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Swara tells the truth to Sanskaar. Sanskaar announces that he will marry Swara
Sanskaar : Swara! I will be a good and faithful husband to you. But I have to tell you one thing. This marriage won’t have love. I can never love you, Swara!
Swara stared at him, shocked , an awful lump in her throat. Why, she felt shocked, she didn’t know. It was what she had been expecting.
She didn’t know if what she felt for him could be called love. but she was fairly certain she could love him, and deathly afraid that after a few weeks of marriage, she would love him.
And it would be so nice if he could just love her back.

Sanskaar (continued, unable to understand the turmoil in Swara’s heart) : Friendship between the husband and the wife is of the utmost importance, even more important, in my opinion, than love. ( Swara’s expression remained the same, But her heart sank) Our marriage will be one based on mutual friendship and respect, and I for one could not be more pleased.
Swara ( echoed, Because Sanksaar was looking at her expectantly ) : Respect! I’m so glad you thought that I needed respect.
She knew he was saying nothing she did not expect, and yet she found it somewhat needling all the same. She was cranky now and had to snap at someone.

Sanskaar’s eyes narrowed.
Sanskaar : Are you taking this seriously Swara?
Swara : Of course I am.
Sanskaar ( giving her a funny look, Not sure if he believed her) : Good! There are certain things I cannot give you,…………and love, I’m afraid, is one of them.
Swara nodded, each movement of her neck causing pain in her heart.
Swara : I see.
Sanskaar : Do you?

Swara (practically snapping) : Of course, You could not make it any plainer if you wrote it on my arm.
Sanskaar (taken aback at her forceful reply) : Swara! I never planned to marry for love.
Swara : That’s not what you told me when you were trying for Ragini’s hand.
Sanskaar (sighing) : That’s because I was trying to impress you.
Swara (crossing her arms) : Well, You are certainly not impressing me now.
Sanskaar (letting out a long breath) : Swara! I don’t know what to tell you. I did not come here to argue. I merely thought it best if we were honest with one another before the wedding.
Swara (sighing) : Of course.
Sanskaar (softly) : It is best that we understand each other now.
Swara just kept nodding. A body in motion tended to remain in motion, and she was afraid that if she stopped, she might do something really stupid, like cry. He reached across and took her hand, which made her flinch.

Sanskaar : I didn’t want you to enter this marriage with any delusions. I didn’t think you’d want that.
Swara : Of Course not Mr Maheshwari.
Sanskaar (frowning) : Mr Maheshwari? Call me Sanskaar!
Swara (glad with the change of subject, smiled cheekily) : Ookay…….Mr Maheshwari.
She giggled and removed her hand from his grasp and started running. He laughed and chased her.
Swara (dodging him by pushing a table towards him) : You’re so slow Sanskaar! Will you ever catch me?
Sanskaar : Ab dekh! Look how I’ll catch you.
Swara : Haan! Haan! I already saw your running skills that day. You couldn’t even outrun Zozo!
Sanskaar ( wildly reaching out to catch her, but failing ) : It is not my fault if your stupid, fat dog is a freak of nature. Who knew that such a hippo could run so fast?
Swara (eyes blazing, stopped in her tracks) : What did you just tell? Did you just INSULT my lovely Zozo, Mr Maheshwari? Bhaad me jao! My Zozo is the best…
Sanskaar : Your Zozo, the best? Hahahaha!
Swara : Did you just laugh at me, Mr Maheshwari?

Sanskaar : Aargh! Stop calling me that.
Swara came near Sanskaar and stepped close to him. She stepped closer and closer until Sanskaar felt that their hearts were beating at the same time. She moved still closer and covered his eyes with her palm. He closed his eyes and his breathing became more and more shallow.
Just as he thought Swara was about to kiss him on the cheek, He felt a sharp thwack on his shoulder. He opened his eyes in surprise and saw Swara smirking at him evilly.
Swara : Now you know not to insult my dog or laugh at me…
She stuck her tongue out at him, laughed and turned.
Sanskaar : One minute Swara!
And he grabbed her hand and turrned her around so fast she stumbled and fell down pulling him on top of her.
Their worlds stopped. They only thing they felt that mattered was the person they were staring at. Sanskaar looked into Swara’s eyes and drank the sight of her. She looked so innocent, so sweet, so perfect for him.
She fit perfectly in his arms…
She was amazing. She was…
She was…

She was….
Sanskaar smiled at the thought!
Swara (looking at him as if he were mad) : What are you suddenly smiling about?
Sanskaar (unthinkingly) : I was thinking about how you are going to be mine…
Swara blushed.
Swara : Ohh!
Sanskaar smiled and ran his finger over her pink cheeks.
Sanskaar : I didn’t know you knew how to blush, Miss Swara Gadodia! I think I like it. I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure you blush like this. I will…( he brought his finger down to her neck, Swara closed her eyes) I will kiss you here.
He bent closer and breathed softly near her ear. The hot breath made Swara shiver.
Sanskaar (whispering, and moving his hand to hold her) : I will….AAAAHHH!
He clambered off her in a hurry. Swara opened her eyes shocked as to what the hell suddenly happened.
Swara : Sanskaar?
Sanskaar : Aargh! Your bl**dy dog, Swara! (pointing to Zozo)
Swara looked at Zozo and understood everything that had happened. She began laughing. As Sanskaar had been moving his hand, He had by mistake placed it on top of sleeping Zozo’s tail which had caused the dog to wake up. Zozo had then licked Sanskaar which had startled him as he did not know that the dog was there.

Sanskaar : Haan! Laugh nicely at my expense! Here, I almost died due to that dog and you are laughing? What sort of a fiancee are you?
Swara (laughing hysterically) : You got scared by a foot long dog? The great Sanskaar Maheshwari, terror of the society, the most feared by all businessman was terrified by the sweetest dog alive?
She sat down and laughed long and hard. Sanskaar scowled at first, But then seeing her glowing laugh and vibrant face softened and smiled, looking at her.
Finally, Swara stopped laughing and placed both her hands on her ears.
Swara : Achcha Baba! Sorry! Nahi hasungi…. Don’t get angry.
Sanskaar : Nahi! I wasn’t. Anyways, I ought to be going. Mom wants me to come and choose your engagement ring.
Swara nodded and walkedd with him till the door. Sanskaar made a motion to leave, but then turned back and looked at her.
Swara : What happened Sanskaar?
He hesitated, but then dropped a feathery light kiss on her forehead.
Sanskaar (softly) : I’ll see you later!
And he left.

Swara closed the door and came and sat down, thinking of the events that had taken place since morning.
Swara : Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari! You may not love me yet, But I do know you care for me. And that gives me confidence. I will show you that our marriage will be one full of friendship, happiness AND LOVE! I don’t know what demons are preventing you from accepting that you can love another person, but I will vanquish them. My love is not so weak that it will never be reciprocated.
Swara stood up determinedly.
Swara : Yes! My Mr Maheshwari! You will learn to love. You will have a true marriage. With me. This is a story of Mr Maheshwari and I….And we will write it together!!

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