Tashan wala love (Epi-2)

Hi guys sorry I got late i was busy my mom and dad came back so u had guests over any ways let me start

Leela-twinkle puttar wake up your getting late
Twinkle-maa 2 mins
Leela-it’s frist day don’t get late
Twinkle-ok maa I am awake now she hose and gets dressed and runs down
Leela-eat food and go
Twinkle-No mom I am getting late I will eat at college
Leela-ok bye twinkle takes blessing and gose

Twinkle is running and collides with kunj
Twinkle-sorry sorry when she looks up she is shocked so is kunj
Twinj-this is my college
Both start laughing because they were saying the same thing at same time they both go in and are also shocked that they both are in same class
On the other hand yuhi are shocked as well and have to sit beside each other because there is no other spot later the principle calls everyone and says we are having a couple dance competition how ever wants to take part will fill out form and there name will go in a bowl and names will be randomly picked twinj and yuhi take part in then the principle announces the names and twinj and yuhi are partners
Twinj-yuhi-what but since they really wanted to take part they agree

Kunj call twinkle and yuhi to his house
to practice to dance

Once again sorry?

Tashan wala love (Epi-2)


Tashan wala love (Epi-2)


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