Swasan together (Episode 1)

Hello guys Labdhi here so here is the next part of Swasan together
Sanky:I know Swara i married you and started to ignore you because I thought it would be a punishment for you for not trusting me and my love
Kavya pehli rasoi drama starts and Sujata taunts her
Sujata:u shameless girl what have your parents taught u
Kavya runs up
Laksh:chachi stop it she does not have parents
Sujata:what do I know
Sanskar:please stop all this nonsense laksh u go up and take care of her
Swara thinks:why is he behaving so wierd
Sanskar goes upstairs and Swara follows him

Swara:Sanskar why r u behaving like this with our family
Sanskar:it is my family not yours
Swara:we r married so this not only your family my also
Sanskar:I married u only for my revenge because you never trusted me i always trusted u but u could never trust me
Swara breaks down after listening this
Swara:I m sorry sanskar but don’t do this with me
She holds his hand but he jerks it
Sanskar:leave my hand
He leaves the room
Swara wipes her tears:ok we wants to ruin me but I will also show him that what I’m
She packs her bags and goes out
All members r shocked seeing this

Ap:beta where r u going
Swara tells everything to them
Ap slaps sanskar
Ap:sanskar u ruined her life Swara please listen to me
Swara:I m going
She leaves mm and then entry of Samar he takes his sisters to London and there sanskar understand his mistakes and goes to baadi but they have already left for london
Fb ends
San:plss come back Swara I have understood my mistake why did u go to London see Kavya has also turned out to be a good daughter in law
In London
Samar:sammie we have a deal with a company of india so we have to go to india
Rag:but where in india

Rag:but sammie
Swara:but what rags it was past now I m not Swara I m sammie
Sam:that’s my sammie now pack your bags and tell vihaan and rihaan to get ready as they have vacations from tomorrow so they are coming with us
A man:how can u go without us
Ragini hugs him:u also come with us Kabir
Another man:and what about me sammie
Swara:how can I forget u aarav
Ragini and Kabir love each other while aarav also loves Swara but she doesn’t love him. Kabir and Aarav r brothers
Next day they leave for Kolkata

In india
In mm
Laksh:bhai I got news that Swara and Ragini r coming to Kolkata for a deal we have ta apologise to them

Sorry guys for not posting it earlier but my practical exams have started and I have my written exams on 28 so it is difficult for me to post big parts and please don’t bash me as I showed sanskar negative and please give me your comments and views and please support me

Swasan together (Episode 1)


Swasan together (Episode 1)


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