( A story of kkb, yhm, matsh, ipknd….. Mixture of all)Hai guys this is tamizh…… (Tamilians pls read without losing it)Today iam not going to start any ff. I just want all your comments and support. I know here many Tamilians are there and all r eagerly producing their ff and commenting others. So i thought why not lets take one step further!!!!!!

How is my idea guys???? What is your opinion about it.??????

If u ppl like my idea then please comment. And encourage me.
Not only tamilians also all other languages brothers and sisters and sweet friends pls comment.
I promise u ppl that u will come to know about our culture and surely enjoy our style too. Just once try nd explore ours please guys.
So all pls comment. Then lets decide our main pair.

As of now iam thinking of writing ff for our very own SARAVANAN MEENATCHI!!!!!(old) who r now the real life couple, if ur comments r positive. So pls suggest your opinions.

This is just a temporary intro…….

A beautiful vaithiyalingam temple is shown. A girl with flashing maroon pavadai nd sandal thavani ( half saree) goes into the temple with pooja basket in her hands. Her legs has a glittering silver anklet with muthu manis all over which makes a blissful noise. Her hands are covered with dazzling golden nd maroon glass bangles. She swiftly holds her skirt with her left hand and bends down to touch the entrance of the temple. Then she swarms in adjusting her soft silky hair towards her ears and the jasmine flowers in her plates ie pinnal spreads throught mesmerizing every one. She reaches main sanadhi and rings the bell. Slowly ger eyes and ears and lips r shown. She is the one and only meenatchi…….

Guys read it nd pls do comment. If its not nice then ill discard the idea.

Waiting fr ur rplies…….

(Since most of ppl are watching kkb, ipknd, matsh, i wrote this story is a mixture of all so that my post will grab your attention. Pls comment.)





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