Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 68

Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 68

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Abhi n Pragya gets into car,Abhi says,Driver go to home.Pragya says,Home?U r not going for work uh?Abhi says,No..Coz Rohit is not well who ll help me?I had asked another person to replace him.Pragya stares at him.Abhi asks,Y..u r staring at me always..Oh..I know(gives a naughty smile)Pragya asks,Wht u know?Abhi says,Im so hot..sensible..u cant take ur eyes off ryt.Pragya smiles n says,So..Mr.Abhishek u think u r hot..sensible..blah..blah..not at all..Abhi says,Really?(in a taunting tone)Pragya says,Ofcourse..u know onething u r so overconfident..self admiring..n hot??not at all.Abhi says,Oh..its k..U hav fault in ur eyes as thr is no clear u cant able to know such things..its k koi prblm nahi n u r such a boring person na so u didnt know abt these things.Pragya gets irked.Abhi looks at her n thinks,She is looking cute day by day..I think hereafter we should not waste even a moment by fighting like this..I wanna forget n forgive the past n have to move on with my fuggi n my son..I know she is also waiting for that moment but how could I do it..Well,I can go infront of her n can say,Fuggi..

i forgive u can v start a new life.Then he says himself,No..No..Abhi if u said like this then her guiltiness ll b more n she ll feel bad n moreover its not my style..Im a Rockstar so my actions should b rocking..wht to do?As they reached,Pragya gets out of car n sees Abhi sitting lost of mind.She calls him.He doesnt respond.Again she shouts,Suniyee..n shooks him.Abhi came to sense n says,Kya hua..Again is that paining for u.Pragya says,we reached home..can u pls come out of car.Abhi says,Oh..n gets down n thy both gets into the home.Pragya was thinking,How he loves me..I agree that I had done a mistake but He can give me a chance to rectify it na..Is he is still anger on me r pretending to be to know that..Abhi was thinking to find a way for patch up n he removes his shirt n lies on bed.Pragya sees him n her mind is continuously thinking abt,How to find a way to know Is he is still anger on me..I dont want this separation.Abhi looks Pragya who is looking at him.Abhi shouts,Dont u feel ashame?Pragya back to sense n asks,Wht?Abhi asks,Dont u feel ashame?(In a taunting tone)Pragya asks,For wht?(In a innocent voice)Abhi says,U r looking at me like this lustly..Pragya says, was thinking somethingI swear I didnt notice u.Abhi smiles n says,Its k..khabi..khabi..ho sakta..when someone sees a hottie.Pragya irked m says,Pls..stop it..Im not in mood of fighting with u.

Abhi asks,Then u r in which mood n smiles naughtily.Pragya shouts,Wht happened to u?y u r talking like this still from mrng..Still u r not a kiddy man..u r a dad now..but u r still playful.Abhi says,s..Im a dad for a kid..i was planning to b dad for 2 kids(by giving a naughty smile)Pragya gets irked n thinks,Is he really forgive me r he is doing all these to irritate me n leaves to balcony.Abhi thinks,She is so to patch up.Suddenly Abhi gets a call,he attends n it was Purab.Abhi picks the call n sats,Haa..purab.Purab asks,How r u bhai..wht dng?Abhi says, just resting..Purab asks,Wht was the time thr.Abhi says,y..Its mrng eleven.Purab says,Lucky…bhai..mrng 11 still resting in bed..happy man.Abhi says,Arey..dont irritate me yaar..Nothing like that.Purab says,I know man..reunited with Pragya di(he smiled)Abhi says,Nothing like that n narrated his condition.Puab says,Oh..ho poor.Abhi says,Haa..can u give me any idea.Purab says, its morning yaar..I hav to go for work..I ll suggest afterwards.Abhi irked n says,Then y u called me idiot.Purab says,Arey..tmrw is Saturday na..Abhi says,haa..tho.Purab says,U hav a invitation for a party I had send u an invitation.Abhi says,r u mad?How could I attend the party by being here.

