SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 3

SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 3

Thank you guyyysss soo much for your comments….it means a lot…. I tried to upload this aprt even though I was soo busy as some of u requested….and one more thing…this ff is fully based on swasan but I will try to add some raglak moments too…. Hope I don’t disapooing anyone if raglak scenes are not there as they are just supporting characters….. sooryyy….so here we go…..
raglak marriage day

Ragini’s POV:

‘‘I was all lost in thought while getting ready to be the bride of a killer….. he has changes so much…. I hope he could be back to normal… ha what am I even thinking…. Back to normal…impossible… he is a member and a commander of black eagles now who would never cahnage untill he diea…..Oh god plzzz help me…’’

‘‘Ragini beta…. My mum called out my name entering my room…. I could see her tensed face.. but didn’t show it……

‘‘dear are u ready… said my mum…’’

‘‘almost mom…. Where is swara… I asked…’’

‘‘ she will be coming…. Don’t worry….and yes I will call you when lakshya comes…..she said while leaving the room…’’

‘‘I faked a smile at her trying not to show my sorrow… and she samiled back… sadly…. And left… I was all alone lost in deep thoughts thinking how I would live with a killer and what he would do to mee….thinking of my future life with someone who I once loved the most…and now a killer….i hope I could do something….. I waited for swara in my room….’’

Swara ‘s POV:

“Bhai! I am ready.” I shouted standing near the main entrance.

“You’re going to Ragini’s house?” Papa asked eating his breakfast.

“Yes, she needs me and” I paused, “who knows, maybe Lakshya won’t let us meet again.” The thought of not seeing her made me sad and angry at the same time.

“Swara you shouldn’t talk about your elders like that.” Ma scolded, “Oh for God’s sake Ma why are you guys behaving like before? He is not the Lakshya my friend got engaged to, he is a ki-laaa-eerrr,” (killer) I stretched the word thinking it will make them see me my point.

“Lower your voice Shona. You’re talking to your parents.” Bhai said politely, putting a hand on my head. His gesture indicating that I had step out of line and must apologize now.

That’s his way of pointing my mistakes. We are only five years apart, but for me he is like my second father. Well I love papa too and he is a great father but bhai’s always one step ahead of him.

“Sorry Ma, sorry Papa.” I apologized

“Its fine.” Papa said quickly.

See what I meant when I said papa is a great father. He always takes my side. I smiled at them.

“Okay Ma, papa we are leaving” I said, turning to leave.

“bye shona…I heard bhai saying, already out of the house and I ran behind him shouting ”bye bhai..’’.
She has not mutter a single word since she dressed, as a bride. Lakshya has sent beauticians to get her ready. Her red and purple dress looked beautiful on her and after makeup and all she looked stunning. Everything about her seemed perfect, except for her eyes.

Those orbs held fear and sadness. I had so desperately tried to take her mind off things, but who was I kidding. She was dressed as Laksya’s bride.

Ma came early and brought me a fancy dress to wear. I had this urge to throw the dress away, but I didn’t, I couldn’t. If I lose my calm, let’s just say things won’t go right, not forgetting the lectures I would get, losing my calm wouldn’t change anything. Except for making me look like a bigger idiot. So I kept quiet, I changed my dress but didn’t bother to put on any sort jewellery or makeup.

Going back to the bride I tried, once again to cheer her up but the result was like before… nothing. Giving her sometime to herself I started helping Auntie.

I was literally stomping all over the house, thinking it might help me keep my mouth shut. I am not the type of person who keeps their feelings bottled up inside. If I have something to say, I will say it. But right now my gut feelings were stronger telling me it was wise to stay silent. For Ragini’s sake. She was already devastated and I did not want to make her already messed up life more miserable by voicing out my thoughts. To be honest, the tiny little ounce of faith that I had in Lakshya, had vanished, he was forcing my friend to marry him, who says he won’t do anything wrong to her.

I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard someone calling me. “swara?” I heard Ma’s voice.

“Han? yes?” I replied quickly.

“pandit ji is here, inform Ragini.” She looked to be in a hurry, but I had questions and I needed answers.

“oh god the rituals of the marriage will start” I asked, shocked.

“Ma they are here?” I grabbed her arm, not wanting to let her go until she answers my questions

“Yes, were you sleeping before?” She frowned.

Great I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I didn’t notice anything. Ignoring her question, I continued “Ma who else came with Laksya, his family?”
She sighed before answering me “His family had cut all their ties with him long ago. But there are few men with him. I guess they are gang members too.”

“Oh!” I didn’t say anything else and I don’t feel a bit sorry for him.

“And listen, don’t come outside. You and Aleena are the only girls here. Ragini’s cousins didn’t come, there are mostly men and four ladies including me, Ragini’s mother and her sisters, so you better stay here.”

“WHAT?” I almost shouted. “I will not meet her at bidaai?” I whispered the last part.

She sighed again. “I will call you, when they will leave, okay? Now go inform Ragini”

I told Ragini about pandit ji, for a moment I felt her soul leaving her body leaving her looking like a corpse and when she went for the rituals, her face got pale and her eyes started tearing. At the time of rituals I stood behind her in silence, watching her trembling hands signing her faith. She completed all the rituals like a moving robot. After rituals she didn’t cry. Not even a single tear. She was taken out after dinner, while Aleena and I sat in her room not saying a word.

At the time of bidaai both of us went to say our goodbyes. She hugged me tightly, muttering ‘I love you’ before she let me go, giving a kiss on my cheek. I looked at lakshya, he gave me a victorious smile and waved at me. His action caught the attention of every gang member standing there. It startled me and I rushed inside the house only to bump my head into something hard or should I say someone. I quickly looked up and found a tall man staring at me. I mumbled a ‘sorry’ and ran upstairs like the world was on fire.

Before I could reach Ragini’s room Aleena grabbed my hand and dragged me to the roof. We both stood there and watched her saying farewell to everyone. She sat in car before Lakshya as he was talking to the same tall man I had bumped into. Later, that man gave a brotherly hug to Lakshya and walked away.

He must be one of the high commands.

“Aleena?” I looked over at Aleena, she was physically here but mentally she was far, far away.

“Hm?” She replied, like I had woke her up.

“Who was the man talking to Lakshya just now?” I questioned. She looked at them and replied, this time making me pale.
“His leader of the black eagle…Sanskar maheshwari.” My eyes widened at the realization.
I bumped into Sanskar Maheshwari….meaning the leader of the black eagles?

No way!

That man was Sanskar Maheshwari?

Could this day be anymore crapier…..oh shiet….?
I looked at his direction and found him still staring at me from downstairs.

Oh crap! Why is he looking at me so intensely anyways… bumping into him was just an accident… I thought to myself
It has been more than 10 minutes he’s and he’s continuously looking at me…but WHY…….I quickly took several steps back to disappear from view.
I am so dead…is he gonna kill meeeee…..

Precap: swasan meet in shopping mall…..swara sacred of Sanskar….

SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 3


SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 3

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