Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th March 2016 –

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The Episode starts with Pratima shouting she will never bless this relation. Dadi says Pratima is in shock, and blesses Barbie and Yuvraaj. Menka tells Rags that you have to do grahpravesh now. Shakuntala thanks Dadi for keeping her promise. Dadi says I always keep my words. She asks Barbie to keep Yuvraaj happy. Yuvraaj says I will just talk to Maa and come. Dadi says meet her later, she is angry. He says no, you know I can’t leave Maa alone. He goes. Dadi says Barbie you are bahu of this house now, Pratima is imp for Yuvraaj, you have to win her trust. Barbie says don’t worry, I will take care. Menka says this marriage happened for baby, why is Dadi saying this. Rags says I knew this, Barbie has some other plan that’s why she married. Barbie asks Rags to do her aarti according to the bet. Rags asks Barbie to follow what Dadi said, don’t come in my way. Rags leaves. Dadi asks Barbie not to get in these matters. Barbie hugs Shakuntala and says see what dramas happen in this house now. She smiles wicked way. She asks Ramesh to keep her bags in Yuvraaj’s room.

Rakhi tells Lalita that Soumya gave away money to people. Soumya says you asked me to become Devi, charity is also imp. Lalita says I think, we have to teach her. She tries hurting Soumya. Soumya gets angry and takes a trishul in her hand. She asks will you tell Krishna. Krishna comes and asks what do you want to tell me Rakhi.

Pratima is angry on Saurabh. Sharad says we all know this, its not Saurabh’s mistake. Pratima says what, you all got Barbie here in this house by supporting Dadi. Barbie asks Ramesh to get kesar milk for her. Rags and Menka taunt Barbie. Pratima asks all of them to get out of her room. Bhavna says listen to us. Pratima says Sharad, you forgot that Suhani fought with everyone to get your rights and place, and Saurabh you are my son, you cheated me, how. You don’t have any solid reason to do this. Yuvraaj comes and says we had a reason. We lost Suhani, but I don’t want to lose this baby, it was Suhani’s last wish, we did mistake once, we had no way, Barbie was going for abortion, this baby is Suhani’s last sign. Pratima says no, Suhani is fine and she will come back, why are you all staring at me, you all feel I have gone mad, that Akhand jyot did not blow off that day, why did you all not wait for Suhani, what will Yuvraaj answer her when she comes back. Yuvraaj hugs her and asks her to relax. Pratima cries. Yuvraaj sends everyone. He says we will sit and talk. He says we need this baby. She says no, this was not needed, how can you do this with Suhani.

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th March 2016 –


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th March 2016 –


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