Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 39

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Chinki calls the doctor and tells him to aid UV as he is brutally injured the doctor prescribes some medicines and says don’t give it late otherwise he might loose his life a lot of blood has lost just be nxt to him and give him food and medicines on time,Chinki says sure doctor and leaves him till the door.Leela calls Kunj:
Leela-Kunj puttar(son)why u didn’t tell Twinkle.
Kunj-Leela Aunty I was going to tell her today but…

Kunj-Leela Aunty Yuki told her in a very hurtful way.
Leela-Chinki aur(and)UV,Chinki is her sister maybe it’s ur misunderstanding,aur UV is like my son he acts like Twinkle’s brother why wl Yuki do this.
Kunj-Even I was shocked but Aunty he faked loved Twinkle when u weren’t here.Kunj tells the story of Chinki and UV planning.Aunty don’t worry I wl find Twinkle and bring her safely this is ur sons promise.
Leela-Yes,Kunj my blessings r with u always and I have full trust on u,Kunj puttar where is that UV and Chinki.
Kunj-Aunty woh actually..UV is badly injured and Chinmi is at home taking care of him.
Leela-What…how Kunj..

Kunj-Aunty..I did it.
Leela-Kunj u why u did that u know he’s like ur younger brother.
Kunj-I know Aunty but…he was talking badly of Twinkle and he said that go find Twinkle in heaven bcoz she might have committed suicide and all and I couldn’t bear all of that so I stared beating him.
Leela-Kunj puttar if u were beatin him u must have got hurt too,Tum thik Ho na.(U r fine).
Kunj-looks at his bruises and says yes Aunty I am absolutely ok.
Leela-Ok bye I have to go Kunj puttar and if u find about Twinkle call me up immediately.
Kunj-Yes Aunty don’t worry I wl return with ur daughter.
Twinkle is shown in the bus stop and is leaving Mumbai to meet her real mom.She sits on the bench waitin for the bus and remembers about Kunj and says why am I thinking of him he broke my heart many times first on the stage and now hiding the truth that I am adopted.Sajna Ve sad version plays.

Kunj takes the car and drives he gets hurt since he is already hurt,he drives rashly and thinks where Twinkle could be he follows where his heart takes him to,while driving he meets with an accident and crashes into a tree,he falls out of the car and is bleeding.Twinkle is walking and while she crosses the tree the branch scratches her head and it bleeds.The screen is in half showing Twinj holding their bleeding heads.Sajna Ve plays.
Twinkle feels that Kunj is in some problem and says baba ji if Kunj is in any problem pls keep him safe and pls keep him away from me,I don’t want to see him.Kunj gets up and feels dizzy he starts freely running.Twinkle is walking into the bus and the bus leaves.Twinkle sits in and starts crying.Kunj reaches the bus stop and says my heart reached me here that means Twinkle is here.He goes to random people and asks them if he knows Twinkle with her picture in his hand,they say no.Kunj goes to the a man who takes care of the bus which Twinkle left in,Kunj shows her pic and the man says she left in this bus and he asks where does this bus go to…the man says Mumbai…Kunj calls Leela.
Kunj-Aunty Leela Twinkle left to meet Aunty Anusha.

Kunj-Yes Aunty Twinkle left to Mumbai,Kunj blabbers something.
Leela-Kunj what r saying I dint understand r u ok.
Kunj-Yes Aunty I m fine.
Leela-don’t lie Kunj what happened.
Kunj-Aunty I met with a minor accident and my head is bleeding.
Leela-Kunj where r u I m coming.
Kunj-No Aunty it’s ok I m fine I wl do its first aid.
Kunj ends the call and runs behind the bus.Chinki applies the ointment on UV and takes care of him properly.UV becomes little bit fine and can walk.A lady in the bus sees Twinkle’s picture in the newspaper while I reading the newspaper and looks at Twinkle.Twinkle sees her picture and runs out of the bus the people try p to find out what happened but she keeps her mouth shut and runs on the road.

Precap-Twinj collide with each other and Kunj holds Twinkle from falling.Sajna Ve plays.

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Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 39


Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 39


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