish: what s*xy??? Iam asking about lehengas.
Rv: Oh i thot u r asking about that girl.
Rv: hey fr fun dear. The last lehanga that blue one will b super dr.
Unfortunately ishaani sent the pic of bulbul’s lehenga which the sales girl was trying to pack.
Ish: Tq byee.
Rv: But sill that girl is also beautiful!!!
Ishaani smiles at his msg and asks them to pack the blue one. Sales girl informs her that it was choosen by someone else. Ishaani gwts sad hearing this. Then Ram enters and comples them to give ishaani that dress and offers double the money. So the sales girl gives the dress to ishaani. Mean while Ram gets a call and leaves. Bulbul comes there and sees ishaani holding her dress. She gets into a crispy fight with ishaani and grabs the dress from her. Priya after buying her book enters the shop.
She goes to bulbul and sees her angry.
Pr: what happn?
bul: See di i bought this dress fr u but that girl being rich tries to grab it.
Pr: so what dear if she likes it give it to her. Lets buy something else. The biggest happiness in this world is to make others happy. So lets do it my sweety.
Ram enters counter and asks for bill. The man informs him that one madam again took the dress from his sister. Ram misunderstands that it is priya and goes and fight with her.
Ram: How dare r u to snatch a dress from this Ram Kapoor’s sister. Do u know who am I, The grt business man.
Priya: U can b anything but give me some respect. Iam a professor.
Ram: So what if I think i could even buy ur college.
Priya: U can buy anytthing with money but u cannot buy me.
Ram: Shut up. Dont irritate me.
Priya: Who is irritating??? Me. I thought potatoes are always sweet nd tasty. But first time iam seeing a irritating potato.
Ram: What the hell. How dare r u. U r calling me a potato. Wait what i will do now and goes.

Priya feels irriked. She then comes near ishaani who is in another section.
Pr: Yu want this dress ryt. Then take it.
Ish: No di thats ok. Some girl has selected it fr her sister.
Pr: Thats me only. This dress is nice but it will b more beautiful on u. So take it. I dont mind. And if my sister has hurted u then iam sry.
Priya leaves. Ram comes and wonders that how Ishaani got the dress back.
Ram: How did u get this?
Ish: haan bhai one mam came and gave this to me. She is so sweet bhai.
Ram wonders……

Precap: abhigya and ishara scenes.

ISHQ LOVE KAADHAL…..(episode 5)


ISHQ LOVE KAADHAL…..(episode 5)


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