Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 19)

Friends, In Tamil culture the elders wants the newly married couple to be away from each other for a month, its a tamil month called as Aadi. Its just the belief our ancestors has that if the couple gets intimate at that month, then there is a chance of delivering baby on the 10th month is exacly April month which will be a summer time. So you all know in south side, summer time will be very bad and it might give a problem to the new born baby’s health. That’s the reason the elders doesn’t want the couples to stay together on Aadi month. hope it clears the doubt.

Now come to our episode, this seperataion will bring Ardhika close to each other where Arjun bows down infront of her and confess his feelings towards her. They want to unite soon but they will be staying away from each other which will give us more hidden romance between them that how they are yearning for each other once they confess their love to each other. Hope you will get some nice secret romances. And all these will take place during Nesam’s marriage celebrations basically on the village.

Here you go with episode 19

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 19)

Recap: Ardhika & Nesam shopping started. Ardhika’s first kiss makes Arjun mad on Radhika.

Arjun is still sleeping and he feels a soft touch on his bare shoulder. He opened his eyes and sees Radhika with wet hair stands with coffee cup in her hands and smiles seeing him. She turns him completely and sit beside him. Arjun gets up and sits straight and looks her shocked. He just stares her continuously and thinks whether it is the same dream he had on their first day. He slowly pinches him and feels the pain and looks her.

Radz smiles seeing his act and pinches him hardly. Arjun screams in pain and starts rubbing his hands coz of pain. Radhika laughs at him and says, “it is not a dream. You don’t have time also to dream. get ready fast and we have to leave to Sam’s native place soon then only we can do the preparation for tomorrow’s engagement. Papa asked me to inform you.” and she goes out after saying this.

Arjun still in shock and takes the coffee and says, “Sometimes dream comes true”. He smiles remembers his dream on first and now. He goes to get ready. Soon ardhika, neil, Kishore & shailu also got ready and leaves. Ardhika & Nesam takes one car and Ardhika’s parents & Sam’s parents comes in another car. They all are enjoying their time throughout the travel. Inbetween they had a stops to get relax and continues their driving. Finally they reached the town called Pollachi and from there again they have to travel little more to reach the final destination. They gets mesmerized seeing the natural beauty around there. Sam’s family is a respectable one in their village and they have big house there which is maintained by her uncle now. SOon they reached there and to everyone’s surprise it is really a big one which Ardhika and Nesam did not expect it and they become so happy seeing the atmosphere.

Below is the link for the house i have chosen. It came in so many tamil movies and i have seen this house too, it is really a nice an big house. So thought of using it in my FF.

Sam’s uncle welcomes them and greets everyone. Almost half of the villagers comes there and gets excited seeing all. Sam’s dad informs them that they all comes here for his daughter’s marriage.

one grand ma says, “You don’t worry, the whole village is here we will do everything. It’s our marriage and after a long time you came here for your daughter marriage. We will make it more special one.”

Everyone agrees and gets more excited. Ardhika and Nesam also becomes so happy and excited. Everyone goes inside and gets to know their rooms. Ardhika, Neil & Sam got their rooms in the first floor and they goes there to check it.

Radhika sees the room and likes it a lot. She comes to the balcony and feels the fresh air and gets relax. Neil is upset seeing his room in one corner and Sam’s in another extreme opposite side. Arjun laughs seeing his sad face and consoles him. Radhika comes out from her room and sees Arjun laughing at Neil. She also laughs after hearing and says, “Neil, this is just a begining, you know one more thing, you can even see her before the marriage 1 or 2 days before i think”.

Neil is super shocked now and hangs his mouth opened. He starts arguing with them and says, “No it is not possible at all, i can’t accept it”. He continues shouting at them and soon the family elders came and ask about his problem. Before he answers Arjun says, “Nothing uncle, he worries staying near Sam’s room. It’s not good staying at the same place before marriage right. He was asking us to arrange outside, am i right Neil?”. Neil is like about to cry seeing arjun, but he controls and did not reply anything. Radhika controls her laugh seeing him and says, “papa, we will convince him to stay here. you don’t worry. Will take care”.

They got convinced and goes down again to do other preparations. After everyone left, only Ardhika and Neil is there. Neil stares them angrily and Ardhika bursts out laughing seeing Neil’s reactions.

