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Recap – swara gets the details about bp and she checks all the information. swasan mohit and laksh are going to london. Swara played a prank to make mohit drink milk and sanlak gets surprised to see this side of swara. They all boarded the flight

Here we go
swara mohit and laksh are waiting for sanskar. They hear his voice in the mike present in the flight
swara mohit and laksh are shocked to see him there
sanskar – hello everyone. I am sry that i am disturbing u all but i wanted to confess my feelings to my wife today. I cant even live hiding those anymore.
The trio are shocked
swara to herself – ye sanskar kya karne wala hai. Jho bhi hai y is he saying here. And she gets tensed
mohit and laksh shouts – jiju/bhai u r superbbb
swara gives aangry cum surprising look to them
(Swara is a person who doesnot like those public confessions and all )
sanskar continues – do u all want mee to continue ??
All shouts yes

all starts gossipping as sanskar is very famous business man
sanskar – i am not getting any words to describe her. She is a fanrastic person. She always thinks about others. She loves her brother alot i think more than anything. She is so simple. She is one of the best cardialogists in india and owner of a multi speciality hospital but still she behaves as an employee. i love her simplicity.
He goes to swara and takes her with him

(Swara is slowly melting by his words.she goes with him)
Sanskar kneels down and says – swara u know i didnot tell u my feings till now but i want to confess everything now
u know when i first saw u i felt somethung strange i liked u the way u talked to ur frnds jumping like a kid. I liked ur innocence. Later i saw u telling the parents of a child how harmful the medicines are that time i realised that ur thinking is same as mine. But i didnot see ur face. u know wen i misunderstoid u and hurted u i felt very bad i still dont know whether u forgave me or not ?? Later i realised that u r the person and i dont know wen i started loving u but i can only say onething i love u and will always love u. U r the best thing that has happenedcto me ever. Wen i see u i forget all my tensions. I decided to tell u before only but wen i heard ur opinion about marg i was afraid that u will go away from me soi didnot tell u. I am sry for hiding this from u
for sooo long but believeme its reallu difficult for me to do so. Lets leave all that. I wanted to listen yes or no from u.

swara is teary eyed. She is very happy to know that sanskar loves her sooo much.
Sanskar – swara plzzz reply me.
she makes him stand and hugs him. YES I LOVE U TOO SANSKAR
and ha i hav forgiven u a long ago. Becozzz i cant be angry with myself
sanskar is on cloud nine
sanskar – u know i am the happiest person in the world
swara hugging sanskar again – no i am the happiest person to get a understanding,caring and loving husband like u
sanskar – no i am the…
laksh and mohit – we are the luckiest person to see all this scenario live
Swara and sanskar gets embarrased but smiles
everyone clap for them.

all comes and settles in their places
mohit and laksh at one side
mohit – i am so happy today that di and jiju are finally became one
laksh – yes i too am happy for both of them especially bhabhi. I love hery very much she is like a sister for me.
Mohit and laksh realised that they hav talked for the first time
Laksh – i am sry for wat had happened. I know u cant foegive me but…
mohit – noo dont say that laksh. My di was the person who got the greatest pain by
this. Is she canforgive u then we all can forgive u . And just becozzz of u and jiju my bafepappa is alive and my di is soo happy. Its enough for me
swasan side

Swara holding sanskar’s hand
sanskar – its looking like a dream swara. U know i started loving u from along before but couldnot tell u becozzzx….
swara – shhhhh (she places her hand on his lips)
plzzz dont say that i am very happy to get a life partner like u. U r the best sanskar
sanskar kusses her hand
she removes her hand
sanskar – best deserves the best.
swara – hm but how can u propose me in a flight i mean its too awkward
sanskar feels bad – i am sry swara i dont want to make u feel awkward but..
swara – i am sry. I didnot mean that. U know me right i dont like confessions in public ….
sanskar gets sad
swara continues – but for the first time i loved it. And she looks all around and kisses himon his cheeks
sanskar gets surprised and happy
sanskar – soo dont u need ur reply ??
Sanskar hold her hand and goes near her
swara – sanskar plzzzz not here plzzz
sanskar – acha if u can kiss me here then y Cant I ??

Swara – plzzzz no
sanskar – ok then if u want me to leave me u hav to promise me that u will do watever i say
swara – ok
sanskar leaves swara
she gets relieved
sanskar -waise swara u were right. i couldhav confessed my feelings somewhere but u know i couldnot control myself anymore so i did it
Swara – mr.maheswari
sanskar – swara plzzz dont cal me that
swara – pyaar se bula rahi hu
sanskar – phir bhi…he realises wat she said
sanskar – wat did u say ??
swara – golden words are not repeated
sanskar – swara tell me plzzzz
swara – no no and no
sanskar – if u wont tell me i will kiss u
swara is shocked
swara – sanskar u cant do that
sanskar – i can becozzz u r my wife. so tell me

swara – i told that i am calling u mr.maheswari with love.
Sanskar – ok then call me then i love to hear that from ur mouth mrs.sanskar maheswari
swara blushes a little then she remembers
swara – oh shit
sanskar – wat happened
swara – mohit didnot eat anything from mrng he just drank milk.he will get vomiting sensation
sanskar – relax swara
swara calls mohit
(mohit is sitting back of her in cross)
Swara – mohit r u fine ?? Vomiting sensation hori hai kya ??
Mohit – no di i am fine just chill
swara – chill ohhh really ??
Mohit – acha sry but dont worry if i am not feeling well then i will tell u ok
swara – ok but keep this haajmola with u ok
lucky take care of him.

mohit – di i am not a kud infact ur devar is younger to me
swara – so wat he is mature than u
mohit – achaaa (keeps an angry face)
swara – ok ok i am sry leave that lucky did u guys hav ur breakfast ??
Laksh – ha bhabhi we had it
swara – gud
laksh – bhabhi hav u got any prizes for running wen u were at school ??
Sanskar laughs as he understands his question
swara – no lucky y ??
Laksh – becozzzz i saw u running today mrmg. I hav to say u hav great energy
saying that he too laughs
mohit too laughs
swara – acha so u all became one team and are teasing me ok then fine. Lucky i hav expected this from ur brother and my brother becozz they always do this to me but i hav not expected this from u
saying this she turns and acts
laksh is about to talk but sanskar stops him
mohit tells to laksh – dont worry my di a drama queen i missed her in these two years but now i got her back and now i am very happy to see her like this
they both goes to sleep

sanskar stares at swara
swara – wat do u want
sanskar – u
swara – wat (angry)
Sanskar – i saw ur acting today mrng itself so stop this atleast inftont of me my dear wifeyyy
swara – achaaa that was just a trailer picture abhi baaki hai mere dost… no no patidev
sanskar – acha toh dikhaao na i am eagerly waiting to see
swara – ok then get ready
sanskar – ok
theyboth too sleeps.
swara sleeps on sanskar’s shoulder

After that they reach london airport and then they leave to hitel. In the journey she keeps on trying to a number but its switched off.she keeps on trying many numbers but nothing is reachable.she is getting irritated. But somehow mohit manages to hide it from sanlak
they reach the hotel
they all get freshen and leaves to hospital

Precap – swasan mohit laksh meets bp. Seeing swara and her touch bp’s condition starts improving

I am sry guys i am giving a short update but i dont want to write it in a hurry so i will post tomorrow also




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