Parth+Ragini (Intro)

Hi guys

Parth samthaan : Parth constructions CEO,Educationist ,hates illiterate people ,Angry young man ,handsome anyone can fall in love with him
Ragini :Illiterate woman who now has become a degree holders and want to construct a residential school for the poor, Beautiful young lady

At Parth’s office:
Parth:Oh welcome Mrs:Ragini Parth Samthaan many days didn’t see you ..needed any help or came to meet your handsome husband.. (Parth smirks)
Ragini : look Mr first of all I’m Ragini Gadodia ..and why are creating problem it’s my dream to build the Residential school for poor people.
Parth : No Ragu..even you know I’m educationist..We shall become partners and work for this project .This will be good both for us..By the way why are you standing ..Please take your seat ..It’s husband’s duty to take care of his wife..

To be continued

Parth+Ragini (Intro)


Parth+Ragini (Intro)


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