Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadal) Episode 38

Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadal) Episode 38

Swaragini –(love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 38

Recap:shaurya entry. Sanskar hurts ragini again hearing this swara says about how nice ragini is and he also get to know about the videos.

Hii guys dhamini here. Tq u so much guys for loving and encouraging me.

Episode starts..

Scene :at parking
Swara searches for ragini then only shaurya comes with ragini in his hands in a unconscious state. Swara runs to her
Swara :what happened to my laado
Shaurya:I think she has fever.
Swara : oh I will take her to my home.
Rishi:swara is laksh fine
Swara :yaahh
Swara :she has fever can u drop me to my house
Shaurya :ok then take care of her I have some work and goes from there.
Swara :tq u very much.

Laksh comes to sanskar
Sanskar :lucky u here
Laksh:bhai what have u done I heard every thing. U know bhai how nice is ragini. She first thinks about her surroundings and after only she thinks about herself. U know bhai she helped her friend and married her to his lover and her herself put her life in danger. And munni she is her life. She met her 2weeks ago but can do anything for her. U know bhai today what have u done I won’t forget and won’t forgive u. I am going to home.
Sanskar :hits his hand to the car door. What have I done I hurted her a lot no no I have betrayed and I made nothing left for her . I really have done a big sin.
Shanaya :hey darling y u came here suddenly. And ur hand oh God it’s bleeding
Sanskar :slaps her hard that his fingers got printed on her face.
Sanskar :shut up just shut up don’t dare to utter a word. U bcoz of u I have done so much wrong with ragini. She is very innocent but bcoz of u I valued her for all.
Shanaya :sanskar what are u saying u forgot that she made a video on u
Sanskar :again slaps her and shows the video. Now also u want to say that she made the video. I also blindly believed u without even thinking at that she is near me and didn’t did any video. U know what now if this video goes to net also I won’t care bcoz now ragini is important for me not that. Now get lost. If I have seen u anywhere around me I swear I won’t leave u alive. Get lost from here u did this cheap trick and made me forget about our love. Don’t dare to show ur face again.
Shanaya looks on. Sanskar goes from there.

Scene :at gm
Swaragshi enters.
Dadi :what what is this girl doing here
Swara :dadi if u speak another word means I will forget that u are my dadi. Dadi is shocked.
Swara takes ragini to her room. Sumi checks her and says ragini got very high fever. I will make her to take medicines. Swear u don’t worry she will be fine by tomorrow.
Swara :maa I want to say something come down plz..
All gathered in the hall even rishi is also there.
Swara :listen everyone laado is my life in fact if I am alive today that is bcoz of my laado. From today onwards whatever it may be laado will be living here only. If not I will also leave this house forever.
Dadi:swara what are u saying for some girl u will leave all of us.
Swara :dadi plz until now I didn’t did anything against u. Plz don’t force me to do that.
Dadi:ok then if she will leave here means u should marry rishi
Swara :what okk I agree.
Dadi:no I won’t believe u. Now only ur engagement will happen.
Rishi :dadi plz I don’t want to force swara
Swara :no rishi I am not saying this by any force. I will do engagement now itself.
Dadi smiles and brings rings and said to exchange them.
First swara makes rishi wear the ring. And after rishi also makes her wear the ring.
Swara : oh now all happy I am going to see laado. Rishi thanks for agreeing it. I am sry I slapped u. I am very sry.
Rishi:no swara don’t say like that. I am leaving u plz take care of ragini and urself.

Scene :at mm
Munni is crying :I want laado. Tq want her right now.
Ap:no munni don’t cry like this she will come.
Lucky :Munni don’t cry she will come tomorrow she went to swara s house as she was missing her and sent me to look after u.
Munni:really but y she didn’t say me.
Ap:laksh what happened to u these many bandages.
Laksh :maa don’t worry I am fine it’s just a small accident. Maa give food to me I will feed munni.
Ap gives food to him
Lucky feeds her and makes her sleep on his chest.

