Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadal) Episode 36

Swaragini – (love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 36

Recap :swalak hot romance and swara is shocked that her marriage is with rishi. Ragsan fight.

Hii guys dhamini here. Tq u I think u all are enjoying. Tq u for ur valuable comments.

Episode starts…

Scene :ragsan
Shanaya:sanskar ur here. What are u doing here with this behenji
Sanskar :not now shanaya plz call doctor urgent. Go fast
Shanaya :but
Sanskar :just go… he shouted
He took ragini in his hands and kept her on the sofa. Ragini is unconscious.
Doctor comes
Sanskar :Dr. plz check her fast.she is my life I cannot live with out her. Plz sir do check her. Nothing should happen to her
Doctor:don’t worry Mr. Sanskar let me check here. After 10 min the doctor says after checking her
Dr. :sanskar she is now alright. She has a phobia in the closed places but I think at the right time she got breathe. Now she is out of danger. I gave her a injection she will get conscious in 5min.plz take care of ur wife next time okk.
Sanskar :ok doctor tq u very much

Shanaya :excuse me doctor he is not her husband
Dr: oh I am sry I thought he is her husband as he takes so much care of her. He is very tensed about her so I thought he is her.. OK fine take care
Ragini gets conscious. Sanskar immediately hugs her :ragini thank God ur alright. U know how much I was tensed . Can’t say that u have Ap phobia. Normally all time u will do bakbak. At the crct time u will stay silent. He is still crying.
Ragini:feels happy she to hugs him and says sir I am fine.
Sanskar breaks the hug and kisses on her forehead . ragsan lovely eyelock (tum hi Ho plays) Shanaya is shocked to see this.
Shanaya :sanskar what are u doing with this behenji
Sanskar :breaks the eyelock he looks at ragini and goes from there angrily. Ragini is confused she thinks that he really loves me. If u am alive he is the reason.

Scene :at gm
Swara thinks that I love u laksh. I cant marry anyone. I cant even think of anyone except u. Today I am very happy.
Swara thinks but laksh also should be happy. He wants to meet with his brother . he did so much for me . I should also do something so that the brothers should again come close . she thinks something and smiles.

Scene :at office sanskar s cabin
Shanaya:what sanskar who said u to go in lift. I planned it very cleverly but u spoiled the whole thing.
Sanskar :what the hell. Why did u do that if something happens to her. He shouted at her.
Shanaya :what are u doing sanskar with that girl. U kissed her. Do u forget me. What she did magic in just a few days that u were shouting at me.
Sanskar :shanaya plz I didn’t forget u. I dint know what happened to me. I felt that I should provide her security. I should make her safety. At that time when she is unconscious it’s like my heart also stopped beating. What I am doing

Shanaya :what are u saying. U forgot we are in relation for 5yrs.now u are saying that u like her and can’t live without her.
Sanskar :no shanaya it’s not like that. I felt that time but not now . U know na I hate her. She is like a big looser to me. Ragini just then knocks the door.
Shanaya :ok then prove it.
Sanskar :what but how
Shanaya:call her to the conference evening. I will say there
Sanskar :but don’t do like what u did today.
Shanaya : oho darling I promise. If u say then how come I will not follow it. Call her now
Sanskar :come In. Ragini gets in
Shanaya:ok darling I am leaving now while leaving she winks at him
Ragini:sir actually I came here to..

Sanskar : oh just stop there. BTW u are getting me wrong.
Ragini:no sir now only I understood that I was wrong if u won’t be there then I don’t know what would have happened to me. U gave me life. Tq u very much sir
Sanskar :that’s what I say ur a big looser. Actually I didn’t saved u I just saved myself. If somethings happens to u then all will Blame my company, police cases etc.. I don’t want to take any risk. Do u understand don’t think that I did bcoz I care for u
Ragini:sir now I won’t believe u sir. I can say that u really love me. U are just making excuses. Ur running from the truth from ur heart from ur love.
Sanskar :just shut up. I only love shanaya. She is my life. She is my love. She is my heart. Did u get that. We were in relation ship for 5yrs and u just came now and say that I love u. No it can’t happen

Ragini:sir why can’t u understand. Accept that u love me bcoz I love u and I don’t know that u were really in a relationship with shanaya but I can say for sure that u love me.
Sanskar :what u love me really
Ragini:yes sir she has tears and nodded her head and was smiling
Sanskar : OK then be ready for the conference. U should attend that. I will say my decision there.
Ragini:ok sir what u say I will do that. She goes from there smiling.
Sanskar :she really loves me but I am…. No no I can’t even think also shanaya I sky love. I hate this girl. But why my heart is not accepting this. He remembers ragini saying running from heart.
Uttara :bhai what is this. Do u even know what is happening with u.
Sanskar :hold on princess. What happened say me.
Uttara :bhai ur reputation is all gone. She shows a video in YouTube in which it recorded how sanskar was jumping here and there bcoz of itching with his face black.
Sanskar :how this got uploaded

Uttara :bhai u know it got posted 15 min ago and see already 20k members watched this.
Sanskar :he is shell shocked what but who uploaded this.i won’t leave them
Shanaya :ur life that behenji ragini
Sanskar :what ragini no she can’t do. I think some one had uploaded
Shanaya :I know sanskar u won’t believe me and sheds crocodile tears and shows the cctv footage in which ragini is doing something with her phone. Do u believe now.
Sanskar :he remembers taking her phone. He says ur right shanaya. I am sry for not believing u.
Uttara:thank God in that video ur face is not shown clearly otherwise what would have been happened
Shanaya:do u know uttara that ragini made him like that. She tortured ur bhai very much. She is taking revenge for that bet.
Sanskar :yes ur right shanaya. U said to prove know u just watch what I will do. I too uttara.