Neil started fighting with Arjun grabbing his neck and Radhika enjoys seeing them fighting. Suddenly she feels something bad and gets upset. She remembers their college life and gets emotional seeing them. Soon Sam comes there and gets shocked seeing Neil on top of Arjun beating him badly and Radhika watches it smiling.

Sam scolds Radhika and tries to free them. Arjun continues laughing and it makes Neil more angry and again he continues to fight with him. Sam drags Neil from Arjun and shouts at him says, “If you fight like this, then i ll tell papa to arrange your accomodation outside”.

Ardhika bursts out on laughing again hearing this and they did not stop it. Neil gives her a look like “You too SAM”. He angrily goes from there to his room and locks it. Sam did not understand why Ardhika is laughing and why Neil fought and is angry now.

She stops their laughing and asks Radhika the reason. She tells her everything from first and Sam looks shocked for a sec but she also laughs hardly remembers Neils’ words. But soon she feels bad for him and goes to his room to console him. She knocks the door but he did not open it. Sam worries and Ardhika also knocks the door and asks him to open it. He did not respond for them also. They are trying to convince him for so long, no use. Then one old man who is a servant there comes and asks what happened?

Sam says, “My friend is angry on us and he is not opening the door”. Servant says, “That’s it? see how i will make him come out”.

Servant then start talking to them in loud voice saying, “Sam beta, you know what, here you can find snakes everywhere. It will always hide in a whole. In our home also we have some snakes hiding in some rooms. Areh, now you are standing infront of this locked room na, here also i have seen 1 snake. In this room at the left corner there is a whole, through that whole only daily that snake will come. I think now also its time for that to come out. You don’t stand here, it is not good”. He signs them to go and say loud.

Sam also replies, “Ok ok. We are also going from her”. He signs again to keep quiet and smirks. Soon they heard a noise and sees Neil coming out…no no.. running out from the room and gives a sigh relief. He turns and gets shocked seeing Ardhika, Sam there.

Servant says, ‘Ha, now you got him. You do whatever you want”. By saying this he goes from there. All are again lauging at him but now they controls it. Sam goes near him and consoles him by hugging.

He gets happy and asks, “Ok, will you console me like this everytime whenever i get angry or upset?”. Sam looks at him and smiles and hugs him tightly saying, “OFCOURSE IDIOT”. Neil also hugs her tightly and winks at Ardhika. They all had nice time and goes to sleep in their respective rooms.

They all fall asleep and in the midnight, Since it a new place, Radhika finds something is disturbing her and she keeps on turning here and there in the sleep. She starts searching for Arjun beside her but he is not there. She gets up and comes out from the room. She heard so many voices and she followed it there she find Arjun who is helping the servants on the decoration part for the engagement. Radhika smiles seeing him being so kind to them. She stands there and just stares him lovingly.

She is just walking towards him blindly and she did not notice the Mat kept there and suddenly she gets slipped and falls on the floor with a small scream. Due to that she pulled a rope which was hanging near the pillar, and it pulls the flower basket arranged at the top ceiling, it starts showers on her like flower rain. Radhika winches in pain at first but soon she smiles seeing the flowers showering on her. Arjun notices her when she shouted while falling and now mesmerized seeing her in the mid of flowers. Radhika also continues enjoys the flower rain till the basket falls on her. It falls on her head and again she screams in pain but the voice comes from the basket. Arjun started laughing at her and slowly goes to her and sits down on his knees. He slowly removes the basket from her head and looks at her whose hairs are messed up, and she rubs her head because of pain and keeps her face like a kid who is in pain. Arjun stares her lovingly on each and every part of her face and slowly rubs her head. Radhika also stares him and lost herself. They are having a very beautiful eyelock that as if they never had it before.

Arjun slowly lifts her in his arms and goes towards their room. Radhika tightly wraps his neck by her hands and looks at his face continously. Arjun tights his grip on her by keeping his one hand on her waist and another on her thighs and looks her lovingly.

Bg song plays,

Female Version:

Enathuyire Enathuyire Enakkenave Nee Kidaithaai

(O my Love ! you are born for me…)

Enathurave Enathurave Kadavulai Pol Nee Mulaithaai

(O my dear ! You entered in my life like God…)

Nedunjaalaiyil, Padum Paatham Pol, Serkiren Vaazhum Kaalamae..

(Like hitting the highway, i am stepping into your life…)

Varum Naatkalae, Tharum Pookkalae, Neelumae Kaathal Kaathal Vaasamae..