Purab says,Abhi..Do u think Me as a fool like u.Abhi says,Purab..u r sayimg me as fool na..k no u remember Meetu ur girlfrnd..Purab says,Mygirl frnd?Abhi says,haa..i ll say Bulbul abt ur gf.Purab gets scared says,Abhi..its getting late yaar..I wanna say that party is in Sydney see the invitation for further details n end up the call.Abhi laughs.Pragya was standing in balcony,A man from opposite flat waves her hand n looks at her lustly.Pragya gets anger n says,Oh..ho..the another prblm n stares at him n suddenly a idea striked at her mind..She thought to bring Abhi n make him to scold..if he get jealous he forgave me..n she goes to Abhi.Abhi on other side,Seeing the party invitation it was Ankit’s party he got an idea n says,So..this is the chance so how to execute it n he thinks.Pragya goes to him n says,Suniye..Abhi says,Hmm.Pragya says,Someone is looking at me from the opposite flat.Abhi was thinking on hw to execute his plan n says,No..he might b seeing somewhr..u didnt hav chashma na u may mistaken him.Pragya says,No..he is always like this..he ll waving his hand..looking lustly..Abhi was still thinking n says,Arey..leave it that important..Pragya gets disappointed but she tried further by saying,Suniye..woh..He is waving me kisses.Abhi gets up n goes near balcony n closed the door n says,Herefter dont go thr..problem solved..k..Pragya gets dissappinted n irked too.Abhi says,Leave me alone for some time..Pragya thinks how he could b like this..he doesnt care for me n keeps her face like a disappointed kid.Abhi sees her n asks,Do u hav some other problem..I said leave me alone na..Pragya says,ughh!!n abt to leave.Abhi says,Suno..

Pragya expected lil bit n turns.Abhi says,give the AC remoten then go.Pragya throws the remote went out by shutting the door forcefully.Abhi says, is anger at u u have to do the best plan to patch up think..think like a Rockstar.After a while,It was evening 3..Pragya came back to room n asks,Suniye..R u going to pick Kush or shall I go.Abhi was still thinking n talking to himself n says, won’t work.Pragya mistaken as he told her gets angry n shuts the door again n murmers,He is just pretending as caring..he is suchaa…Oh..leave it Pragya don’t temper urself for that idiot.Suddenly an idea hits Abhi’s mind n says,So..Abhi it ll b perfect..u r such a genius man..Suddenly,Kush comes in by shouting Papa…Abhi takes him in his arms n kisses him n says, son is back..Pragya sees that n irked n thinks,How mean he is..if he saw his son his face is glowing like a 1000w light..but if he saw me his face is like 0w light..Abhi asks, u came u came alone.Kush says,No..Papa..Mamma picked me from skl.Abhi asks,Hey..Pragya u could take rest na..if u said me I ll pick him na.Pragya gets angry n says,Oh..U r just a great dramebaaz..Abhi says,Y u r always pointing fingers on me..just leave it..Pragya gets sad.Mikha comes thr n says,Guys..I hav a good news for u.Kush says,I too have..Abhi says,Even I too..Mikha says,No..I ll say first.

Kush says,No..I ll..Abhi says,Both shut up..I ll say first.Pragya looks confused.Kush says,No..Papa..I’m first.Mikha says,Abhi..I’m first..Abhi says,No..I’m the head of family.. So I’m first..Pragya gets irked to the core.Mikha says,I’m the oldest so I’m first..Kush says,I’m the youngest so I’m first.Pragya shouts,Just stop it..My head is aching.Then they 3 shouts in chorus,Tmrw..V r going to party..Ankit’s party..The trio laugh at each other n says,So v r trying to say the same.Abhi shows the invitation in phone..Kush shows the invitation n says,Pooja di..gave me this..Mikha shows the invitation n says,Ankit gave me this.They laugh.Pragya says,No one had invited me(In a sad voice)Abhi says, is for exciting ppl not for boring persons.Pragya gets extremely sad by his bad joke.Mikha says,Arey..Pragya invitation is for whole family so dnt wry v r going fa party.Kush says,Haa..for that now v hav to go for shopping.Abhi shouts,Yeah…all get ready..Pragya looks sad.

Sorry guys coz of Words limit can’t include sterday’s precap..I ll cntnu in nxt epi.

Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 68


Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 68

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