swaragini…kya hua tera vada…episode 3

swaragini…kya hua tera vada…episode 3

Hi friends …..thanks for liking my writings……i was having my important exam so was unable to post yesterday..hope you will understand..
So todays episode.
In morning ..
In office.
Swara: ragini sir called you.
Ragi: me ..
Swara- yes. You.

Ragi: ok.
She goes in the cabin.
Ragini: you called me sir.
Laksh: yes miss ragini.i want you to look after these clients.hope you will do it properly.
Rag: sure sir.
Laksh: if you need any help please let me know.
Ragini: of course sir.
Lak: you may leave miss ragini
She comes out..
Swara: so madam ready for your new assignment.
Rag: who told you .
Swara: i know everything vats.
Rag: ji prabhu.
They laugh.
Swara: ragini .today where is sanskar.
Rag: he will not come today.
Swara= why.
Rag: he has some work

Swara: ok.
Rag: swara do you like him
Swara: whom.
Rag: sanskar
Swara: yes.he is my best friend..
Rg: o .( rag thought that swara too likes him)
Rp: hey everyone attention please.
Everyone gathers around him.
Rp: we are going to do a small get together today evening.SO want everyone to join …
Everyone claps..
Laksh: chachu i won’t be coming.
Rp= why.
Laksh: vo chachu I have some work.
Rp: no you have to come.it’s my order.
Laksh: ok.
At night….In party.
Swara: hey everyone lets play a game.
Everyone hoots.

Swara: game is like we all have to sit together in a circle and then in a bowl there Wil be Chota in which everyone s name shall be written.then everyone will pick one chit and whose name will be there..that person who picked the chit can ask any question from the one whose name is in chit.so everyone ready.
They all shout: yes….
Laksh is standing aside….
Swara goes to him
Swara: come sir lets play.
Laksh: no you people please carry on.
Swara: sir plz,plz,plz ….
Laksh: ok ok coming…
The game starts……
Ragini gets Laksh s chit.
Ragini: so sir I have to ask from you…..my question is that do you believe in love.
Laksh: I believed in love …but no more….
Swara thinks something to be strange…
Rag: fine so now game is over lets all dance….
They all dance…..
Party ends.
In swaragini mansion.

Ragini: it was fun na.
Swara: very good….
Ragini: ok now sleep..it’s night.
Swara: yes di…..

Precap: not decided.

Guys plz do comment…I really need it …plz .

swaragini…kya hua tera vada…episode 3


swaragini…kya hua tera vada…episode 3

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