His love for me – One Shot

His love for me – One Shot

Hi friends!!!!
Hope you all are fit and fine. My first one shot on raglak. It became a lengthy one. please read till the end. Thank you so much for the support you are giving me!! love you all!!! go ahead! No proof reading!


‘laado!!! See, who is at the door step?’, my mom said hearing the door bell sound. I tied up my hair in a messy bun while walking towards the door and opened it, ‘ji aap?’.
‘namaste! I am laksh and I want to meet shekar uncle’, he said with folded hand. I led him inside to my father. He took blessings from my father. They both sat in the sofa and I stood in a corner.

‘uncle, I don’t want to beat around the bush. I love ragini. I want to marry her’, laksh said. I was shocked. I didn’t have seen him before. At that time, my mom came out of kitchen. My parents looked at me confused and shocked. Laksh saw us and cleared the thought, ‘ragini doesn’t know me’. my mom signaled me to go inside through her eyes. I obeyed and went to my room. I sat on the bed playing with my curls. I could clearly hear their conversation.
‘uncle, I know you are confused with my words and I am not best in expressing things. So I will try to make it clear for you. I am laksh. I am an orphan’, I don’t know why but I was sad hearing it. ‘I left the orphanage after completion of my schooling. I did my graduation with scholarship and I did part time job. I often visit the orphanage. I am working in Asia IT company. My monthly salary is 120000. I lived in US for 3 years. I came to India before 6 months. I saw ragini in my orphanage one day. Honestly, I was initially mesmerized by her beauty. Then, slowly I fell in love with her nature. I can’t give her a rich life but I promise she will be happy with me. I won’t let a tear drop out of her eyes’, an unknown smile played on my lips, ‘Now, I am living in a single bedroom simple flat. I have a plan to build our own house. I thought to approach you after building the house. Two days before, I heard your talk with the priest that you are searching a prospective groom for her. I don‘t want to miss her in my life without giving it a try. So I am here in front of you’. of course! I was impressed by his words. He stopped and I was curious to know what was happening outside. Then he continued, ‘yeah, it’s obvious that you have doubt on me. Here is my every details. You can contact them to know about me. and yeah, I am 26 years old’.

‘But laksh’, I heard papa’s voice. ‘you don’t have to hurry up uncle. I will wait for your decision’, after a pause, he said, ‘can you call ragini here?’. then I heard my papa’s shout, ‘laado, come here’. I saw my messy self in the mirror. I adjusted my hair and somewhat satisfied with myself. I went out, ‘yes, papa’. Papa looked at him then my eyes were got stuck with those brownish orbs. I lowered my eye lashes when he smiled at me. ‘ragini’, his voice was so soft. I liked hearing my name from him. I looked at him. ‘I hope you guessed for what purpose I am here. it’s your life. You can take your own decision. No one is going to force you. so feel free’, he said with an assuring smile. I was happy inside. ‘then I am leaving now. I will wait for your call, uncle. It’s okay if it is a negative reply but I hope it will be a positive one’, he gave a wide smile. He took blessings from my parents. He turned to look at me and smiled before he was leaving.

My parents inquired about him in various ways and got satisfied with the results. ‘laado, what do you think about that boy?’, my mom asked. ‘laksh?’, I asked while going through some files. My excitement was clearly visible in my voice. after a second, I realized what I did. My eyes widened and I bit my inner cheek. I didn’t dare to look at her. She came near to me and cupped my face. ‘I am happy for you. he is too good, dear’, she kissed on my fore head. I hugged her. she caressed my hair. we did apart when we heard, ‘sumi, what did ragini say?’, papa asked. ‘you, yourself ask her’, mom said. my dad looked at me. ‘ragini?’, he expected a reply from me. ‘bolo na, ragini’, my mom said in a teasing way. ‘I.. I … I like him papa’, I said and ran to my room. It was a different, unique feeling. maybe was it love? I couldn’t name it. but one thing was sure that I liked him more. The type of liking a girl has for a boy.

My parents informed him about our decisions. We could hear the ‘woohooo’ sound from the other side. My parents looked at me with a smile and I was blushed. Then, we talked to each other on phone. We became close. Finally, I found that the feeling is more than love.

‘laksh!! Where are you taking me?’, I asked for a tenth time. Before an hour, he called me and asked me to wait for him after office hours and said that he asked permission from my parents. ‘here we are’, he smiled. I looked around then glared at him, ‘what? We are stuck in traffic laksh’. ‘got off dear’, he said. He turned off the engine and got off the bike too. He led me to middle of the road. ‘can you hear me?’, he shouted in between the heavy horn sounds of vehicles . I nodded my head, ‘what are you doing laksh? Just one minute is left for green signal’. Suddenly, he knelt down on the road making my eyes wide in surprise, ‘I already told you that I am not best with words’, he smiled, ‘with these people as witnesses, I am conveying myself. I want to be with you forever. I want to share my each thing with you. it may be emotions or whatever. I promise I won’t leave you in any circumstances. I will always be standing by your side. I wish to make a little world which I can proudly say as mine. will you help me to fulfill my wishes and promises? Will you be mine forever? Will you change your surname by my name? will you be my better half? Will you accept me the way I am? Will you marry me, ragini?’, he asked while extending a ring with his enchanting and assuring smile. I was dazed by his words. I don’t know when the tears came out from the corner of my eyes. I heard shouting of people.

