Manmarziyan….a journey of love and friendship Chapter 23

Manmarziyan….a journey of love and friendship Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

Next morning, Sam left with Neil for her house…Radhika packed her stuff, she had to go to Vicky’s place as promised…Arjun freshened up and came to the room…he watched Radhika for sometime… then walked to her and hugged her from behind. Radhika smiled…she turned to face Arjun and gave him a loving peck on his cheek.

Radhika; ‘’Arjun I missed you…don’t you dare leave me again’’

Arjun; ‘Wow! now you learned to scold me ….Missed you too my love…by the way why the hell are you dieting…look at yourself you are looking like a skeleton…I feel if I hug you tight… I will break all your bones.’’

Radhika; ‘’Why don’t you try…we will know if it breaks my bones or not.’’

Arjun gave her one look at hugged her tight…Radhika matched his passion.

Radhika; ‘’do you know I couldn’t sleep when you went missing…Neil took me to his place…got me injected so that I may sleep for few hours…that night I felt you… next to me’’

Arjun lifted her chin up…smiled and brushed his knuckles on Radhika’s cheeks…he touched his forehead to hers and whispered;’’ Because that night I came to see you…I was there next to you… Neil had planned that…I could not hold myself …had to see you and hold you in my arms’’ Radhika blinked and then smiled; ‘’Oh…! So you tried taking advantage of a sad unconscious girl and Neil helped you…Sam was right in hitting you and Neil…seriously you guys deserved it’’ Arjun laughed and then hugged her tightly again.

They stood there in each other’s arms for sometime…and then left for Vicky’s place. Arjun was greeted like a king at Vicky’s place…he was so happy to see Radhika smiling after a month, Vicky looped his sister in a loving hug…he was hell worried about her…Radhika gave her brother an assuring smile…she knew he loved her a little too much…and even she gave him pain by moving out…its time to make up for that. Arjun after sharing the breakfast with Vicky’s family left for his place…and Radhika went off to sleep…she had not slept for past one month…Soniya gently caressed Radhika’s hair Soniya was happy that she came back and covered her with blanket. She decided to start off the marriage preparations in full swing.

Piyali and Samrat were done waiting they decided Sam and Neil wedding to be done in a week…10 days after that was ARadhika’s wedding in Hrishikesh and a joint grand reception in Mumbai….it seemed like a military operation…Soniya go so busy…that sometimes she couldn’t even speak to Vicky… Ankush came to help her…and he was working for both the marriages. Ankush accompanied Soniya to Sam place for some work and his goodness impressed Samrat and Piyali more…when they were leaving…Piyali caressed Ankush face and said; ‘’My Jai was exactly like you …a good man’’ Ankush smiled and said; ‘’tell me when you miss him…I may not be him…but can be there when you need me’’ Piyali nodded and they left for Soniya’s office . Radhika was finally eating…she got her glow back…she and Sam together started taking wedding pack to be the best. Piyali gave a good off to both the girls.

It was Sam’s haldi and Sangeet…Radhika was completely charged she went about helping Piyali and Soniya. Radhika with Manya had planned a dance as a surprise for Neil and Sam…they would practice hiding from everyone. Neil knew that Manya had developed a soft corner for Teji…Neil coaxed Teji to get the information on girls planning for Sangeet…but he forgot Radhika was also prepared for his move….she asked Manya to be sweet with Teji ,get the information of groom side…and give all wrong information about bride side preparation for Sangeet.

Prerna was facing a tough time…they had planned a grand affair but it was difficult for her to manage so much being alone…Arjun watched her breathlessly working he caught hold her hand and made her sit and said; ‘’Will you please breathe… tell me what has to be done…I can’t see you running in every corner’’

Prerna smiled cupped his face with hand and said; ‘’I have two weddings to prepare for …I have to run…you are already doing too much…no more’’ she was about to get up but Arjun made her sit again and said; ‘’You don’t consider me your own’’

Prerna gave a warning look; ‘’Dare you say that…and no emotional blackmail’’

Arjun smiled and said; ‘’Then give me more work…’’

Prerna; ‘’Ok…then take care of the gifts that had to be bought and packed…and I will tell you later what more’’

Arjun knew she won’t give up easily he took the big list of pending work from Prerna and asked the maid to give Prerna a cup of tea. Arjun turned and found Soniya with her assistant standing at the door…smiling watching Prerna and Arjun…she greeted them and said; ‘’Aunty…I will help you and Arjun…and Arjun she is Ananya…she has joined me recently …and is very good. Please explain her what to be done’’ Arjun and Prerna greeted Anaya…Ananya was shy timid girl…with doll like features….when Soniya praised her… her cheeks were red with nervousness …actually no one had ever praised her till date. Arjun banned Prerna from taking stress…he and Soniya started working together…Soniya decided menu and shared with Arjun he made changes discussing with Prena and finalized it…Ananya prepared a rough draft of decoration and in a nervous voice was explaining to Arjun and Soniya they both liked it…she felt happy. Arjun did the booking arrangements for out station guests …he booked the transport and other arrangement as well. Soniya suddenly recalled that Vidhi was alone whole day with the care taker and it was already 7:30 PM and even Vicky was busy till late night today…she informed Arjun and was about to leave but found Neil bringing Vidhi with him…Radhika had asked Neil to pick Vidhi up as he was outside…Vidhi came inside…but gave an angry look to her mother…she missed her family and was on the verge of crying…Neil had taken her for a drive and bought her balloons but the kid was still angry at her mom. Soniya called Vidhi…but instead of Soniya she went to Arjun and held his jeans…Arjun lifted her up and saw a grumpy expression..she had tears in her eyes….

