Do you want serials to become “bolder”?

Hi friends, this is my first article and it’s not exactly an episode analysis but more of an analysis of TV serials in general. I hope it’s alright.

Anyway I’ve been noticing that on some channels (for an example MTV) the content is getting bolder with kisses on the mouth (even french kissing) and other forms of affection being shown between couples. Now maybe I’m just old fashioned but I would rather that our TV shows does not go in that direction and become like Western serials and films. I would like to continue being able to watch TV shows with my mother or grandmother or even grandfather without feeling shame faced or awkward. Of course I think that serials can depict things other than saas bahu drama but I don’t think there is the need to show kissing scenes etc because the story can be told (and told beautifully and clearly) without showing such things. Romance can be shown without the kissing and s*x scenes. I think that even if India becomes modern we should still retain good practices and manners in our culture. One should not confuse becoming modern with becoming westernised. For an example one can be quite modern and have a modern outlook even if they wear salwar kameez or have an arranged marriage. Take Japan or even Korea as an example. These countries are quite developed and doing well but they still have their culture and haven’t forsaken or forgotten the good practices and manners of their ancestors. If you watch Korean shows you will notice that they tell their love stories in their own style and doesn’t try to imitate what’s shown in American or Western shows. There shows are also quite innocent just like our shows are now. I hope that out TV shows can also be innocent and romantic without becoming vulgar and cheap. Some people say it’s to make it more realistic but there are classier ways to show realistic scenes without being so obvious and showing scenes like that. What do you think friends? Do you agree with me? Or do you think I’m too old fashioned?

PS: I’m wouldn’t call myself old fashioned. I just think that there is a limit to everything.

Oh and thank you for reading and please comment and share your thoughts.

Do you want serials to become “bolder”?


Do you want serials to become “bolder”?


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