Tashan wala love (Epi-4)

Hey guys my March breaks have started so I am going to try to post longer and faster but I am having guests over these days so I migh not be able to so I hope you guys under stand and like today’s episode

Today they have to perform and twinj and yuhi are practicing really hard the principle
calls every one
Principle-ladies and gentle men today is couple dance day every one claps
Principle-frist one to perform is yuvi and mahi they go up on stage and dance on tumhe apna banane ka jounoun they are so lost in each other they are still in the position till everyone starts clapping next were twinj they danced to kabhi jo badal barse they were also lost until everyone started clapping a few more couples went and then the principle came on stage
Principle-now it is time to announce the winner and the winner are twinj everyone clapped twinkle got so excited that she hugged kunj so tightly and kunj hugged her back in excitement they were in that position for a minute until they relized what
they were doing they broke the hug and
went to the stage to get award the principle-hard work always gives you the ability to win everyone claps twinj were getting of the stairs of the stage when twinkles ankle got twisted she was about to fall kunj holds her kunj saw that her ankle got twisted and he picked her in his arms and made her sit in the car and they went home yuhi were with them kunj again picks her in his arms and puts her on her bed they call the doctor
Doctor-her leg got twisted it will be ok in a few weeks and make sure she gets bed rest and here are some medicine
Kunj-ok doctor thank you so much
Yuhi drop him to the outside
Twinkle-thank you so much kunj
Kunj-it’s ok yuhi come back
Yuvi-kuhi why don’t you guys stay at our house I mean my mom is not here and twinkle got hurt and since we all are friends we can stay together until mom comes back we are going to have lots of fun
Mahi-please bhai please
Kunj-ok ok fine
Mahi-bhai I will go get our things okay bye
Twinkle-can anyone please get me a glass
of water
Yuvi-my princess I will go get it
Twinkle-thanks bhai yuvi gose to get water and all of a sudden pain started in her foot
Twinkle-ouch ahhhh
Kunj-what happened saiyapa queen
Twinkle-kuuunnnjjj pain it is hurting
Kunj-relax ok I am going to massage your
feet ok

Twinkle-what noooo
Kunj-fine you can yell I am going
Twinkle-wait wait fine you can do whatever you want kunj comes and sits on the bed and massages her foot twinkle feels relaxed
Twinkle-thanks you are the best yuvi finally cames with a glass of water
Yuvi-what is happening here
Twinkle-nothing he is massaging my feet they were hurting a lot and bhai were did you go to bring water you toke forever right then mahi cames there ok guys I am back
Mahi-do you guys want to up and dance and have a small party
Yunj-? Twinkle you are going to party and dance very funny
Twinkle-bhai i don’t now I want to go up and party please
Yuvi-ok so me and mahi will go up and get everything set up they go and twinj have a awkward moment they were just staring at each other until twinkle phone rings and it is a unnamed guy
Unnamed guy-hey baby what’s up
Twinkle-what the hell how are you and I am not your baby
Unnamed guy-baby you were looking so hot will dancing today but I wish I was there instead of that kunj kunj got angry and grabbed the phone cut the call twinkle was shocked and then yuhi called them up twinkle tried to get up but could not and kunj held her in hi arms twinkle kept staring at him until they got up twinj were shocked at the decorations
Twinj-wow they went on and they all sat down and kunj said let’s play truth or dare everyone agreed and turned a bottle it went in mahi direction
Yuvi-what’s your biggest secret
Mahi-that I hate you everyone laughs then the bottle lands on yuvi
Mahi-I dare you to dance
Yuvi-that’s essay
Mahi-like a girl they laugh yuvi gose up and dances all so weird like omg ??then the bottle land on kunj
Twinkle-I dare you to go kiss bhai yuvi starts running but kunj gets him and kisses him on the checks they laugh
Then the bottle finally landed on twinkle kunj-who was your first crush
Twinkle-without thinking Rahul everyone except kunj ohhh
Twinkle-oh shut up

Precap-have not decided yet

Sorry guys have not decided precap yet but make sure to comment and give ideas thanks

Tashan wala love (Epi-4)


Tashan wala love (Epi-4)


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