Pani – a story we wish were true – Part 57

Pani – a story we wish were true – Part 57

Recap: Diwali sequence off screen story. Utkarsh reveals to Nandini about his feelings for Krissan and also that Rhea is not his girlfriend.

After the shoot, Ayaz sneaks Veebha aside to talk to her.

Ayaz: Why are you so scared of crackers ?

Veebha: I don’t know ! Had you not stopped me today, I would have left long back !

Ayaz: I know and that’s why I did stop you.

Veebha: But frankly, I did enjoy myself. So thank you !

Ayaz: No No No ! Such a fake and lifeless thank you won’t do ! Let’s go out and you can give me a treat !

Veebha: Treat ? For just stopping me here for the Diwali celebration ? No way !

Ayaz: Why man ? C’mon you have to take me okay ? You’ve come with Charlie right ? Let’s tell her that I’m dropping you home and then we’ll go. Come !

They sneak out and go up to a cafe to spend some time together which was the actual motive behind Ayaz sneaking her out. He felt like spending more time with her. Since the time she had helped him out from the Priyanka case, he had felt something really special towards her. Veebha was busy enjoying her ice cream sundae and Ayaz was busy noticing her from the opposite end of the table. After a while Veebha noticed his gaze on her and feeling a little shy, turned her face to the other side.

Ayaz: What happened ?

Veebha: Nothing ! Why aren’t you having your coffee ?

Ayaz: Just like that.

Veebha: Okay enough of this hide n seek ! What’s going on Ayaz ?

Ayaz: (shocked to find Veebha trying to be so frank) What ? What’s going on ?

Both of them knew what their feelings were towards one another but none of them ever had the courage to speak about it. Veebha had tried to bring up the topic for the first time and suddenly after saying that, she realized she shouldn’t have said that and started feeling nervous.

Veebha: Umm…I mean what’s going on…between…

Ayaz: (shocked) Between ?

Veebha: Between Parth and Niti ?

Ayaz: (relieved) Oh ! Parth and Niti ? Why ? What’s going on ?

Veebha: I mean did you notice their behavior with each other has changed a lot.

Ayaz: Yes you’re absolutely correct about that. But you know I think we should just let them be. I mean yeah if there is some problem we would definitely help but as of now I think they need some time to themselves !

Veebha: Yeah you’re right !

For the next 2 days, Niti had not been able to wipe out the memories of what had happened between her and Parth at the Diwali sequence and was trying to avoid eye contact with him constantly. Even Parth had been feeling nervous on facing her but he had managed to accept it as a part of his feelings towards her and was ready to face it. But Niti avoiding him for so long was getting on his nerves ! He had tried to talk to her so many times while shooting but she would just not talk except for the scenes.

Now, she had started sensing Parth’s anger towards her behavior and that made her feel guilty about it. She finally decided to accept it and face him. She went up to him after shoot in the boys vanity where there were only Ayaz and Parth packing up their stuff.

Ayaz: Hey Niti !

Niti: Umm..Hi Ayaz.. (nervously looking at Parth) Hi Parth !

Parth did not bother to look at her as he was boiling with anger. “She thinks she can behave just the way she wants whenever she wants ?” he thought to himself. And before she could say anything further, he packed his bag and left. Ayaz realized something was wrong and decided to talk to Veebha about it.

Veebha: (answering Ayaz’s call) hello !

Ayaz: Veebha there’s something wrong again between Parth and Niti.

Veebha: Why what happened ?

Ayaz: Niti came to the boys vanity today after pack up to talk to Parth but he ignored her and left.

Veebha: Oh ! That seems to be something serious ! But do you think we should interfere ? Like last time we almost turned the situation worse !

Ayaz: Yeah you’re right ! I think we’ll just wait for sometime and observe. If it doesn’t get solved soon then we can interfere.

It was 9.30 pm and Niti was lying on her couch thinking about Parth and the way he had behaved with her earlier that evening. She knew she was at fault but now she just wanted to make things alright ! She wanted to apologize but he would just not give her the chance. So she thought of an idea to make him talk !

Parth was going through the script of the upcoming sequence of Musicana and he came across something that made him red in the cheeks.

“Manik and Nandini to share their first kiss”.

He kept reading the part again and again a few times after which something struck his mind and he kept aside the script irritatingly ! “A small kiss on the neck made her start avoiding eye contact with me, now I wonder what all drama would this smooch part bring up !”

Just then his door bell rang and he went up to open the door. As soon as he opened the door, his face caught up a lot more anger on seeing the same person about whom he had been thinking all this while.

Niti: (smiling cheerfully) Hey Parth ! How are you doing ? I’ve got dinner for you !

Parth: (angrily) Why ? I can manage my dinner myself. You don’t need to get it for me !

Niti pushed him aside and entered leaving him bewildered. She went into the kitchen and started serving the biryani for both of them. Parth was about to go up to her and make her leave his apartment but he sensed the wonderful smell of the biryani just as she opened the container and that completely melted his heart. He went up to the kitchen in a cheerful mood and said,

Parth: Oh my god ! That smells like heaven ! Serve it fast !

Niti: (giggling) I knew you won’t be able to resist this ! Here you go.

They settle down on the dining table and by the time they finish off the entire bowl full of the delicious biryani prepared by Niti, none of them speak up anything. After finishing it, they settle on the couch in the living room.

