Swasan- Tere ishq mein (episode 5)

Hiii friends,Thank you for liking and commenting my ff….Please keep commenting…. and remember one thing dear frnzz….this is a flashback which is telling by Sanskar to Ragini when she came to know about Swara’s missing… Sorry dear friends I forgot to add the links of the previous episodes.I will add it regularly from this episode…

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Episode 5

Swara looked at the clock it is showing 9.She was thinking about Sanskar…..”Where are you Sanskar you didn’t left me like this before”….she wiped her tears….She wrote something and threw it to the corner .That paper hill is immediately growing like a Volcano… Yeah it is a volcano which was made by her tears…,,her only one communication medium. She sat on the floor and leaned to the bed.Suddenly Puppy came to her with his sweet barking sound.He entered to her lap for playing with her.She patted on his forehead…… “Aaauuu”…. He created an innocent voice.She kissed him with tears…..” Puppy will u leave me…leave me like him.???please don’t do that “……she sobbed and hugged him…….

Kavita came out of bathroom. She was wearing a hot night gown.She was damn beautiful in that…..
“Sanskar this is our first night I will make you fully mine tonight”.She applied some deodorant on her body.Suddenly she heard the voice of something breaking…….Kavita ran to there and shocked to see Sanskar is consuming alcohol. He is drinking a full bottle whiskey.His legs are not allowing to stand him steady….” Why Shona why are you not allowing this, you know, how much I am missing you???…”….Then he wiped his tears like a kid…”I know Shona I slapped you sorry sorry sorry hundred thousand sorry…. please pardon me…..You are missing our family…. Then what about me I am also missing them….we will go there then please talk to me”….Suddenly he saw a candle. He came in front of that….”Shona I slapped you by this hand na now I don’t want this hand…”he begins to burn his right hand……”oh oh aaaaaa…burn fast…I have no time I want to go to my Shona…I want to show her my hands” …..Kavita ran to him and pushed him aside….”what is this Sanskar??”…Sanskar felt that Kavita is Swara and touched on her cheek….”Shona I am really sorry that I hurt you…. look look I burned my hand…will you please forgive me “…..he asked like a kid and lied on her shoulder…..

Swara gets a call from Kavita….”Swara I want to meet you right now”…. Swara is burning in anger…”Look Kavita I am not your slave or servant…so I will not come to you ….and tell me where is my Sanskar….????”…Kavita laughed…” Your Sanskar, oh I got it, my Sanskar.He is with me….and we are spending some happy time together..”….suddenly she laughed ….”Sanskar no no you can’t do this please don’t kiss me like this….. “……Swara feels pain in her heart but the truth is that Sanskar is sleeping deeply on the bed…..”Kavita I know you are acting??? so please stop your melodrama”…..”Melodramatic??? I m melodramatic ???then come here I will show you….”…
“Okay wait I will come there”

Sanskar is tightly holding Kavita’s hand….”Please Shona please don’t leave me”….Kavita felt bad…”??? Shona Shona Shona….I will ruin that name from your mind”…..Swara came to the bedroom.Kavita attempts to got up but Sanskar is not leaving her….”I told you na that not leave me ,remain here my Princess”…..Swara is stunned to hear that… “Princess?? oh your princess will change day by day right..??”….Kavita signals a helpless sign to Swara….” Look Swara this is the actual situation he is not leaving me for a moment”…….
Swara: why did you called me here…for showing this???….she shouts
Kavita: please wait a moment…. She came back with some papers
“Sign it Swara”
Swara received that and read it carefully…. “??? divorce paper !!!!…no no I will not sign it”
Swara said

“Yeah he is a little angry to me but it will be alright soon”….. Kavita placed that papers and pen to the table….”Look Swara it is your misunderstanding aisa kuch bhi nahi hone wala”….Swara is burning in anger and attempts to left the house….” Swara look it is your dream but the fact is that ,he is very happy with me.His only one problem that is you.You are not getting rid of our life.”…..Swara’s eyes are filling and is staring at the floor ,then said…..”So what Kavita we will meet in the court”…Kavita is a little afraid …..”Come on Swara I will show you something”……she showed Sanskar’s burned arm to Swara.”…..”look Swara he is harming himself because of you”….Kavita’s fake tears are rolling from her eyes….. “You are the only reason for his sorrow.Now the decision is yours.”…. Kavita said and left the room.Swara bends down her knees and applied the ointment on Sanskar’s hand.Which was Kavita didn’t done before……”Why Sanskar why are you harming yourself.If you want divorce from me,Then why didn’t you asked me….I would have given that”…..Swara sobbed…. after sometime she wiped her tears….”Sanskar your happiness is also my happiness na but don’t tell me to stop loving you,I can’t do that…”… Her voice is not spurting from her vocal cord….”I loved you, I love you and I will love you for ever”……Swara took that divorce agreement.She remembered about their happiest moments that how could he proposed her….