(Our lives will be filled with the fragrance of love…)

Repeat again the above lines – Female Version.

Arjun is stepping to the stairs while carrying Radhika in his arms. She just lost herself completely in him and smiles seeing his face. She remenisces all her beautiful moments with him.

Male Version:

Ini Iravey Illai Kanden Un Vizhigalil Kizhakku Dhisai

(Our lives will have no nights, i saw dawn in your eyes…)

Ini Pirivey Illai, Anbey Un Ularalum Enakku Isai

(We have no seperation…your blabbering itself is a music to me..)

Female Version:

Unnai Kaanum Varaiyil Enathu Vaazhkkai Vellai Kakitham

(Until i met, my life was like a white paper…)

Kannal Neeyum Athiley Ezhuthi Ponaai Nalla Oviyam

(You made a painting with your eyes…)

Siru Paarvayil, Oru Vaarthaiyil, Thondruthey Nooru Kodi Vaanavil

(I see millions of rainbows in your looks and words…)

Arjun goes to his room and slowly puts her in bed and slowly moves her dress little upwards. She felt shy and covers it down. he again pulls up and makes her not to touch. She just bend her knees little up and for support she kept her one hand on her knee and keeps her face on the palm for the support and looking at Arjun’s actions smilingly. Arjun gets a first aid box from there and starts applying balm on the place where she has the pain. He slowly touches it and massages it slightly. Radhika moves her head right and left like a kid and stares him lovingly. Arjun silently puts the balm on her leg and smiles slightly but did not show it to her.

When Arjun tries to get up she holds his hand and looks at him sadly like a kid. He signs her to sleep and she simply nods as no by keeping pout face like a kid. he just lost him on seeing her and slowly sits beside her. She rests her head in his chest and hugs him tightly as if a small kid hugs her mother. Arjun melts down completely and makes her lie on the bed and he also laid slightly beside her and keeps his fingers in her hairs and softly rubs it. He looks her with so much of love which gives him a happy tears. Soon she slept but still holds his shirt tightly. He place a kiss on her fore head and leaves from there to continue the work.

Next day, everyone get up early and does their work fastly for the engagement which is in the evening. Radhika sees Arjun still working from the midnight. She feels proud seeing him. She heard one grand pa asking him to go and eat something since he was working from the night. he says he will have it later. Radhika goes to the kitchen and puts the tiffin in the plate and goes to Arjun. Arjun looks her questionly and tells her to go and have it in some other place.

Radz sasys, “Its for you, not for me”.

Arjun: I don’t want now. I ll have it later.

Radz: later means, when. Better have it now only and don’t argue.

By saying this she feeds him forcefully, at first he is shocked but soon he himself eats the tiffin with her hand. She also happy feeding him. All these scenes are watching by Nesam from the stairs and Neil says that, “Before our marriage, they will finish their first night i think”. Sam laughs at his comment and happy seeing Ardhika being togther.

Shailu is talking to an old woman and calls Ardhika there. She tells them that after 10 days, Aadi month is starting, so newly married couple should stay in a seperate room. So Radhika you pack your stuff and move it to Sam’s room ok. I will ask Neil to stay with you Arjun. Ardhika is shocked and shouts chorusly says, “WHATTTT?”.

But immediately both looks each other unbelievingly. Radhika smiles seeing his shocked state but Arjun realises his shock and composes himself saying, “I asked What is for y i have to stay with Neil, i can stay alone. I don’t have any problem in this ritual”. By saying he rubs his hairs harshly and goes and murmurs, “Now also we are living seperately only though staying in a single room”.

Radhika hangs her mouth open at his statement and feels bad. Shailu shakes her and asks “What?”. Radhika nods as nothing and accepts it. She moves from there and talks to herself that, “Mr. Arjun, this is it. Enough of the game now. I will make you fall on my feet to propose me. Just wait and watch. Mom told after 10 days right. Why after 10 days, i will start the ritual now itself.”.

By saying this she smiles thinking about her plan and looks at Arjun who is helping the servants in the preparations.

Precap: Arjun carries Radhika in his arms and climbs the steps to the temple. Radhika comes in a proper village attire(old ladies used to wear a saree in differnt form, they will call it as kandaangi Saree). Arjun is stunned seeing her and tries to control her emotions.

So how is this episode. Hope you all like it. Please provide your comments and am eagerly waiting for it.

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 19)


Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 19)


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