Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th March 2016 –

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The Episode starts with Sandhya seeing the homemade food and asking Gul to take it. He asks her to have food with him. She says I had food. He insists and she agrees to taste it to keep his words. She likes the food a lot. He says I have come from far, my home is not here, a girl made this food. She says then tell that girl that she makes good food. He asks her to take food home for her family. He goes. Meenakshi calls Sandhya and asks what to cook. Sandhya says anything. Meenakshi says I have to do kitchen duty, as you go for duty, and Bhabho went for satsang. Sandhya suggests some veg and says I have work now, I will talk later.

She thinks she can arrange helper for Meenakshi and goes after Gul to say something. Gul washes his face and realizes the mark on his forehead. Sandhya follows him and says Swami ji listen…. He goes ahead and tries to save himself. He sees some mud there and applies that on his forehead. She says I had some work. He says I did not hear you. She asks whats on your face. He says its soil, you were saying something. She asks for tiffin maker girl’s number. She asks him to wash his face and hands, and leaves.

Chotu tells Piya that he will give her money when he gets a chance. She asks did he keep it safe, its big amount. He says yes, I m keeping it in cupboard. A cassette falls. He plays it and hears Arzoo’s voice. She asks how is he, its not me here, its my voice, I m in hyd. Piya asks him is he listening… Chotu hears recording. Arzoo asks Chotu to apply the ointment to his wound. She apologizes. Piya asks whose voice is this. He tells Piya that he will talk to her later. Arzoo asks him to light mosquito coil, and call her if he needs anything. She asks him to remember her in his thoughts. He shuts the cupboard and sees her pic. He thinks how can I fall so low to use Arzoo’s money, she kept it in my account by trusting me.

Gul goes and sees the flickering lights. He washes his face in the washroom, and says I have come in your country Sandhya, you celebrated a festival in our country and we will play one festival with you, blood holi, you love your india and talk about peace always, I will snatch everything.

Bhabho gets the tiffin home and says I will make everyone have the dish made by Arzoo, she has sent it by love. Sandhya will like it a lot. Sandhya gets that tiffin and says I will make Bhabho have it, its homemade, Bhabho will then allow us to get food from outside. She serves the food and asks Bhabho to come, its something special. Bhabho asks Sandhya to serve this too, she got for her. Sandhya checks the tiffin and sees same dish. Bhabho thinks how did Arzoo’s made dish came here. Sandhya says strange, I got same dish, Swami works at place where police dept function is happening, a girl gave him tiffin and I liked that food, Swami asked me to take the tiffin home. Bhabho thinks its same man whom Arzoo gave tiffin.

Sooraj serves samosas to Babasa at his shop, and asks him about Bhabho’s relations with anyone outside india. Babasa says no. Sooraj says try to recall, if she is related to Pakistan. Babasa says no, she never went there, Bhabho’s heart had fear and anger when Sandhya went Pakistan and got saree from there. Sooraj recalls Bhabho’s fear. Babasa asks why are you asking this. Sooraj says just like that. Babasa says I will leave now, I have work. He goes. Sooraj thinks Babasa does not know, from whom to find out this secret.

Sandhya asks Bhabho about the dish, its same color, smell, it looks like brought by same place. She tastes the dish and says its same, tell me Bhabho, from where did you get this dish. Bhabho says Daisa met some tiffin maker lady and gave this to her, Daisa gave this to me. Sandhya says oh, maybe she is same, the food tastes like home made. Bhabho thinks how to tell Sandhya that Arzoo made this. Sandhya says I know you are missing Arzoo, I will call her. Bhabho says you have food, I spoke to her. She recalls Arzoo and feels sorry to hide this from Sandhya. She thinks it may happen that Sandhya knows that Arzoo is in Pushkar.

Gul says Sandhya, I will fulfill my promise on holi and burns her pic.

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th March 2016 –


Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th March 2016 –


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