” I love you Shona and I will take care of you for ever”…,about that moment when he held her hand and came out of MM…how he feeded her food…. How he kissed her…how he cared for her….then she closed her eyes with decisiveness.2 droplets of tears are rolled through her cheeks.He opened her eyes and signed that paper. Their marriage scenes are showing amidst of the signing scenes.Then she returned to Sanskar and kissed on his forehead….. “I m leaving Sanskar…That might be my last kiss.Anyway I will never come across you and Kavita like a parasite . Live your life peacefully and take care,bye…”….. She wiped her tears and turned to go….suddenly Sanskar holds her fingers in sleeping…”Please don’t leave me princess” he whispered in sleep.She is happy to hear that for a second then suddenly her smile is vanished from her face…. “No Sanskar your princess will not leave you. Kavita will be here for you for ever…”… She separated his hand from her and left with wiping her tears…..
Sunn raha hai…female version performs

Kavita is noticing it with joy

Kavita came to Sanskar with that agreement…. “Sanskar please sign it…”….he was in a subconscious mind and he signed it.She smiled like an evil….” Oh God you are great I didn’t expect that it will be so. fast “…..

At the next day Swara went to hospital for her regular check up…..” Mrs Maheshwari please get rid of issues…. Your mental condition is not stable… Please remain happy otherwise you will lose your child and now there is no complications”….Swara stunningly looked at her….” Tq Dr I will take care of it”……she left the hospital….”Yeah I have to go from here for my children and my Sanskar’s sake”….Then she saw a shop for babies and went for buying some things for her children……. She is choosing some dresses for the newborn babies…. Suddenly someone punched on her shoulder….It was Kavita “Hello Swara,how are you
.. oh are you buying baby dresses…you know Swara it is a luck….husband’s love,children’s love… I m very lucky now that I got such a caring husband and what a pity I am feeling bad for you….” Kavita showed a mocking expression to Swara. Swara is staring at the floor angrily……..suddenly Sanskar called Kavita for something… But he didn’t noticed Swara there….”oh my darling is calling me, coming baby”…..Suddenly Kavita cutted by something…… “Oh I forgot it….”…. Swara doubtfully looked at her.Kavita took some kajal from her eyes and applied it to back of her ear and said to herself….” Kavita it will protect you from someone’s bad eye”…she leaves… Swara noticed Sanskar and Kavita laughing and talking to each other with taking somethings…. She leaves there with teary eyes…. Kavita noticed it and happy to seeing that…..

Days have passed but nothing changed in their lives.Sanskar went to a business tour to San Francisco for getting rid of issues. He thought that these interval will give a relief to his mind.They didn’t called each other because he is angry to her and she is depressed by him.But he expected a call from her and she waited for him. She have a belief that he will come to meet her before their divorce and they will reunite.But nothing happened like that…. These days decreased his anger.The corner is filling with papers.That was like her diary filling with daily happenings…..

15 days later…..

Sanskar returned to New York. But he can’t find Kavita in the house. He called her but it was not answering….Suddenly an another call arrived for Sanskar
Man: hello is this mr Sanskar Maheshwari
Sanskar: Yeah Sanskar Maheshwari here. Who is this
Man:Sir I am your lawyer and congratulations your divorce with Mis Swara Gadodia is done
Sanskar : what ???are you crazy..I think it is wrong number
Lawyer: no sir I am right
Sanskar: What rubbish is this when did I appointed you
Lawyer: Sir it’s not you.it’s your girlfriend Kavita she appointed me…actually she filed this divorce petition
Sanskar: What Kavita???…my gf…hey where is your office I will come there…I want to meet you….

He went to that lawyer’s office and shocked to see his and Swara’s signatures in the agreement…”When did I signed it”.he tried to recognize that.At last he remembered that night…He called his friend Rajeev told him to find where is Kavita and he went to meet Swara….He found her in a park.She is sitting there in a bench.He was shocked to see her appearance. She was totally changed…. That glazing eyes which was only made to look him,today it is staring at far away…..her lips are forgot to smile….her hair is loosen like a widow.She was wearing white color Saree….Sanskar sat beside her…

Rajeev found and followed Kavita.After sometime she disappeared from his eye sight.He searched for her…She went to a small lake side clinic
“Dr I don’t want this child….there is many complications in my pregnancy…. It will affect my life too”…..

Dr : Then what abort it..

