From darkness to light (Episode 1)

From darkness to light (Episode 1)

The first time when I got to know the meaning of Fan fiction.. I just thought why couldn’t I start writing a story on my own…

With help of Sweety rai, I started writing
ENDLESS LOVE….you guys liked it.. And with all ur support I’ve started writing an other FF,
That was also appreciated by all of you.?
Your all love has forced me to write an other FF…
That was more loved by everyone!!! ??

Nd later,
I thought to write an OS as I never tried it…
I know that twist in the last made you all go crazy!!???

Thankyou all for loving my FF’s… Now with all your support I’m starting an other FF… For all of my viewers !!!

“FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT”… I hope you all will love this too…

Story starts with:

Dp and Shekar are neighbours..

Dp a well settled business man, His wife AP e..they only son was Sanskar..

Shekar is a normal person, he is not soo rich..
He has 2 wife’s.. First wife anjali has died in an accident.. She has a 2 children.. Laksh and Kavitha…After anjali’s death, Shekar marries Shomi, to get a mother for Kavitha and Laksh..
Nd Shomi asusual she is the best mom, who used to treat Laksh and Kavitha as her own children.. After 2 years Shomi gives birth to Swara…

When Swara was born, Shekar life has changed, destiny brought luck to him and he became rich..
He always thinks that his second daughter is a lucky charm for him..
He used to treats her like princess.. Nd used to pamper a lot!! Even Laksh love Swara soo much.. As she’s soo small and cute.. He loves his both sisters

Seeing all this ‘KAVERI’ sister of Anjali (shekar’s first wife)
Was jealous of Swara, she used to think that her sister’s daughter Kavitha was not been treated like Swara.. She cares for Kavitha Because she loves Kavitha soo much..

Days passed…
Sanskar and Laksh becomes best they are of same age, 5 years elder to Swara..he always used to come to shekar’s house to play with Laksh..

One day:
Sanskar comes to shekar’s house, he watches Swara playing with toys… He smiles and goes towards her..

Sanskar: (smiles) hello cutie sweetie doll,

Swara smiles looking at him, she touches his face with her cute small hands and plays with his nose.. Nd slightly hits it.. Nd laughs..

Sanskar watches her laughing Nd plays with her sometime..

Sanskar: haha Swara, now a days u started talking na, now tell me my name… ‘Sanskar’

Swara being 1 and half year kid.. She finds his name so big, she stammers, Nd struggles… But finally she tells his name out..

Sanskar : wowwww soo cutes!!!
He gets happy and kisses her cheeks, Nd plays with her sometime..

Laksh comes… And joins Sanskar… They both play with Swara for sometime…

After sometime Kavitha comes she watches Sanskar and Laksh playing with Swara… Nd gets angry

Kavitha: bhaii..ur not playing with me… Why r u playing with Swara? I’m ur own sister…

Laksh: nooo Kavitha.. U both are my sisters.. I love u both soo much!! Never tell like that!!

He hugs both Kavitha and Swara… Sanskar smiles seeing those siblings!!

One fine evening:
It was Swara’s 3rd birthday, it’s like a festival in that colony… The colony was filled with lights… Balloons, sound systems.. And dinner was arranged by the cooks from different places.. And what not, it was awesome!!
All who attended the party blessed that sweet little girl.. All are very happy for her,
But only one person who was not happy was Kaveri…

She was fuming with anger, she couldn’t take this anymore and thoughts a evil plan.. To kill her, she teams up With help of her friend (Raj) a police…. And finally kidnaps her!!

Everyone searches for Swara, where Shekar complaints to Raj as he is a police officer.. about her missing…
They all search for her, and after one week Raj tells them that a dead body has been found.. Nd I’m sure that she’s Swara, as she was with the same dress which she worn on her birthday…

Shomi and Shekar was heart broken to know that her daughter was dead… Nd cries falling down on their knees
Dp and AP were also in shock to know that Swara was dead…

Laksh, Sanskar and Kavitha too feels bad and cries for Swara.. Shekar and Shomi was shocked to know about Swara… They were shattered!! The glow one their faces were vanished… It was the black day for the entire family of gadodia!!

