Ragini……(u made me realize who i am) an os part 3

After getting betrayed by laksh , ragini starts living with her parents , that’s when her dadi swears of getting her married to someone in 15 days ……..not having the courage to tell no ……ragini runs away to Mumbai…….
It has been two years since she left Kolkata, leaving no traces to find her….her family were missing her terribly especially swara and laksh. Yes laksh realized that he loved ragini and not kavya and also got divorce from her……he too tried his best to find her but in vain…….he spent these two years thinking about her and the moments he spent with her………his heart was filled with the thoughts of ragini, his ragini……..
Next morning, in Maheshwari mansion preparations were going on,
Laksh: bhai who is coming? And for what are they coming?
Sanskar: Raizada group of companies, m.d.Rithik is coming to celebrate the success of the project we were working together for 7 months.

Laksh: oh yes I totally forgot about that, its only a casual dinner right?
Sanskar: yes he told me to make it simple…..it will be only our family and his family
Laksh: but the elders of our house have gone to temple and will return only after 2 days….so I think its u, me and swara rite.
Sanskar: yes lucky but that’s fine bcoz only 2day he is free and 2morrow he will be leaving to London for a meeting.
Laksh: oh fine then.
7:00 pm in maheshwari mansion, door bell rings
Sans: I think they have come…..i will go and open the door
He opens the door and there stands rithik (from naagin) and his sister kaira
Swasanlak: hello, welcome ,please come in…
Rithik and kaira hugged all the three and rithik told that he was pleased to meet them too….
Just then a girl enters wearing a beautiful pink embllished saree with long earrings and bangles…..she looked very beautiful and dashing ……her hair, her eyes, every little detail, made her look divine………..

Girl: u guys left me and came inside?
Rithik: oh come on, u wanted to park the car and u were taking 100 years for it so we came inside
Girl: haha very funny
Kaira: will u both stop? And ragini plz come in (yes it was ragini)
Ragini: ofcourse …..and she stepped inside
( sanskar, swara and laksh were equally shocked and happy to see ragini ……laksh wanted to hug her and tell her how much he loves her but controlled it when he saw swara hugging her)
Swara: ragini where were u ? why u didn’t tell me ?i was really worried for u …r u okay?
Ragini: swara I am fine and u know what I see delicious food lying on the table and I am really very hungry..

(rithik and kaira both knew ragini’s past)
Rithik: omg…jst now u ate 2 icecreams and without any shame u r telling that u r hungry…..how can u lie like this ragini
Ragini: shut up! I am not lieing……..
(their nhok jhok starts )
Swara: shsh…..stop it u both and ragini come I will serve food
They all sit and all the while laksh was staring ragini like he was going to eat her but ragini didn’t even care…..rithik sat between kaira and ragini and swasanlak sat opp to them…(laksh was jealous)
Swara: tell me one thing how do u know rithik?

Ragini: (she started telling while having her food ) when I reached Mumbai I didn’t know where to go and what to do…..so I was walking like a lost child in the road and suddenly a car hit ( she was telling it dramatically with expressions and swasanlak were hearing the story like small kids)…… obviously It was this gentleman who hit me she said pointing towards rithik
Rithik: thank u for the pleasing intro of mine
Rag: u r welcome …..he hit me on my right leg and it got fractured ….he took care of all the me and hosp expenses and when I was discharged he took me to his home………kaira took care of me aswell…and we became friends

Kaira: omg u know what swra they both fought a lot and I was the joker there
Rithik: it was nice to u like monkey kaira……(saying it rags and rithik gave hi-fi to each other)
Laksh noticed that ragini changed ….he noticed that she was not same and she was carefree.
Rithik: after a lot of fights , we understood each other, we became friends and………
Swara: u both fell in love, rite? (laksh was shocked by this question, he was desperately waiting for an answer, a negative answer)
(to be continued in part 2)

Ragini……(u made me realize who i am) an os part 3


Ragini……(u made me realize who i am) an os part 3


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