‘hey, lovey dovey couple. Please romance somewhere else’
‘how romantic it is. Learn something from him, my idiotic boy friend’
‘hey, what are you thinking say yes’
‘don’t block the traffic. Move away. These types of youngsters are burden to earth’

I was disturbed by the repeating horn sounds and by him, ‘ragini, what are you thinking? Before, traffic police would catch us say it fast. And, my knee also is paining’. I just extended my hand and he slid the ring on the finger. We smiled at each other. He wiped my tears away and dragged me to his bike. He raced his bike. ‘I love you laksh’, I said and wrapped my hands around his waist and put my head on his back. ‘I love you too sweety’, he said and held my palm.

‘ma!! he doesn’t at all listening to me. please explain him’, I said being irritated. ‘mumma!! She is the one, irritating me. it’s our engagement. I want it to be perfect’, laksh said. yes! laksh started to call my parents as mumma and babuji. I still remember the thin layer of tears formed in his eyes when he called them as mumma and babuji for first time. ‘but it is too expensive’, I said. ‘but you liked it’, he replied. ‘now I don’t like it’, I said. ‘now I like it’, he smiled which irritated me at that moment. ‘then wear it’, I retorted. ‘stop you both. You are not kids. See, the whole shop is seeing your kiddie fight’, mom said. ‘laksh, ragini is right. It’s too expensive’. I gave him a victory smile. ‘mumma’, he made his best puppy face. ‘lucky!! Okay! then we will do one thing. For engagement, ragini selects the dresses and for marriage, you select the dresses’, she winked at him. ‘love you mumma’, he hugged my mom. I felt so content inside seeing them happy. especially, seeing my love’s happiness. After some time, papa also joined us. I was tired due to long hours of shopping. I felt dizzy. I don’t know when I fell unconscious.

When I woke up, I was in hospital. My mom was beside me and I saw laksh outside talking to the doctor. He seemed to be tensed. Then, I noticed papa entering the room with some medicines. ‘are you fine, laado?’, my mom asked. For that I nodded my head. She helped me to get up. papa caressed my hair. ‘babuji, nothing is serious. It’s just the vitamin deficiency. She is so weak. Doctor asked us to take care of her. we can discharge her now’, laksh said. ‘laksh, are you hiding anything? I saw you being tensed’, I asked. ‘i was tensed because I can’t tolerate anything happen to you. I was worried when you fell conscious. You don’t have a single thought how I was scared. I don’t want to lose you. be with me dear’, he hugged me and I could feel his tears on my neck. My parents were smiled in satisfaction seeing his concern for me.

‘haan mumma!! We had reached Mumbai. Don’t worry, we will take care of us’, laksh was talking to mom while I was engrossed in the beauty of the city. Then I looked at him and put my head on his shoulder. He wrapped his left hand around me as protecting me from the world. I remembered how he convinced my parents for this trip. ‘ragini, it will take two more hours to the venue. You can sleep. Don’t you want to look good in your bestie’s wedding?’. I smiled and closed my eyes. He was caressing my hair.

We roamed around the busy roads of Mumbai. It was a fun filled day. He fulfilled my all filmy dreams like showering flowers on me while I was walking, sending bouquet one after another by little kids, booking the whole restaurant for our lunch as a perfect date, eating ice cream, playing in the sea, building and crushing the things we made in the sea shore, long drive on the beach road but it wasn’t lost forever. Suddenly we heard a blasting sound. I felt my legs being weak. Slowly, my body touched the rough floor. I saw him lying on the ground away from me. I was wincing in pain. I tried to call him but I couldn’t even move an inch. I saw him struggling to come to me. My vision got blurred due to the pool of tears. My eyes closed, seeing his blood covered smiling face and went into a dark world.

‘doctor!! Doctor!! She gets conscious’, someone was shouting. I tried to open my heavy eye lashes. My body was numb. I felt someone was holding my hand for some time. I heard a male voice, ‘she is improving’. I felt a sheer pain in my left hand. Then I don’t know what happened.

I opened my eyes and scanned the surroundings. I understood that I was in hospital. Some tubes were attached to my hand. I saw a nurse entering. After seeing me awake, she went out probably inform the doctor. I noticed a calendar on the right side. it indicated 4th march. 4th march? My mind asked in confusion. The reality dawned upon me. so I was in hospital for a week. Laksh? Where was laksh? My heart started to get fear and prayed god. I turned my gaze to the door step. The same nurse with doctor was entering, following by mom. But I just wanted to see him, my laksh. Doctor did check up. mom had tears in her eyes which she tried hard to control. Mother, right? It is obvious seeing your child in that condition. She kissed my forehead.