Scene :at gm
Swara :but for this I need someone. Whom should I call. At that time her phone rings. It is rishi. He calls so many times
Swara :it is rishi. How dare he to call me. I won’t lift this call
She again gets call it is a unknown no.
Swara :very angrily now what do u want. Why ate u calling.
Ragini:Shona it’s me
Swara : oh laado sry BTW where is ur phone
Ragini:that… that it got broken
Swara :what OK I will get u another one. U don’t feel okk
Ragini:no Shona that is ur gift. I cant loose that so easily. I gave it to repair. No need for another one
Swara :laado it’s just a phone
Ragini :ok leave it. It is very precious to me. Now say why are u so angry
Swara :no its nothing in fact I am happy but..
Ragini:what say ba

Swara :that I want to make sanskar realise his love for his brother.
Ragini: oh it’s a great idea but I think u and lucky are not..
Swara :no laado. U know today he proposed me and I also accepted it.
Ragini:what all this happened without knowing me. I hurt huuu
Swara : oh my sweet laado actually I didn’t expected it otherwise I would have invited u there
Ragini:ok as ur my sister I will forgive u
Swara :Haa OK now listen the plan. She says the plan
Ragini:but how
Swara :arey question bank. Leave it with me. U just watch the show. Okk. Now byee
Rishi calls swara again. She lifts
Swara :what now
Rishi: plz don’t cut the call plz swara . I don’t know u will get this much hurt. I thought I will give u a surprise. But now I called u as ur frnd. Plz forgive me na
Swara :what an incredible surprise was that but ur very nice frnd of mine. My heart is very big so I can forgive u
Rishi:really u forgave me. He is jumping and shouting.
Swara :ok OK now listen to me and says something

Rishi : oh is that so u live it on me. I will handle it.
Swara :see I am trusting u if something wrong happens I won’t leave u
Rishi :ok madam. Mein shikayat ka mauka nehi dunga
Swara :very funny. Now I should see u there at 1hr.

Scene :at conference
Ragini comes there wearing a peach color anarkali. She is gorgeous though she made very less make up.
Sanskar : oh so u came I am very happy. Today I will say u my feelings
Ragini:very happy.
Sanskar :this is a small gift from me. He gives a box. U should wear it and come. I will be waiting
Ragini: opens that it is a white and black combination shirt and Skirt sir but I won’t wear this type of clothes
Sanskar :see ragini here no one is there. For me can’t u wear.
Ragini:sir I will change and come.
She gets ready and comes after 15min.she came outside. She is very happy that sanskar will propose her.
She is standing somewhere and was calling sir… where are u. At that time a light is focused on her. Sanskar comes to her. She is very uncomfortable and was pulling her dress down but when she saw sanskar she feels that she is secured and safe. Sanskar comes to ragini and holds her hand. At that all lights are switched on ragini is shocked to see there are so many people there.
Sanskar :hello everyone. A very good evening. It is a party which is held for my success in this conference. All class for him. He says thanks u all for coming here. Now I want to introduce a very important person in my life. Shanaya and Uttara smirks.
Ragini:sir u said that there is no one here.
Sanskar :I think to make my love proposal a surprise to u. It should seem very special to u. U should not forget in ur life time.
Ragini smiles and stares lovingly at him

Sanskar :ok guys now ur wait is over. Today is a very important part of my life. I am proposing to my love in front of all. He takes a flower and is going towards ragini. Ragini is blushing. But says goes far from ragini he welcomes shanaya on the stage. Ragini is shocked.
Sanskar kneels down and gives a big flower bouquet to shanaya :this beautiful flowers are for my girlfriend flower. I love u shanaya. I love u very much. Hearing this ragini Is distorted. She feels like someone is pricking her heart. All claps for them
Sanskar :I think u have a doubt that I proposed shanaya but was standing before with this girl na. OK she is today’s head waitress. She want to give us a surprise gift for our love. BTW I liked it very much ragini. Tq u for this surprise. In occasion of my proposal ur serving to all with ur own hands is very worth to me. Yes na shanaya
Shanaya :yaah sanskar BTW I love u very much. Tq u ragini for this surprise. Ragini is crying like a tsunami from her eyes.
Sanskar:ok guys now u can enjoy

Sanskar goes to ragini:what do u think I love u. U know what I had developed a soft corner for u but it all get shattered by what have u done. I really hate u. For taking revenge u stooped to thus level that u also said that u love me. What u thought I will believe and will propose u. Ur plan got failed miss.. Oops sry waiter ragini.
Ragini:sir what plan I am not understanding anything. Sir I really said that sir
Sanskar : oh God stop ur nonsense. Get lost from here. He pushes her to the middle of the party. She saw that there are so many wearing the same dress as hers. It means she is wearing a waitress dress.
Shanaya :hugs sanskar. Sanskar u proved Me today that u love me very much and hate that girl. I love u sanskar. This was the amazing surprise. Tq u sanskar
Sanskar :hugs her I love too shanaya. He also kisses her forehead while ragini is watching them with tears in her years.
Sanskar dances with shanaya while ragini is serving to the guests with tears in her eyes.

Episode ends..

Precap :swara throws money on sanskar s face. Swarishi engagement..

Hey guys this shanaya character will be end very soon and sry for same precap. Tq u very much for ur Co operation. Tq s to all my ff lovers who comments and my dear silent readers. If silent readers also comment then I will be very happy. It’s not any force. I was just asking bcoz to know all pov on my ff. It s not any force. Thank uuuuuu


Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadal) Episode 36


Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadal) Episode 36


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