Scene :morning at gm
Swara was awake whole night and giving her medicines in 2hrs and also places the wet cloth on her head in every 30min.she holds her Hand and kissed on her forehead. Ragini wakes up
Swara cries badly and hugs her.
Ragini:Shona don’t cry I am fine.
Swara :shut up. Don’t utter a word. U didn’t even said to me how ur Boss used to torture u in the name of office. From now onwards u don’t need to work for him. I thrower the money in his face.
Ragini:what I said na don’t give money.
Swara :laado for u I am important or that money
Ragini:Shona ur my life ur uncomparable for me.
Swara switched on TV and both see the news in which it is shown that shaurya the acp arresting sanskar for misbehaving with girls.
Reporter:see the great business is arrested for showing cruelty for girl who is non another than his employee and shows the video in which he is slapping ragini.
Swara :if I would not have promised u laado I swear he would not be alive today.
Ragini :ok leave it I don’t want to talk about it BTW where is munni wait I am in ur house dadi..
Swara :laado when yesterday night she saw u like that she accepted u to stay here and also felt very bad for u. She lies
Ragini:really Shona. This is the happiest morning. Tq u Shona. But I think I should go to munni.
Swara :are u mad ur are not well u can’t go.
Ragini:no Shona I didn’t left her till now. Plz let me go na. Plzz
Swara :ok come I will drop u.
Ragini :no Shona see u awake whole night. U sleep I will go.
Swara :no chance at all I won’t leave u
Ragini : plz Shona it’s a promise u sleep I will go.
Ragini comes down from the steps but she slips due to weakness but dadi catches her.
Dadi:be careful beta
Ragini cries and hugs her:tq s dadi for caring me and allowing me to stay here.
Dadi:ok OK stop now I did only for my swara. And I am not that bad.
Ragini kisses her cheeks and goes:I know dadi ur are very sweet. Dadi too smiles

Scene :at mm
Ap:ragu beta u came. Munni cried a lot at night but lucky looked after her.
Ragini:namaste maa what laksh came but he is not fine na
Ap:he said only a small accident so he discharged.
Ragini:where is my frnd.
Ap:he went to us for some business agreement.
Ragini:ok I will go and check Munni. She goes and sees munni sleeping on lucky and stares lovingly.
Lucky still sleeps. Ragini holds munni. She takes her in her hands.
Munni :laado why did u left me. I thought u also left me like my mom. I won’t talk to u. I am very hurt
Ragini:no munni I can’t live without my heart how can I.
Munni:that means I am ur heart naa
Ragini :yes sweet heart
Munni:for me ur like my breathe. We can’t live without breathing na
Ragini becomes emotional and hugs her:I won’t leave u till my death. Sry for yesterday
Munni:it’s OK come get me ready I am getting late for school
Ragini:ok come we will ready fastly. From today we will be with Shona only
Munni:really I missed her a lot.

Scene :at school
Ragini drops and was about to go then she saw avi
Ragini:why is my handsome sad today
Avi: papa didn’t came yesterday night my servants said that he was in police station. They will hang him na I am very scared. Yesterday I was all alone in the home. I was very frightened.
Ragini:u don’t worry avi he will come and she hugs him and finds he has fever. What u are having fever avi
Avi was not responding he fainted.
Ragini fastly takes him to gm

Scene :at gm
Ap:avi.. Ragini what happened to him
Ragini : plz call doctor fastly. He is having fever.
Ap calls doctor :Dr. Is coming
Avi is continously murmuring papa papa.
Ragini :maa u look after him I will come
Laksh:what happened to avi
Ragini : plz look after him I will come Dr. Is on the way.

Scene :at police station
Shaurya:ragini u here any problem. Of he did something wrong
Ragini:no no plz leave him his son got fever. He is asking his papa. Plz leave him
Shaurya:but it’s not possible.
Ragini :the case is bcoz of me only na. I will sign where u want plz his son is very small. Plzz
Shaurya :ok OK I will realise him. U plz sign here.
Ragini signs sanskar comes out and sees ragini.
Shaurya:hey see man whom u slapped came to release u. How can behave like this with her. No one can even try to talk bad with her and u disgusting.
Sanskar :ragini..
Ragini :I didn’t did it for u. Avi is having fever for avi I came here don’t think I forgave u. Avi is continously uttering papa that’s why I came
Sanskar:what avi and he is running where is he
Ragini:in maheshwari mamsion
Sanskar :what I took him there
Ragini:just shut up now avi s life is important not ur angry.

Episode ends…

Precap :sanskar and avi are staying in mm. Shaurya and ragini moments. Sanskar continously asking for forgiveness..

Guys today I wrote something.sry for short update. Today I am busy from tomorrow the update will be long and interesting . Suggestions are always accepted.ur comments are only improving my confidence. Thank uuuuuu


Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadal) Episode 38


Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadal) Episode 38

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