Neil looked at Soniya and asked; ‘’Did you scold her this morning… because she complained…’’

Soniya huffed & smiled; ‘’Yes I did…I had to work and today she was very cranky so I lost my cool’’

Arjun knew Vidhi was crying as she was not looking up…she slowly wrapped her arms around his neck and held him tightly …he rubbed her back…he knew how it felt to be alone and no one to play with…he patted her till the tired girl gave up and slept in his arms. He made her lie down in Neil’s room and came back to the hall.

Arjun; ‘’Soniya…if you don’t mind in case you are busy…you can leave Vidhi with me but please don’t scold her…’’

Soniya smiled; ‘’Sorry Arjun I scolded your Vidhi…but I cannot bother everyone…its matter of few days then I will be able to give her all the time’’

Neil; ‘’few days is a week of my marriage and 10 days for Arjun’s after that…17 days is too much for a kid…bring her along and we will engage her’’ Arjun and Prerna supported Neil’s idea and Soniya felt blessed to be among such nice friends and family.

Arjun dropped them all home. He had not met Radhika today…and was feeling empty without seeing her face. Arjun unlocked the door of his house and switched on the lights he found Radhika sleeping in a sitting position on the sofa. His heart started hammering against his chest…he felt loved…she knew his day was incomplete without looking at her so she came to meet him after working all day. Arjun slowly moved towards Radhika …he bend down and kissed her forehead…’’I love you Radhika’’ Radhika opened her eyes smiled and replied ; ‘’I know’’ Arjun sat beside her and Radhika hugged him from side…none of them wanted to speak …Arjun pulled her to his lap…and hugged her tight…Radhika kissed his cheek and closed her eyes to live the moment with him.

It was haldi for NeSam in the morning and Sangeet in the evening… Sam was ready for her haldi dressed in a light yellow sari…Radhika had worn a green chiffon Sari…and was busy making all the final arrangements…Prerna came with Neil and Arjun…and Arjun gave one appreciative look to his lady love…everyone around gave blushing Radhika a teasing smile…slowly halddi started…Piyali Mala, Prerna one first one to apply to Sam and Neil and rest followed…Radhika lovingly applied haldi to Sam and when it was Neil’s turn she dipped her hands completely in the bowl and painted him in Haldi…Neil got up and ran behind Radhika …he cornered her Neil was ready for revenge …suddenly Radhika ducked and all haldi went on Arjun….Arjun looked at his kurta and then Neil…Neil gave him a dimpled smile and hugged him. Sam and Radhika were rolling at Neil’s loss. After the haldi…Arjun was busy with the guests and lunch arrangements he got a glimpse of Radhika going to the other room he asked Ananya to take care and followed…her pulled to her a corner in tight embrace.

Radhika; ‘’Arjun there are so many people around even our family …no romance right now “

Arjun broke the hug but held her tight tilted his head and said; ‘’Who said romance baby its time for revenge’’ Radhika made a confused face and ARjun slowly move aside…Radhika was dumbfound to see Neil with a winning smile and holding a big bowl of haldi in his hand….

Neil; ‘’Chashni see brother hood wins’’

Radhika gave and angry glare to Arjun…but before Neil could pour haldi on Radhika… Manya and Kritika poured a bucket of water on Neil and ARjun… both were shocked but when they turned to look at the attacker…they found Sam standing with her brigade…she looked at Neil and Arjun… smiled ‘’No one troubles my Chashni…’’ Sam took Radhika’s hand and walked off…Radhika poked her tongue out to tease Arjun and Neil.

Arjun; ‘’Neil…next time we need a better plan…otherwise both of them will finish us’’ Neil nodded.

Evening everyone was ready for Sangeet Sam wore a multicolored lehenga with glass-work looking elegant and Radhika wore an Indigo color lengha with silver border Arjun got a good glimpse for her thin waist and her back….Neil had worn a peach embroidered Kurta and Arjun wore a silver white Kurta both looked stunning. Kritika was the host from bride side and Zubin from the groom. First was the turn of children to perform they did a cute group dance…but Vidhi went shy and ran to her father leaving the stage. Mala Piyali and Prerna performed next and were applauded. It was Kritita’s turn she performed with Zubin on song ‘’Mehndi laga ke rakhna’’. Teji showed all his MJ moves shocking everyone…but impressing Manya.