‘ma!! where is laksh? How is he? Is he fine? I want to see him. did you inform him that I got conscious? Did he have any major injuries?’, I asked. My voice was hoarse and weak. the tears fell out of her eyes. She looked at the doctor. I was engulfed with fear. ‘ma!! why are you silent? Please tell me. he is fine, right?’, my eyes welled up. ‘he is no more, dear’, the doctor said. ‘what?’, I asked. Yes! I uttered that one word. ‘I must be in dream. Yeah! He told me to take rest in the car. so it just is a dream. But it looks so real that my heart stopped for a moment. Wake up ragini!! It is just a dream. Wake up and see!!! Laksh is holding you and you are sleeping. he is caressing your hair. I don’t want to look beautiful. WAKE UP RAGINI’, my words came out as a whisper which gradually turned into a scream. My mom held my hand. ‘he is lying, right? My laksh won’t leave me. he promised me that he will be with me forever.

He is just lying. I don’t want to hear more’, I wasn’t in my sense. I was wriggling to come out of my mom’s hug. ‘accept the truth dear’, I stopped. Each and every cell of my body went into numb. The coldness started to creep. I just blinked my eyes. The mind was started to analyze everything from our first meeting. ‘ragini!! laado!!’, I heard papa’s voice. but I couldn’t respond. Mom shook me by my shoulders. But I couldn’t respond. ‘cry!! Let your tears out. Let sadness go out’, the doctor said. but I couldn’t respond. ‘you are scaring me, laado’, my mom again said. but I couldn’t respond. These words were reached my ears but I couldn’t respond.

‘ragini’, the same soft voice reached my ears.


‘again surprise laksh’
‘you love surprises na? I will surprise you now and then. Now hear me carefully. This is the blue print of our house. Two master bedrooms and two other bedrooms. One master bedroom for us and the another one for mumma and babuji. Other two bed rooms for our kids. A little garden will be attached with our room. You like gardening right. You can plant as many rose plants as you want. You know whenever you will be away from me for office works; I will talk with these plants because it has your nature. Always makes others happy by its freshness like your enchanting smile which made me to fall for you’
‘so you made me to leave you, away from you’
‘not at all. in case, if you have very important work and you must go then. Otherwise, don’t dare to think that you can go away from me. I won’t leave you. when you said yes for my proposal from that moment you are mine. I will always be with you’


‘ahhh!!!! Lakssssh!!!’, I cried my heart out. ‘why did you leave me? why did you break your promise? Ahh!!!!! Maaa!!!! God! you are a cheater. My laksh just started to live his life. why did you take him with you? don’t you know I love him more than anything. Please come to me, laksh. I want to feel you. please someone say it all is a dream, a bl**dy drama. Say it’s not real. I can’t live without him. please laksh!!! I want you. I need you, laksh. Please come to me. I am begging you… please come to me’, my mom hugged me tightly.

‘don’t cry ragini’, I heard his weak voice. my expectation filled eyes got disappointed when papa showed his phone. The audio was playing. His voice was so heavy like he was trying hard to speak, ‘sorry, dear. I couldn’t fulfill all my promises. When you wake up, I won’t be with you. but I will be in you. I promised your dad that I won’t let a tear drop out of your eyes. Don’t prove me wrong’ I wiped my tears away but my heart didn’t stop its crying, ‘ I know you won’t let me down. like my ragini be always with that enchanting smile. You have my last surprise. I will really miss you, ragini. Just move on. Hear your heart as always. I always love… ’, I heard his last breath. I rubbed my face again and again to get rid of the tears. I can’t let my love down. But, the sentence ‘I will be in you’, echoed in my mind. ‘I will be in you?’, I whispered and looked at my mom. She pointed my left chest where the heart was pumping the blood in and out for my survival.

‘you had a heart transplant dear’, papa said, holding my palm. I had another shock of my life. papa continued, ‘that day, you fainted in the mall was not because of the vitamins deficiency. It was because your heart was damaged. You needed a heart transplant. Laksh asked us not to inform you because you will be broken by knowing it. he consulted many doctors and came to know that a heart donor was available in Mumbai. That’s why we allowed you to go to Mumbai. While breathing his last, he asked the doctor to test whether his heart matches with you. he pleaded to doctor. The doctors left the hope of saving him so they did test. Fortunately, it was matched. Now, he is living in you, dear’, his eyes welled up. I saw my mom she was crying. but? I? I didn’t let a tear fall from my eyes. I placed my hand and felt his heart beat. I wanted to protect it.

I smiled because, he liked my smile. I lived because he wanted to live with me. He isn’t died. As he promised, he is with me, till my last breath.


I am really sorry friends. I know I made you all sad. Really sorry for that. Actually, I want to cry. So I write an emotional one shot. Don’t worry. I am working on another one shot regarding raglak. It will be a happy ending one.

The last scene was inspired from a tamil movie, ‘nenjirukkum varai’.

Comments needed my lovable friends!! If you want to criticize, please criticize it. but don’t forget to comment.

His love for me – One Shot


His love for me – One Shot

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