Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 48)

Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 48)

Nandini kept her hand on her stomach” iam sorry child I didn’t say about you to your dad and granny. Forgive me, if reveal they will never let me go” nandini tears are reached airport.

Nandini is forcedly dragging her body. Each and every molecule in her body is apposing to go.she badly want Manik. Still she sat in flight.

Nandini reached Mumbai. Went to her house. She is like a dead body walking soul less. Her mind and heart is roaring, shouting, crying for Manik.
By seeing Nandini after a long time watchman felt happy and asked her how are you? Nandini is unable to speak or listen. Her ears are filled with manik’s roar “Nandini”
She just walked in

Parth playing in garden saw Nandini came runing and shouting nandu everyone thought he is hurt so came running out and saw Nandini.
All are surprised and shocked to see her. Sulochana hugged her and got tears. Nandini didn’t respond
Everyone are hugging her with happiness.
Navya shakes her called Nandini.
Nandini took a long breath and fainted. All catch hold her and took her in. Everyone are standing outside docter is checking her.

Docter came out and said the good news that Nandini is pragnant.
All shouted with happiness. Mr. Murthy sat besides daughter and looked at her ” chutki! What happened?” His heart is saying Nandini is not well
“Can stay here?” She asked
“Yes, but say what happened?”
“I left that house. I left Manik. Mom. Everyone.”
“Ok! Take rest”
“Nobody will say to anyone that iam pragnant, till I stay here it’s my only request”
She slept
Everyone are shocked. The happiness they got was left in a moment. Navya went in tried to talk to Nandini but all went in vain

Manik is totally shattered. He is unable to digest the truth. Getting irritated on himself for letting her to go.
He hit the tree which beside him with his left hand in anger which is already in pain shouted in high pitch. Nyionika came out of shock and took Manik in and called docter

Docter dressed up the hand and gave pain killer whole going congratulated Manik and nyionika
“For what docter”

“Arey madam are you joking Nandini madm is pragnant. So I congratulated. On that it was me who declared she said to keep secret she want to declare it to you both together but unfortunately Manik got accident. I too forgot to congratulate. So congrats”
Docter went away
Manik and nyionika looked each others face both got pale faces
” she called me asked me to come home fast on that, yes mom she want to say this”Manik face became more pale,
“Why did she go?” Nyionika asked herself
“Mom such a big and best news is hurting me more” both hugged and tears followed for their eyes

Manik called harshaad. Nandini’s assistant informed Manik that she booked ticket for Mumbai.
Harshaad by seeing manik’s number on mobile took the call and kept in speaker
“Hello! Harshaad it’s me Manik, nandu came der?”
“Thank god! Thank god!” He prayed “look harshaad how is she? Is she ok? Did she reach safe? It’s my mistake I shouldn’t have let her go specially in this condition. I know you all will look after we’ll still morning we will come”
“You know the news?” Harshaad asked in confusion
“Yes actually docter said it she didn’t and don’t say her that iam coming. Navya please take care of her ”
“Manik actually what happened?”
Abhishek asked
“I don’t know I really don’t know she threatened me of killing herself and went away”
“Don’t worry! We will look after her” navya answered
“Is she ok? Can I talk?”
Navya took mobile inside her room

Nandini is crying “nandu!” Manik called.
Nandini with happiness got up and turned back “Manik” but it’s navya with mobile tears rolled down
“Nandu! Why did you do this to me? How can you? How many times we discussed about baby? Then why?”
“You know it?” Nandini got shocked
“You betrayed me nandu iam coming”
“No Manik you will not”
“Shut up! Nobody is going to listen to your shit! Just wait for me”
“Please ”
“Don’t even dare to utter a word”Manik hanged the call
Nandini is happy but then felt sad in a moment
Navya asked Nandini the reason

Frist she didn’t say but navya forced her
“Mom last her husband because of this family. Where ever she looks at me she reminds the day when she lost everything still she gave me lots of love, played me,danced with me, cried for me and with me, keeping her pain deep inside but what did I do? Nothing just enjoying my happiness with my husband. I can’t be so selfish if in my places any other was there she would have been more happier she deserves happiness.i can’t bring papa ji back but I can get rid of pain which is going through by seeing me all time infront of her.”

“That’s not true and what you are doing is not correct.” Navya warned her.

Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 48)


Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 48)

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