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Hello Guyz..sorry for late as i had heard two bad news in one day which broked me completely one is i have to leave india nd other is my one nd only frnd is in critical condition in hospital from 1month due to accident i was feeling completely alone in her absence ,she the reason for this ff also now none are in my life to have silly conversation so i wanted to share it withyou frnds oka let it be guys nd Thnks for the Wonderful Responses i got for My Previous Part its really awesome ,here we go on part -11 of tu meri mannat

recap;swara resigns nd sanskar challenges swara that he will make takeback her resignation

************episode starts*****

sanskar; okay i will see i challenge u ms,swara i will make u realise my love in this month itself nd in this week u will be under mee mind it nd 3days enough to make u take back ur resignation

swara; i will see how u will ( she left)

evg6pm,swaras room,

swara went to her room nd removed the cover on tv as its not been used from last 2yrs nd she started watching tom nd jerry cartoon

after a hour ragini came to swaras room nd shock to see her

ragini; swara are u 5n ur watching tv that to cartoons again is it true

swara; (surprised) y i should not watch tv or cartoon ha

ragini; not like that u can but now ur 21 u can watch all movies also na y ur still left in cartoon its boring

swara; this sanskar is showing all kind of movies to mee in office i don’t want them in home also

ragini ;(laughs)wt sanskar, wt he did again ha say mee, nd y u resigned

swara; he made mee to loose my tender rags i lost its my lifes 1st failure that too without my mistake nd dad shouted on mee without understanding so i left the job

ragini;(shocked) wt u had failed no way how its possible nd wt sanskar did

swara; (about to say but stopped) no rags i cant say it, let it bee but, u know he is so dangerous for girls

ragini; wt he did that much dangerously say mee na

swara; he is always trying to take advantage di i dont know wt he did on that ngt nd how can u leave me with him whole ngt

ragini; u really want my answer

swara; ha

ragini;(she got up )wait a mintue

swara; where ur leaving

ragini;(brought a pen drive ) this is video of that ngt in ur room

swara; (shocked) wttt u kept camera in that room y


party ngt while sanskar in wash room laksy had placed a camera in swasans room nd left later sanskar came nd raglak as per there plan they went out to very next room

lakshya;ragini u kept a camera in there room dont u trust my brother

ragini:(cups his face) no lucky i trust him alot but our target is to prove this to swara so we did it

lakshya; really are u sure it will work

ragini ;ha it will u sleep first 2mmrow we have to wokeup 1st nd should go to mm nd get them clothes

lakshya;(teasingly) y waste of time we can plan some thing na

ragini; acha i had a shoe with mee now, so sleep its better to u

mrg by 8 they left to mm nd by 9.40am they returned to farm house innocently

********flashback end*****

ragini; i trust sanskar alot but i wanna prove u so, i had not watched this before only just for u

swara; i dont want any proof let it be what ever i dont care nd (she thrown the pendrive on floor)

ragini; as ur wish i dont force u

they both kept on watching spiderman serious meanwhile ragini got a call its lucky

lucky; rags come to pool side now

ragini; are u mad its 10 nd ur calling to poolside if anyone sees what they think i wont

lucky; rags plz come na do one thing i will bring sanskar u get swara then noone feel anything nd anyway our families are busy in Siva Ra tri pooja

ragini; (thinked awhile) ha oka done (cuts the call)

sanskars room,

lucky; bhai will u help mee now plz

sanskar; wt help

lucky; woh actually i wanna meet rags u should come with mee

sanskar;(hesitatingly) no i had work u goo yar

lucky ; plz come na our family may get doute if we meet alone if u nd swara are with as they will think we are just passing time

sanskar:(excited) swara is coming haaa then i will come let go

lucky:(teasingly) for swara ur coming ha not for mee

sanskar; no lucky come we will go they may be waiting come fast

(both left to poolside by hiding from family but ap found it but kept quite)

swaras room,

ragini; swara plz come with mee na i wanna meet lucky

swara; no yar u go i had work

ragini; wt work u had just watching spiderman come na plz for ur diii plzzzzzzz

swaragini went to pool side found sanlak

lucky took ragini nd sat on the bench nd swara nd sanskar had placed there legs in poolwater nd sat on edge there is awkward silence b/w them

sanskar; wt u decided are u coming to office 2mmrow its ur 1st day under mee

swara; (nervous but confidently) ha

sanskar;(gives a chocolate) take it i had brought this for u

swara; (takes it nd remembers her childhood when she used to kiss him for giving a choclate) sanskarrrrrrrr

sanskar; (surprised to hear his name such lovely) ha swaraaa

swara; can i ask u something u should say truth only

sanskar; i always told truth to u but u only not trusting it
swara; acha sanskar nd in mrg u played a prank with mee na all the things u told at that time are lies only na
sanskar; noo really its beautiful ngt u did alot

swara;(shocked) if means u really saw every thing ha

sanskar; ur asking that ahh ,ha i saw

swara; (shoutd)wt u saw sanskar wt nd when

sanskar;(smile)i had seen when u born swara i was 2yrs old nd holded ur litte hand nd kissed u

swara; (took a breath) y u always make me irritate nd shocked

sanskar; bcoz i love you

swara;(left quite ) stop the topic

meanwhile swasan nd raglak hear a door sound all the 4hides

in a corner its ap sanskar hugs swara in process of covering her ap left

swara; dont take advantage of situation

sanskar;(got angry moved her t-shirt a side nd bited her neck)

swara;(in pain shouts ) ouchhhhh sanskarrrrrrrrrr

raglak sees this nd shocked

ragini;(closes lucky eyes with her hand ) swara is right sanskar is dangerous when she is in sense

lucky; (removes her hand ) his brother is more then him(he kisses he cheeks)

swara; (pushes him ) wt ur doing its paining

sanskar; i had warned u not to use word of advantage that result is this

swara;(got angry nd she bitted his shoulder) now u got i too have teeth i can also bite

sanskar;(holded her both hands nd folded back nd once again bitted her near her nape by pulling her towards him where as swara is trying hard to get free

swara get the grip nd pushes him

sanskar; now u say what u will do this time I had left ur mouth to shout if u repate same word again I will lock u mouth in same way I did now

swara;(got angry nd pushed him into pool ) now u got my answer mr.sanskar

sanskar;( holds her leg nd pulled her into the pool)

swara; sanskar plz leave mee its soo cold stop it dont u dare to pull me in that cold water

sanskar; no way (he pulls her in pool swara had fallen on him)

recap; swasan romance in pool nd raglak teasing them infront of family

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TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu-part11


TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu-part11


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