swaragini…u r made for me (Episode 2)

swaragini…u r made for me (Episode 2)

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In swaragini office..
Ragini: I met him Swara …they want us to do a destination wedding in Jaipur.
Swara: sure why not…
Rags: so lets start the preparation.
Swara: sure …

Suddenly a man knocks on the door.
Swara: come in.
He comes in.
Swara: you…
She hugs the man.
Swara: meeting you after a long time.
Man: ya after 3 years…
Swara: yeah.
Ragini: Swara..
Swara: yes ragini he is Laksh .my best friend( yes he is our Laksh).
Laksh: hi .
Ragini: hi.
Laksh: Swara are you coming with me .
Swara: where.
Laksh: for a coffee.
Swara: but I’m a quite busy.
Laksh: come on Swara .
Swara: ok.

Swara: raguni will you handle just for half an hour.
Ragini nods.
Swalak goes to cafe.
Swara: btw how come you are here.
Laksh: actually my best friend has his wedding so for that..
Swara: ok
Laksh: btw you are a successful business women today.
Swara smiles.
Laksh phone rings.
Laksh: Swara I have to go otherwise Bhai will kill me.
Swara: Ofcourse ..even if I will not reach on time na then ragini will kill me.
Laksh: bye.

Swara: bye.
In swaragini office.
Ragini: Swara we have to go to raj’s house.
Swara: but raj lives in apartment na.
Ragini: no till his marriage he has shifted to his friends house.
Swara: ok lets go.
In maheshwari mansion.
Laksh: Bhai have you met them.
San: yes but where were u.
Laksh: I have gone to meet Swara.
San: that Swara who studied with u in college.
Laksh: yes .
San: so how is she.
Laksh: fine
Sans: only fine…or
Laksh: bhai..
San: ok ok.
Swaragini reaches mm
Swara : this is the place.
Ragi: yes he told me this place.

Swara: ok lets go in.
They go in.
Sanskar sees ragini coming.
Sans: laksh see they are the decorators..
Laksh turns and see swara.
Laksh: swara.
Sanska: o this is swara.
Swara: laksh this is your house.
Laksh: and you are the decorators.
Swara: yes.
Laksh: come in ..
They all sit

Swara and laksh are talking while ragini and sanskar are sitting quietly and looking them
Sansk: actually we are here to discuss about marriage.
Swara: o yes.
Laksh: sorry
Sansk: i have already told that this is gonna be a destination wedding.
Laksh: we are about 50-60 people who will go ..
Ragini: what would you prefer train or plane
Sanlak: plane.
Ragini: fine so we will leave tomorrow.
Swara: everyone get ready.we willbe meeting at airport then
Sanskar: ok .
Swara: ragini so lets leave.

Ragini nods.
Sanlak go to drop them at gate.
Swara: bye
Laksh: bye.
They hug.
San: bye.
Rag: bye we will meet at airport then.
Swaragini leaves.
In car
Rag: swara may i ask you something.
Swara: yes.
Rags: you and laksh are just friends or.
Swara: just friends nothing else.
Rag: are you sure..as i think.
Swara: ragini stop it.
Ragini nods.

Precap: in jaipur..

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swaragini…u r made for me (Episode 2)


swaragini…u r made for me (Episode 2)

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