Shekar made cemetery of her Infront of his house,

Is she really dead??? If not where is she now??

Do u want me to reveal it?

Scroll down!!

When Kaveri kidnapped her, she tries to kill her, but Raj looks at swara’s smiling face, she even don’t know what was happening to her… She simply smiles looking at them…
He stops Kaveri from killing that innocent child…

Kaveri: Raj, what are you doing? Why r u stopping me? I hate her, I will kill her today…

Raj: Kaveri.. If you kill her, what will you get?? Don’t become a killer..

Kaveri: what?? How could I leave her.. I want to destroy her completely…

Raj: but Kaveri this is not right… Look at her, she’s smiling… She even don’t know what’s happening… I won’t allow you to do this… ur my best friend and best sister to me… You helped me so much… I will do anything for u… But plz not this…

Kavitha gets angry and thinks of something…

Kaveri: okay.. Will u do anything for me??
Raj: Yess!

Kaveri: take her to ur house, she shouldnt know the meaning of life..!! She should be punished… Shekar has treated her like a princess… But from now she should be a slave… Lock her in a room, her house should be that room…. She should spend her entire life in it, Whatever circumstances might comes, she shouldn’t come out from that room until I tell you to free her..
Let her life be in ‘DARKNESS’ !!
Your house is the safest place.. No one can never gets a doubt on u.. Let Shekar think that she’s dead…

Raj: (thinks) okay.. I will do what u say!!

(He accepts and takes Swara to his house.. He takes her to a terrace and He locks her in a four walled room…. A guest room!!
Nd he warns his wife saying that Swara will spend her entire life here.. And he even tells her to give food daily, and to take care of her.. But he warns her not to talk to her much as she may melt their hearts… As he knows his wife (rosy) loves kids as this couples doesn’t have kids !! …

Saying this he closed the door…leaving her alone Nd they go down!!
Seeing the darkness around her, Swara starts crying…

Days passed….

Months passed…..

7 Years passed……….

What happened Next ??

Main characters:

Sanksar: a reserved guy, he loves his family and friends so much, he likes sweet memories.. He has a habit of collecting photographs of his sweet memories.. and he keeps in his Albums.. And his best friend was Laksh .. As they both are of same age.. They used to play together..and They both studied in same college..
He respects love, Nd he loves long relationship, but he never founds that love in anyone!!

Laksh: he hates girls.. He only love his sister Kavitha and his mom Shomi.. he does anything for them.. His best friend wAs Sanskar.. He don’t talk much, he loves to be calm.. He hates girls who speak much!

Kavitha: selfish girl, she has huge crush on her brother friend Sanskar….She can do anything for her happiness..she’s a pampered child..

Ragini: a naughty girl, who accidentally meets Laksh Nd end up in fighting!! Laksh hates her to the core…

Swara: a simple loving girl.. Very soft, very innocent, very kind hearted.. She doesn’t know about this world.. What’s life is..She even doesn’t know what’s her name.. She doesn’t know the meaning of love.. As know one loved her.. She doesn’t know how to smile,

will destiny brings back her happiness??
How Will Sanskar meet Swara??
Will she taste the word ‘LOVE’ in her life?? Will she gets back to her family??
Will Laksh gets to know about Swara that shes her sister???

Will she comes out from DARKNESS and Finds LIGHT??

To know more keep reading, Neha’s FF


Guys I know all are not happy with current track of raglak
So I’m concentrating both raglak and Swasan..

But more Swasan ?

Guys it’s another story by Neha.. I’m in love it it??
Couldn’t stop myself from posting this on TU

From darkness to light (Episode 1)


From darkness to light (Episode 1)

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