ISHQ LOVE KAADHAL…..(episode 2)

Good day guys. I will sincerely try to fulfill all your expectations and will definetely keep my story upto your appreciations. All that i nee is ur support and comments. In near future there will be plenty of abhigya, twinj, and ishveer scenes. So dont wry. Similarly all other couples will also get an equal cosideration.

Afterall this story’s base is ” Life is sooo beautiful with relationships and love. But the base for every relationship is selflessness, trust and pure love. Our characters potray this grt qualities and face problems but still at last only unselfishness and love wins. All their lives will soon come and intersect in a line and reminds us that we too are HERO nd HEROINE of our own life and similarly there are people who loves us unconditionally and as such there are somebody to hate us.”
So dear friends my wish is that i need you all to get a connect with my ff and lead your life as a winner in which u r the best Hero or Heroine.
Sorry iam stealing you time with these extra blabberings…..

All final year UG and PG students reunite after their sem holidays.
Purab brings Kunj to the class and introduce him to Naithick. All the three become a good trio.

Bulbul comes to the class and sees Twinkle there. She smrinks and sits besides her. Sandhya then arrives with her usual million dollar smile and sits besides bulbul. They both begin to chat. After some time bulbul says that i will go nd meet di once and leaves. By this time Aaliya enters. She comes and sits besides Twinkle though twinkle and sandhya resist her saying its bulbul’s place. Bulbul returns and sees Aaliya in her place and asks her to get up but she refuses. So Bulbul goes back and sits scolding Twinkle for leaving aaliya her place. Twinkle feels bad.

Next day….
All three come early and gets seated. So aaliya accompanies the last benchers. Its Scholarship test on that day.
Bul: I hav to do this exam well at any cost sandhya. Yu know right Priya di(akka) has been stretching nerves since last 10 years just to make sure that we all are happy. This time i should definetely share her burden.
Sandhya: Dont wry when you do hardwork then its God’s duty to reward yoy. All the best. Now iam leaving as my exam hall is next class.
Sandhya leaves. Twinkle hears all this.

In exam when bulbul starts writing the inks flows from her pen as if a waterfall has been secretely packed in her nib. But now it starts getting strucked and finally stops. Bulbul tries hard but her pen has already committed suicide.
Time goes on. Twinkle sees this and tries to help bulbul with her pen. The examiner sees them talking and asks what happened. Twinkle without giving bulbul her time to talk says examiner that she only distrubed bulbul asking answers. Examiner shouts at her and asks her to get out.
Bulbul wonders whether twinkle is mad and finishes her exam with twin’s pen.
Bul: Why did u lie to that examiner?
Twin: No even if we say the truth he wont beleive us and fr sure he will send both of us out. Thats why. I heard you talking to sandhya this morng so i thought more than me atleast you should write the exam well.
Bul: Looks at her suprisingly and says thanks.
Twin: Sorry
Bul: why?

Twin: Even on frst day that accident was not delibrate and i thot of asking u sry. But before that u went.
Bul: Its ok.
Twinkle leaves. Bulbul calls her. Twin turns and bulbul hugs her. Sandhya sees them and asks wats the celeb here. They both drag her too and all three hugs. jaane kyun…… Plays.
Mustafa mustafa….. Plays. There naithick, kunj and purab are shown.

Akshara’s house….
Akshara leaves from the house hurry burriely. She says too herself that today i should be on time or else abhi will kick me out.
In the road traffic heavily blocks the road. So she asks driver to drop her there itself. She gets down the car and starts walking through the street where there is sooraj’s house. Bhaboo will be buying vegies on the street and a flowerpot is going to fall oh her. But akshara timely saves her and in this chaos akshara’s legs will get wound. Sooraj reaches there and whether she is ok.
Bhaboo: Come on beti. Come to my house. Ill apply medicine.
Ak: No ma thankyou. But iam getting late.
Bh: What late. See you r bleeding.shut up nd cum
Akshara goes and steps on to the house where she gets a instinct that she is closely related to that house. Bhaboo applies to medicine akshara.
In this commotion akshara leaves her handbag there itself which contains her lyrics paper.

In college…..
Bulbul says to sandhya and twinkle that she left her purse in house but now she needs money to pay for library registration. Sandhya asks bulbul to go and get it from priya mam. Bulbul says good idea and leaves for PG block. She peeps into one class silently and looks around for priya but she is not there. So she turns and collides with a senior student and falls into his arms. Its Purab. Their eyes lock.
sunh raha hei plays…..partha mudhal naalae…. Plays.

Kunj and naithick comes. Purad gains attention and leaves bulbul. She runs. Bulbul explains everything to twinkle and twinkle teases her.
In the lunch break again bulbul goes to there but this time she took twinkle along with her.
Bu: Ill stand here in stairs itself. You please go take di(akka) s purse and get Rs.500 from that.
Tw: oh this u r pushing me into this danger zone ah!! Fine ill go.
Twinkle goes silently into the class and takes priya’s purse. She tries to take money but suddenly a boy holds her hand and shouts.

Kunj: How dare r u to steal from our mams purse!!!
twinkle gets shocked and asks what???
Am i looking like thief???
kunj doesnt hear her and goes on arguing and tries to teach her moral values. Bulbul reaches there and sees this and explains kunj and others that she is her friend and she is priya’s sister. Purab gets surprised hearing this and asks kunj to leave. But kunj says no and asks for proof. Bulbul shows her photo in priya’s purse.
Tw: Ok. Got your doubts cleared Mr. Supreme court Judge!!!And how dare r you to hold my hand??
kunj gets irritated as twinkle called him judge and says ok miss Queen Elizabeth next time dont come to my class like a thief. You only came so silently. Tats why i doubted yu.
She gets annoyed and shows funny expression on her face and leaves. Purab and naithick laughs for her expression and kunj stares at them.

Precap: Abhi and pragya’s frst meet. Ishveer romance.

ISHQ LOVE KAADHAL…..(episode 2)


ISHQ LOVE KAADHAL…..(episode 2)


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