Parth: You know I’m still mad at you !

Niti: Oh really ? Doesn’t seem like it, Mr. Parth Samthaan !

Parth: Oh Yeah ? You want it to seem like it ? I can do that !

Niti: No no no please.. I can’t make the biryani again ! It’s a tough task !

Parth: Oh but yeah I have to appreciate that at least ! It was amazing !! Like seriously !

Niti: Thanks ! My purpose was solved !

Parth: What purpose ?

Niti: To make you listen to me !

Parth: Okay fine tell me what do you wanna say ?

Niti: I’m sorry ! I know I had been behaving like a jerk ! I’m really sorry ! Hope you can forgive me !

Parth: (smiling) It’s alright ! Actually even I was at fault. I shouldn’t have put you into that kind of a situation. But I just don’t know what happened to me ?! You know it’s like, when I’m with you, even during the scenes, I go out of my senses. I don’t realize what am I doing and…I don’t know what happens to me ?! You make me go crazy Miss Niti Taylor !

Niti turns crimson red ! She could not take it any more and so just said shyly, “i think I should leave” and started getting up from the couch but Parth stopped her by holding her hand and pulled her slightly towards him which made her fall back on the couch beside him, with zero distance between them and their bodies tied to each other.

Parth: (staring at her blushing) Wouldn’t you like to say anything ?

Niti’s heart had been beating so fast, Parth could hear it clearly.

Niti: Please let me go ! It’s quite late.

He then let go of her and she quickly grabbed her purse and left, leaving behind her container and the bag in which she had got the biryani for him.

The next day Niti had been asked to visit the director’s office before going for the shoot and so she did. When she reached, the director made her comfortable by getting her some cold drink and then spoke up,

Director: Niti, have you got the script for the next sequence ?

Niti: Sir I have received it in my mail box but sorry I haven’t yet read it ! You had to talk about that ? I’m so sorry sir. I’ll go through it by today evening itself and then let you know !

Director: No Niti it’s alright ! It’s fine. Look I need to tell you that the next sequence which is the Musicana opening and the main event, involves a Manik and Nandini’s first kiss.

Niti had her eyes going wider than their usual size ! She was shocked as well as nervous. The director instantly understood her feelings and continued,

Director: Look Niti, I know it will be a bit difficult for you but you know the script demands it. And don’t you worry at all I’ll be there to help you at all stages and it will be over even before you can think about it ! So don’t worry ! Would you be able to pull it off ?

Niti: (nervously) Sir, is it really required in the script ?

Director: Yes ! It is ! Or else I wouldn’t have shown it right ? My advise to you is just don’t think about it too much. See as it is Nandini Murthy, your character is a really reserved kind of a girl so her effort in the kiss would be minimum. She would be the shy one, not really able to respond even though she loves him the same way he does. So, I know you’ll be able to do it !

Niti: (trying to be confident) Hmm..Okay !

Finally came the day when they had to shoot the kiss part. The director took aside both Parth and Niti one by one and explained to them the entire situation and made them feel comfortable about the scene. Since the time, Niti had come out that day from her vanity, dressed as Nandini, Parth could not take his eyes off her lips which had been covered in a shiny baby pink lipstick. Niti was again unable to face him before the shot. She believed if she would take one look at him, she would faint right there and then the scene would get postponed !

Director: Niti ready ? Parth ? Okay ! Lights, Camera, and Action !

Parth caught her from behind and made her turn around to look at him. Both of them looked into each other’s eyes and smiled with all the love in their hearts for one another. He took her face in his hands as instructed by the director and started bringing her closer to him. Her forehead started forming a few stress lines as their faces came closer. He bent her head lower and slowly took his face to her forehead and kissed away all the stress lines softly.

Suddenly, his touch on her made her wander into a different land. Soon, they forgot they had been shooting and all the nervousness and anxiety was lost. They were in that moment as Parth and Niti and not Manik and Nandini. He then placed a soft peck on either of her eyes one by one and started getting their lips closer.

As their lips started coming closer, Niti unknowingly grasped the ends of his jacket from his waist. He noticed that and smiled at her nervousness. Suddenly Niti wanted this. Both of them wanted the kiss to happen between them. It was as if it was a long pending one for them as well. He slowly took her lips into his, feeling every bit of it. Niti was still shy to give into it and so set back and let him take over. She tightened her hold on his jacket as his lips caressed hers slowly. He then let go for a while tilting their head to the other side. When he let go, Niti suddenly felt an emptiness which she could not resist. She was longing for his touch on her again and he granted her wish when he took over her lips into a smooth pull once again.

Realising her nervousness into the moment, he then let go of her and looked at her, both of them smiling through their eyes, enjoying the magical moment and that is when their dream ended with the director’s call, “Cut !”

They instantly looked around to realise they were on set and it was a scene. But for the first time the scene seemed to have been stolen from their real life incident.

Director: Great job both of you ! You can take a break and then we can take up the other scenes.

Precap: Parth and Niti realising their feelings for each other.


Finally the much awaited Manan/ PaNi kiss ! How did you all like it my dear friends ?? Do let me know whether you liked the special episode on our Mr. Samthaan’s birthday !! We all so wish this was true right ?!


Thank you !

Lots of love ❤️





Pani – a story we wish were true – Part 57


Pani – a story we wish were true – Part 57

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