Thahaan (Journey from hatred to love) Episode 11

Thahaan (Journey from hatred to love) Episode 11

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At night in Bihaan’s room,
BIHAAN:Thapki make me wake up at 6 a.m.I have important work n have to leave by 7.30 a.m.
BIHAAN:But don’t pour a glass of water on me for waking me as u have done earlier.
THAPKI:I did not do it intentionally that time.It was a mistake ,I have already told u.By the way, don’t u remember u made me afraid that time by shouting cockroach.
BIHAAN:Ok ok don’t fight now.I am going to sleep .Thapki is annoyed.
THAPKI:What do u mean I am fighting,u started recalling our past fights.Bihaan holds his ears
BIHAAN:Sorry dear P for PAHLE N P for PURI galati mere hai,thik h.
THAPKI:Exactly u were wrong.
BIHAAN:Now shall I sleep?

THAPKI:Do whatever u want.Thapki turns the other side to sleep.Bihaan comes near her n holds her
THAPKI:What are u doing?
BIHAAN:What I want.Both of them smile n asleep .
In the morning in Bihaan’s room,
Thapki gets up at 5.30 n freshens up.She tries to wake Bihaan
THAPKI:Bihaan get up.Its 6 a.m .Bihaan doesnot getup.
THAPKI:How to wake him.Suddenly she gets an idea.She goes near bihaan n dries her hair with the towel.Water gets sprinkled on Bihaan’s face n he gets up.
THAPKI:Finally u got up.Bihaan pulls her on the bed
BIHAAN:Nice idea to wake me.He holds her n sleeps

THAPKI:Get up.
BIHAAN:Only five mins.
THAPKI:OKK,but leave me .I have to make breakfast.Thapki frees herself from his embrace n goes .
In the kitchen
Thapki prepares the food.
THAPKI:Its 6.45.I must inform Bihaan that the food is ready.Thapki goes to room n is shocked to see Bihaan still sleeping.
THAPKI:(shouts)Bihaan get up .Its 6.45 already.Bihaan gets up.
BIHAAN:Tumse K for KOI ,K for KAM thik se nahi hota.
THAPKI:Nahi hota K for KUMBKARAN.Ab K for KHARE KHARE,dekh kya rahe ho,jao nahane.Main Khana dinning table par lagadete hu.

BIHAAN:Tum apna K for KHANA ,K for KHUD KHAO.I don’t have time.He goes to bathroom.Thapki goes to kitchen n brings food for him in the room.Bihaan comes out from the washroom
BIHAAN:Why did u bring food.I told u that I have no time to sit n eat.
THAPKI:Who is telling u to sit n eat.She takes the food n feeds him while he is busy in getting ready.Thapki runs after him to feed Bihaan as he hurries.Finally she gives him water n wipes his face with her dupatta.

BIHAAN:Bye.He leaves.Thapki sits on the bed n looks at her foot which was bleeding as she got hurt while preparing the breakfast in the kitchen.
THAPKI:(FLASHBACK)I don’t have time for doing first aid.I must make food for Bihaan otherwise he will be hungry the whole day as he doesnot eat outside food.Bhabies are sleeping n I can’t disturb them.
At night in Bihaan’s room,
Bihaan comes n sees Thapki limping.Thapki is about to fall ,but Bihaan holds her n carries her in his arm to the bed.
BIHAAN:What is this ,how did u hurt your foot?
THAPKI:Its nothing,I just got hurt in the morning in the kitchen.
BIHAAN:Why u did not tell me n why where u running after me then in the morning?Yes how did I forget u are M for MAHANATMA ,but plz have some M for MERCY upon yourself too.He brings the first aid box n changes her bandage.Thapki smiles seeing his love n care.She gets up
BIHAAN:Where are u going now?

THAPKI:Practice running.
THAPKI:I thought to feed u I had to run through the room,n for feeding ur child I have to run through the entire house .So I must start practicing from now itself.
THAPKI:Oooho M for MY ,M for MOTABUDHI I am going to change n wear the night dress.
BIHAAN:Okk.He goes near her n holds her.
BIHAAN:This MOTABUDHI has got an idea.
THAPKI:What idea?
BIHAAN:Shall I help u?Thapki puts her arms around his neck
THAPKI:As u are insisting so much,I will take ur help.Both of them smile.


Thahaan (Journey from hatred to love) Episode 11


Thahaan (Journey from hatred to love) Episode 11

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