manan; a business rivals new love story (Episode 8)

Nyionika went to nandini appriciated a lot and requested to be strong. Everyone in house relaxed
Manik called fab5 group said about soha.
“Bro! Seriously how do you manage all this? Look one you kidnapped still loves you the other you don’t even put grass still mad at you how? I mean how yaar?”
“Shut up! Cabir”
“I too agree cabir arey! How many times I had been ditched” drvu felt depressed
” you leave it druv you and your love don’t talk each and every girl makes your heart beat fast and every time it will be true love” mukhti said
“Who said it mukhti? What is your fanda in life?? And that pandit did you forget how?” Satires cabir
“Stop it guys manik is sharing his problem and you all are talking rubbish” Aliya blamed all
“Madam Aliyagi Krupa Karka aap tho chup hi rahiya. Every time after concert its we all should hide you if not only your fans flood will come did you remember Ahmadabad concert?” Drvu shut her
“Guys seriously iam done now she may create any problem?”
“Don’t worry manik I have a idea we will fix her” Aliya said
“Sure aloo”

“Ok! Then fine iam tierd I will see you back”
All said gud bye

Manik took shawor and came out with towel nandini kept his dress ready and searching for something manik closed the door and hugged her tight from back she looked back both are looking eachother
Manik kept her hair from left shoulder to right and kissed her she closed her eyes.
Manik turned her, “iam sorry I shouldn’t have loose my control”
Nandini looked at him and smiled “I think to convey sorry method is wrong” she blinked her one eye
“O! Mrs. Malhotra you are grown up” he kissed her
“What I had to do mr.malhotra I don’t have choice than growing up”
The way nandini said made both laugh
“Iam totally tired I need sleep don’t wake me for any reason”
Manik slept nandini went down

Since from two days nandini is trying hard to say Manik something but she is unable to do so. She called navya and said her problem navya suggested to take Manik on date. Nandini liked the idea
After whole day of confusion nandini went to nyionika to ask about farm house she gave a dress and details after teasing her a lot

Nandini ordered panudus flowers which smell a lot if just kept in room then tok many varieties of flowers. She took them to farm house decorated total house cooked Manik fav chicken along with other dishes. Called Manik
“Hello! Are you busy?”
“Yes but any work? ”

“Ok then bye”
Nandini felt depressed. “No nandini murthy you can do it call again don’t give up”
Nandini called again
“Chutki! I think it’s something really important so speak”
“Ya! I just though of…”
“Thought of what?”
“Thought of…… Da….te..”
“What? I couldn’t get you?”
Nandini took a deep breath and said at a time ” I want you ask for a date at our farm to nite 7″
Manik lost his gasp and started coughing “did I listen correctly or am I dreaming?”
“Yes”nandini conformed
Manik smiled and replied ok I will

Nandini called a beautician and asked to make her look like a bride
She did it. Nandini looked herself in mirror and satisfied looked at watch its 6:30 she went down lightened all candles told workers to take leave and waiting for Manik

Manik wear his blue shirt and jeans took a bouquet of full red roses and reached farm house it’s 6:55 went in looked around nobody is seen but room is filled with frangance candles everywhere on table there a note “lock the door and come up to left side room”
Manik smiled and went up and opened door he was surprised by the view.

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manan; a business rivals new love story (Episode 8)


manan; a business rivals new love story (Episode 8)


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