Piya rangrezz (love happens eventually ) Episode 2

Piya rangrezz (love happens eventually ) Episode 2

this is second episode
sher is fully angry nd think who the hell was she ,nd hw dare she talk to me lyk tht,nobody dares to talk to Sher singh, lyk she did
i ll nt spare her shardha start counting ur days in clg,
scene 1
sher reaches home ,bhavri was waiting for her
she ask why this late??
she says amma c’mon don’t be detective i had sm work in clg
she ask hws ur study going hope ur nt having prblms in clg
prblm c’mon i takur sher singh
prblm can’t even touch me nd laughs nd bhavri also laughs
mera lalla ????
vikash was about to say smthng but sher changes topic nd thn they had dinner they all chit chat whole family time in their house
bhavri leaves frm there nd sher scold vikash are u dumb
u don’t need to tell small small things to amma
vikash says but tht girls we can’t spare her
sher says i ll handle it my way u don’t worry

scene 2
gajra nd shardha at shardha’s house
gajra :why u alwys need to be mother India u don’t knw sher singh
he is very powerful man nobody dares to go against him in tht clg nd it was 1st day in ur clf nd u dumb girl took ”panga” frm him only i don’t knw wht he ll do nw
shardha: there shuld be smbody who needs to take step against wrong i don’t knw about powers bt i was ryt nd i did ryt thing
gajra: okay relax i hope nthng goes wrong nd nthng hppns

scene3 another day at clg
shardha sees sunheri nd walks towards her
shardha: hey thank u for yesterday for nd helping
sunheri: relax u were new in clg so i helped u out
don’t repeat also this again ,u don’t knw bhai so don’t dare to mess vth him
shardha: is he is ur brother??
sunheri: more thn a brother i don’t think a brother ll do smthng lyk wht bhai did for me
he have me everything in life nobody does this for
tear roll downs frm her eyes
shardha: m sry
sunheri: no no thts okay i have bhai nd vikash ?? nd i love thm
shardha : vikash ?? tht guy who saying nobody cn talk to bhaiyaji lyk tht nd ol
sunheri: yea yea tht guy only
he is my life love him so much?? viku hehee nd blushes
shardha: btw i m shardha
sunheri: i knw i knw
gajra comes

hey sunheri she says
sunheri: Hylo hw do u knw me
gajra: c’mon everybody knws sister of thakur sher singh nd they laughs
nd she joins up vth them
sher nd his gang comes
sher ask to search for shardha as he has big plans
sumer says :bhaiyaji leave her na
she don’t knw u thts why she did lyk this
sher: exactly she need to knw me so for tht this is important
a guy comes tell sher about shardha
sher reaches their
sunheri sees him nd walks towards him bhai here nd says meet my new friends shardha nd gajra
sher (looking at sunheri): ur friends??
stay away frm these ppl
sunheri : Arre i knw they did wrong yesterday bt they realised there mistake
frogive thm
shardha gajra say sorry to bhai
gajra says sorry
shardha on her lowest tone says sorry
sher: i can’t hear u wht u r saying
she again says sorry bt sher again says he can’t hear she agains says sorry
sher: yea i guess u r forgiven for nw
all three girls walks towards their classes, they attend classes nd thn it was break they were in canteen whn suddenly gang of ppl comes ,everybody stands on their places ofcourse its was sher vikash sumer nd gand nd only sher sits, one by one everybody comes in front of sher
they all ofcourse do raging
smwere askd to do situps smwhere asked to dance sing slap nd few were bitten by their gang nd nw it was gajra turn
sumer: your name (naam kya hai tumhara) wish bhaiyaji (namstey karo bhaiyaji ko)
shardha looked tensed nd sher smiles in evil way

gajra : namstey bhaiyaji
sumer: wht u have to make her do
sher: they both are bestfrnds so let gajra slap her bestfrnd shardha nd we ll get to see new bonds of frndshp nd they all laugh
sunheri: bhai leave na let her go na
vikash: keep friendship aside sunheri wht bhaiyaji says is order nd tht need to followed u knw tht na so plz don’t interfere
sunheri: but
sher: no but we ll see friendship bond u r my sister 1st thn their frndz u knw tht ryt .
sunheri is helpless
Gajra (tensed): hw ll i slap her
by ur hands nd they laugh
shardha: chill pagal don’t worry think we are fyting for our crush nd thn for tht crush u slap me c’mon relax nd slap thts okay gaju nd gives fake smile
sher: see she made it easy for u nw slap her or else smbody else ll slap her
gajra walks near shardha nd slaps her slowly
everybody laughs this hw u slap
we ll have to teach u hw to slap
shardha: c’mon gajra don’t be dumb slap me c’mon its easy
Gajra slaps her hard this tym nd tear roll downs frm shardha’s eyes
gajra also feel bad nd control herself frm crying
they all clap to make fun of gajra nd shardha nd says wht a slap woww memorable one nd all laugh out loud
shardha wipes her tears as it was her turn
sher: shardha madamji come
shardha walks in front of her nd tell herself i ll do everything whtever he says me to do i ll do
Vikash: bhaiyaji yeh lo apni fav aagai jo karwana hai karwa lo
sher: ab tum log bolo kya karwana hai madam se (u ppl only sat wht u want her to do)
different ppl suggest him different thing nd they all laugh
sher: so madamji decided u ll dance on an item number ready everyone for entertainment nd he laughs
sunheri: bhai plz na c’mon na let her go na
vikash again says sunheri u don’t interfere,sunheri gets sad
everybody claps nd shouts c’mon madamji madamji
shardha does dance on baby doll nd tear rolls for her eyes she tries to control nd they dance
sher aftr smtym ask her to stop nd they says work is over nd bell rings
they leaves

shardha cries nd says i ll nt give up lets sees hw far he cn go

nd stay tuned for more updates
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Piya rangrezz (love happens eventually ) Episode 2


Piya rangrezz (love happens eventually ) Episode 2

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