Neil came on the stage along with Sam and performed on ‘Desi girl’…teasing each other in between. Arjun secluded himself from bollywood dancing as he could never do that. Finally Kritika announced; ‘’We have a special dance dedicated to Neil and Sam….so please put your hands together for Radhika as Neil and Manya as Samaira’’ Neil’s jaw dropped…he knew what was she upto…. They had prepared a parody…Manya started; ‘’Idiot where are you?…Idiot when will do this….? Idiot you have to come now…immediately….I am hungry get me food‘’
Radhika; ‘’Samrinder Singh…I am here as always flapping like a moth around the fire.’’ Everyone could not help but laugh. Radhika mimicked Neil perfectly… showing there cute fights. After this Manya and Radhika danced on ‘dili wali girlfriend’…their performance of evening’s favourite.

Neil; ‘’Arjun do something…why always we should lose’’

Arjun nodded and got on the stage…and before Radhika could leave the stage he pulled her again…he knew she was very shy of his PDA(public display of affection)…he waited and said; ‘’Music’’ the song ‘’lahoo mooh lag gaya’’ started…Radhika joined him but Arjun took all the revenge he teased her, tickled her, held her lifted her and made her nervous. For others it was just a dance but Radhika knew what he was doing…touching her wherever he liked . Sam liked the performance but she knew Radhika had become nervous, Neil finally satisfied that atleast he was able to defeat Chashni once. Everyone clapped for them and Arjun gave Radhika a naughty smile. Radhika went straight to have water her skin was on fire…and when her eyes met the teasing a eyes of her girl gang…they couldn’t control and laughed aloud, Radhika covered her face with her hands.

Neil came to Sam; ’’So finally we won Samrinder Singh’’

Sam; ‘’You guys can win only doing such cheap tactics…you can never use your brain’’

Neil; ‘’Cheap!…Ok can you please elaborate…Oh you mean The way Arjun touched Chashni…like this…like here…or here’’ Neil suddenly started tickling Sam touching her bare skin visible in her dress…Sam blushed and ran from there. Both the guys gave each other a hifi.

Ananya wanted to inform Soniya that she was leaving for the day, she was scared as it was very late and she might not find suitable transport .Ananya was frantically searching for Soniya when she dashed against Ankush…Akush quickly prevented her from falling and gave back her belongings. He asked the reason for worry
Ananya; ‘’Sir its 11:30 …I have to go can you please update Soniya mam’’

Ankush; ‘’Sure I will…but how will you go?’’

Ananya; ‘’Will get a taxi’’

Ankush gave her one look…she looked as if she was made of one single bone…he told her that he will drop her…Ananya resisted but agreed when Ankush put his foot down. Ankush took Arjun’s car and drove off with Ananya. She did not speak a single word…and when they reached her place she got down and thanked him without looking at him…she quickly vanished into a house which was dimly lit…she never looked up…Ankush wondered what was she looking for on the floor… But he liked her. He brushed aside his thoughts he had to get back to the venue and return Arjun’s car .

Manya was only talking to Teji…infact only looking at Teji…he was continuously talking and she was smiling as if in a dream. Sam watched them from far she gestured Radhika to look after… some time both the girls looked at each other and said; ‘’poor Teji’’

Vicky was feeling proud of Soniya…he knew she had a creative streak but didn’t know she was so good…everything she did for the functions was perfect and well planned. He watched her all tired asking her staff to leave and massaging her neck with one hand. Vicky stood behind her and whispered in her ear…’’if you allow…may I provide my massaging services My Lady’’ Soniya froze she gave him you are impossible look and said; ‘’looks like all guys in this Sangeet except Ankush have turned shameless.’’ Vicky gave her a naughty look; ‘’don’t you think Vidhi needs a company…I mean a brother or a sister’’

Soniya; ‘’No I know what Vidhi needs and also what you want….now go and find your daughter she is turning VIP these days’’ Soniya gave him a gentle push…Vicky laughed and went to search where is daughter was…she was getting too much attention from everyone and he guessed it right she was with Arjun Sleeping on his shoulder. Vicky took Vidhi from Arjun and wished him for the night…Soniya asked Arjun to drop Radhika as their car was full and then winked at him.

Arjun took Radhika with him to the parking…almost everyone had left and the parking was deserted….Radhika waited for Arjun to unlock the car…but he came and hugged her tightly from behind and buried his face in her neck. Radhika was conscious…she tried to get out of his grip….Arjun tighten his grip and whispered; ‘’Stay Radhika…’’

Radhika; ‘’Arjun…someone will see us like this….’’

Arjun; ‘’So?…I have the right’’ Arjun turned Radhika to face him…’’you should have thought this before looking so beautiful….now pay the price…Arjun hands explored her setting her on fire…Arjun kissed her gently and said; ‘’After 15 days there is no escape for you…I will take what is mine’’ Radhika blushed….and hid her face in his chest…Arjun held her tightly by waist…he felt her smiling against his chest…he loved her innocence… she was the epitome honesty…she was the reason he got so much love from the people around him…they trusted him because they trusted her.

Precap- NeSam Wedding 

Manmarziyan….a journey of love and friendship Chapter 23


Manmarziyan….a journey of love and friendship Chapter 23

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