Kaala Teeka 10th March 2016 –

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Scene 1
Gauri says he saved Kali, wow. but he looked angry young man. He was shouting at Kali. Vishwa says Gauri your tai ji told me you went out to meet yug. She says yes. Vishwa says where is kali? Gauri says actually I had to submit something in college and I sent kali to meet yug, I mean to say sorry that I couldn’t come. She goes upstairs. Kalyani says are you seeing? Kali is already between them.

Yug says to kali am I not getting married to you? Kali says I am not the one you will be living your life with. Yug says then who are you? She says I can’t explain. He says what can’t I understand. Kali says I.. He says I need an answer. Who are you? She says this question doesn’t mean anything. She is the girl you have been looking for. She is Gauri Jha. You are getting married to her. Yug is dazed. The gauri jha you wanted to meet, the one you are fan of. I promised you. See fate did it, itself. I wasn’t needed. yug turns back. Kali says in heart, they are made for each other. I will make them one.

Vishwa does the arti. Kali comes in. Vishwa says kali.. she says yes. She comes near him and says I met yug and he had been looking for gauri since days. Their relation is blessed. Tomorrow I will gauri meet yug. Vishwa says I am trusting you, don’t break it. Kali says I am not that bad. I still remember what manji maa taught me.

Yug comes to Manjiri and says I don’t know what to do. I need answers. Life is playing games with me. She says what happened? He says I met kali.

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Kaala Teeka 10th March 2016 –


Kaala Teeka 10th March 2016 –


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