PKYEK (abhiya forever) Episode 23

PKYEK (abhiya forever) Episode 23

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sid:so full team is here
mish:so thats the bl**dy rascal
jai:yes mish
sid lustily looks at panchi
panchi holds jai’s arm
sid:what if i kill ur family piya?
abhay:fight me first
sid:as u wish
sid thinks:i always have a back up plan
sid and abhay stand in mid and begin to fight
noth punch and give blows to each other
sid hurts abhay and piya shouts his name
jai is about to help abhay when maithli stops him
maithli:no jai not now….let him fight alone
panchi:but he is being bashed
maithli sees sid beating abhay badly
she looks at sky and recites sth in her mouth
a ray of blue light hits abhay and he gets some power and overpowers sid and beats him
jai:maithli…how did u??

maithli:pure souls are blessed with special powers by God….
abhay is about to kill sid with a stake when somebody attacks him.its KABIR.
all are shocked to see him
abhay:kabir…what the hell??
sid stands up laughing
sid:first shock
misha:kabir…what r u doing here??
kabir doesnt respond
sid:he is under my influence…see the mark
all see fangs mark on kabir’s neck
piya:what is this?
jai:its a fang mark….sid has bit kabir…and kabir has drunk his blood which means kabir is now sired to sid…kabir will obey sid even if he dosent want to…in short kabir is now sid’s puppet….
sid:so i know he is ur friend so i thought to use him…lets begin again…ow i will beat u and if u try to harm me then…

abhay:then what??
sid:kabir….u will killy urself
kabir:yes sir
panchi:r u mad kabir….how can u let him rule u…come in ur senses
kabir doesnt say anything to them
fight begins again and sid continuously beats abhay.whenever abhay tries to attack sid he thinks of kabir and lets sid beat him again
others are tensed and crying
piya:jai do sth…
jai:abhay and kabir….damn i…
maithli:misha…only u can save them…
maithli:yes…i can feel ur heart which is beating for kabir…u love him?
misha gets emotional:yes
all are shocked
maithli:love is a divine power which can break every spell so just go to kabir and make him remember all ur happy moments and try to convince him to come back to senses and remember u have to do it with love
misha nods and goes to him

he doesnt respond
misha:kabir…dude…i dnt know anything about this love or what,….but after i have realised that i love u i came to life…its a different feeling…we r best buddies and i never thought that i could fall for u…i know u love me too but r not able to accept it right no but plz….plz…come in ur senses,…think of all teh times that we friend shave spent with each other….we all are together since our childhood….all of ur friends life is in danger today and only u can help us…plz…
she holds his hand
kabir looks at her and tears escape his eyes

kabir:i am helpless
misha kisses him on lips and both hug passionately
kabir feels the love and comes out of trance
abhay si badly injured
sid shouts: time to end this lovestory
he is about to kill abhay when jai throws stone at him
sid:what the hell….pay for it now….kabir kill urself…
kabir shouts:no…
sid is shocked
sid:how did this….
others smile at the success
sid:no…my game is not over yet…
sid shouts: come…

just then they see 5 vampire and two wolves coming from behind sid…
jai is shocked
jai:what the hell u cheat…this fight was between u and abahy only how could u bring the team?
sid:i always work with plans…
jai:maithli protect them…let me handle them
mish kabir piya panchi hide with maithi
pia:but abhay,…he is lying unconscious
maithli:nothing will happen to him
kabir:dnt worry…
jai starts fighting them
he tries to fight and gets injured.he fights all of them and kills 2 vamps.the rest overpower him.two vampires hold him from both arms and when werewolf opens his mouth to eat him when he gets a kick.
maithli and team is relieved to see chand and haseena
haseena:we r not ur parents,,,so dnt,,,
sid:what the hell r u doing here?
chand:when children are in problem how can we stay behind?
they starts to fight enemies wih jai

sid sees his plan failing and fumes
sid:no…i wnt lose…never
he sees the stake nearby and pick it up and runs towards abhay
sid:enjoy death in sleep….its unpainful but painful after death…
sid attacks abhay and all are shocked……..

PKYEK (abhiya forever) Episode 23


PKYEK (abhiya forever) Episode 23

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