Kavita: Dr my husband is not letting me to do so…. Will you please….

Dr : Look mrs Maheshwari this is not our country….if I will to that maybe I will get a life time sentence….
So please if you want an abortion please come with your husband….
Kavita trapped doctor with her fake tears.Kavita touched her feet….” Doctor please please save me, if I will die then what about my elder daughter…. My husband, he is a womanizer he will sell my child….please doctor…
Dr: Then come on we will call the cops
Kavita is afraid….then she changed her track
“No doctor please don’t do that he is a member of a smuggling agency.If I will trap him,they will destruct me and my daughter… Please doctor….
At last the doctor accepted her request and shifted her to the operation theatre.

After 45 minutes

Dr:Mrs Maheshwari it’s over…..
She smiled like an evil…
“Now it’s blame will also go to you Swara.I am waiting for Sanskar’s return. He will fully hates you after this”….


Sanskar touched her shoulder with a pain….”Shona”…he called her….she came out from her thoughts and smiled to him with in her tears…..” Sanskar Thanks bolne ayi ho kya.???for giving you divorce???”….Sanskar rubbed his eyes…She stood up and walked a little “Itne dhin se main intazaar karti rahi ki tum aungi,tum aungi par tum nahi aayi….any way I am happy for you and Kavita”…..Sanskar also stood up now he is standing at her back…”Then what about you Shona you also have to move on na….”….she wiped her tears….”I am also moved on Sanskar”…Sanskar is stunned to hear that…..She smiled with tears and turned to Sanskar. Then she touched her tummy…”Aage badne ke liye tumne hi to mujhe wajah di hai….2 beautiful reasons for making me alive” she smiled when she looked at her tummy…It was the first time that Sanskar noticed her belly it was a little raised..

Sanskar is stunned to hear that….Then she took that gift which was on the bench.Sanskar recognized that…it was the gift when he avoid because of Kavita….”do you remember this gift I found it from the dust bin….”.Sanskar is staring at her with a pain and she continued her speech…”but you don’t want them right???”….he took something from the ground which was fallen from that gift.It was a ribbon something is written in it .He read it and shocked… “You will become a dad”…..He smiled and held her shoulders…”?? Shona you”…. He hugged her and then held her cheeks and attempts to kiss her forehead but she pulled him backward……”Leave me,What is your right over me???hak kya hai tumhara????It’s all over….
“Shona….???”…. He doubtfully called her….”don’t you get it, it’s all over today”…..”But don’t be afraid Sanskar me or my children will not interfere in your life ever…”….. Then she touched her tummy once again and Smiled…”You know Sanskar doctor told me that, it is twins”… Sanskar smiled and she continued her speech…”maybe a boy and a girl…then I will definitely name them like you said,Abhimanyu and Deepika….”……He hugged her once again…” Shona I want to tell you many things will you hear those things…”…..”First of all I want to tell you something will you hear that???
Sanskar: Yeah off course

Swara: Chali jao yahan se..Mere saamne mat aana…..she sobbed…
Sanskar:?? Shona
Swara: When ever I will see you I am letting down……I am fearing that I will loss my children by this…. I can’t be alive without them…..
Sanskar: Shona please hear me… He holds her fingers… But she left with separating her hand from him……Suddenly she proceeds to fall down but Sanskar held her….they have an eye lock…. “Shona sambhalke….”

She wiped her tears “Mujh par yeh Aadat mat daalo Sanskar….aage mujhe akele hi jaana hoga na tum nahi hogi mujhe pakadne ke liye…..”…. She walked…she is crying and Sanskar is looking at her with pain,his eyes are also filled

Please forgive if u notiz any spelling errors. Kritika please don’t create a new river…a leap will take place. Sorry dear this was the story that I have thought…. Any way your comment was very funny.They will meet soon dear and Anu it is a flashback.Simran I am giving the previous links actually I forgot to add it in the previous episode.Saying hii to my Malayali frnzz sreeja and Neha.Dilruba plz don’t hate Sanky he is unaware of the truth…Kittu don’t worry a leap will arrive soon and they will separate for somemore time. Zzz and xxxx your name is so complicating please use some other name sorry if I hurt u…….Saying hiii to Arati,dolly,Seeba,Divya,seeba,renu,shan,dhara,kriti,Tvisha and others…..sorry frnzz I can’t write the name of all of you here….please forgive me??????please don’t estrange to me..Sorry if I hurt others…we will chat by comments…..Saying hii to my silent readers….please do comment dear frnzz…silent readers please do comment

Swasan- Tere ishq mein (episode 5)


Swasan- Tere ishq mein (episode 5)


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